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Hare Krishna to all. 

I wanted to ask if anyone knew any therapist in chennai or bangalore who is a practising devotee in iskcon as i would feel more comfortable. even if not a devotee its fine. i just wanted to ask if you know of any therapists who c

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1 Reply · Reply by Bharat Sep 14

Suffering and depression


I am a 22 year old boy named Gaurav. From the past few months, I feel nothing good is happening in my life. I am a college student. But even after so much hardwork I am not getting the results. On the other hand my friends have achieved so m

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Shrim Ram Character.

Can I develope character like shri Ram? And what is the process, sadhana to get it? By reading Ramcharitmans and Valmiki Ramayana and applying their teachings can I get his character and also by chanting Hare Krishna Maharashtra? Please give me your

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8 Replies · Reply by Manish kumar Sep 13