Ekadashi (54)

Hare Krishna, I have been suddenly worn a tulsi kanthi mala by somebody... currently, I'm wearing one round... but I have trouble quitting onion and garlic completely...

Hare Krishna, please accept humble obeisances... 

I have been suddenly worn one round of tulsi neck beads... and I have trouble quitting onion and garlic...(although I've quitted onions and garlic for 3-4 months before wearing it)... I can't take it o

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Ekadashi Vratam

Hare Krishna,

I am a newbie to  Ekadashi Vratham . Before I start this ekadashi vrat I have a few questions.

1. Can I eat anything on ekadashi evening (Satvik food and no grains) .

2. Should I stay awake all the night ?

3. If I eat something on ekadashi

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Geeta Jayanti

Bhishma Panchak is celebrated in the last 5 days of the Kartik month then Geeta Jayanti comes in the marksheet Samantha in the margashirsha month which is going right now and it is on 18th December but Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta was given to Arjun before

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Ekadashi Fast

Hare Krishna to everybody

           Trying to follow KC for a past decade but now only situation is slowly changing for me and obstacles are gradually getting removed. So able to follow KC atleast to some extent now. 

           I have been suffering

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