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13 October 2019 | Sri Krsna Saradiya Rasayatra - Sharad Purnima
The first full moon of the autumn season marks the celebration of Krsna's dancing with the gopis.
On this day the deities of Vrndavana are nicely decorated in white. Krsna lila dramas are enacted. Because the moon is very auspicious, the vraja vasis leave pots of sweet rice exposed to the full moon for the whole night, to turn the sweet rice into ambrosial amrta.

13 October 2019 | Laksmi Puja
Laksmi Puja means worship of Laksmi Devi, the consort of Lord Visnu. Goddess Laxmi is said to have emerged from the ocean of milk at Diwali. On that day, Laxmi puja was performed to honour Her and as such, every year at Diwali, She is worshipped and offered prayers (not observed by Gaudiya Vaisnavas).

13 October 2019 | Disappearance Day of Sri Murari Gupta

Murari Gupta was a lifelong associate of Lord Caitanya. He served Lord Caitanya in all of the Lord’s Navadvipa pastimes.

By profession a doctor, Murari Gupta freed his patients not only from their physical ailments but also from the contamination of the material energy. Murari Gupta is considered an incarnation of Hanuman, the eternal servant of Lord Ramacandra. 


13 October to 12 November 2019 | Kartik Month

Performing vrata in the month of Kartika (Damodara) is glorified profusely in the puranas. Since this month is very dear to Krsna, by performing austerities, or restraining ones sense gratification and performing activities to please the senses of the Lord, one becomes very dear to the Krsna. As Satya yuga is the best of yugas, as the vedas are the best of scriptures, as ganga is the best of rivers, so kartika is the best of months, the most dear to Krsna.

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Satvik Rasoi !!!


14 Oct to 12 Nov 2019 | Fourth Month of Caturmasya Begins:

Fourth month: Fasting from Urad Dal.

Caturmasya stands for ‘four months’. It is the period between sayana and uttana ekadasis. The scriptures refer to this period as the duration of Lord Visnu’s sleep in this universe.

The main goal of observing Caturmasya is to decrease attachment to material things and to increase devotion to Krishna. 

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