Happy Vamana Dwadashi

Pitru Paksha Special Prayers

🙏💐 Pitru Seva Special Prayers 🙏💐

The period from the full moon of Bhadrapada ⚪ month to the 🌑 new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Pitru Paksha. For the peace of the souls of ancestors, there is a belief to perform Shraddha in Pitru Paksha.

The person performing Shraddha during this time should pray 🙏 to the Lord for a better destination for his ancestors and should offer food 🥗, fruits 🍎🍓 and things as per the capacity 🎁 and donate 💰 it to the deserving brahmins. Simultaneously, the 📜 eighth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is also read or heard. In this Pitru Paksha special session is being run on 📺 Hare Krishna TV. In which you can send us the names 📝 of your ancestors. During this program, we will pray 🙏📿 for all the ancestors on your behalf and display their names in the roll on TV screen.

If you wish, we can also donate the Bhagavad-Gita 📚 on your behalf or offer food 🥗🍓 to deserving brahmins.

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Krishna Contest - Navrangotsav

🎇Hare Krsna TV presenting you🎇 
🥁"Navrangotsav 2021"🥁

This time Krishna Contest 📺 came up with new ideas 😍 where people from every where 🌎 can take part with enthusiasm and joy.

So this year we have different form of art 🎭 to present yourself like we have
Rangoli 🏵️
Wall Painting 🖼️
Fancy Dress 👸
Thali Decoration 💐
Greeting Card Making 🗂️
Diya Decoration 🪔
Best From Waste 🧮
Bottle painting 🍾
Warli Painting 🖌️

🆓 Free Registration for all of you. 😍

So hurry up guys🧐, show your talent and get a chance to come on Hare Krsna TV. 📺

💗Theme : Navrangotsav💗  

Age groups: Open for all...

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22 Aug to 20 Sep 2021 | Second Month of Caturmasya

Second month: No yoghurt (if one requires it for health, it can be mixed with water)

Caturmasya stands for ‘four months’. It is the period between sayana and uttana ekadasis. The scriptures refer to this period as the duration of Lord Visnu’s sleep in this universe.
The main goal of observing Caturmasya is to decrease attachment to material things and to increase devotion to Krishna.

Video | Audio | Read more

Special Videos:

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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita As it is

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Celebrate your Special Day with Hare Krsna TV

🥳🎊🎁 Celebrate Your Birthday or Marriage Anniversary With Hare Krsna TV 🎞️

We have a special treat for you and your friends/family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👭🏼, get chance to be featured on Hare Krsna TV to receive special blessings on your 🎁🎈 Birthday or Marriage Anniversary.💌🎉

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🙏💐 Pitru Seva Special Prayers 🙏💐

The period from the full moon of Bhadrapada ⚪ month to the 🌑 new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Pitru Paksha. For the peace of the souls of ancestors, it's said in Vedas that one should perform Shraddha.

The person performing Shraddha during this time…

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Kanthi mala

Hare krsna to all vaishnavas 

Pls accept my humble obesiances 

All glories to srila prabhupad 

Yesterday  I was  too much ill, had high  fever  and  severe  cold,  so  I  bunked  bathing   and  I just   washed  my  hands  feet  and  face  after  Clearing  from washroom,         But during  evening  time  I took kanthi  mala from  the iskcon e-shop  as  my old  kanthi mala  was broken  and  went to the temple  hall  and gave it to  the  pujari  prabhuji  and then  he…

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11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lord Vamanadeva

By Gauravani dasa

1. He is known by many names, the most common ones being Vamana (the little dwarf), Trivikrama (he who has taken three step; the giant form), and Upendra (Indra’s younger brother);
2. In every planetary system the denizens worship a particular visnu-tattva as their sole Lord (Plaksadvipa, Surya-Narayana; Brahmaloka; Maha-purusa; Maharloka; Yajna-purusa, et cetera) and in the heavenly planets, the…

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The many lessons for Vaishnavas to learn from Lord Vamanadeva


By Kripamoya Das

Lord Vamanadeva appeared within this world from the womb of Aditi, the mother of the gods. He appeared at midday on the shravan-dvadasi, the 12th day of the lunar month of Shravan when the moon is waxing.

There are many lessons for Vaishnavas to learn from the narration of His activities, as found in the 8th canto, 18th chapter of the Bhagavat Purana (Srimad Bhagavatam). Amongst the lessons are…

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Srila Prabhupada on Lord Vamanadeva


Srila Prabhupada on Lord Vamanadeva


Srila Prabhupada writes to one his disciples about Lord Vamanadeva:

Montreal 3 July, 1968

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated June 28, 1968, and I thank you very much for it. Regarding Bali Maharaja: He is born in the same atheistic family of Maharaja Prahlada. He happened to be the grandson of Maharaja Prahlada, and as his great grand-father, Hiranyakasipu…

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The Appearance of Lord Vamanadeva


The Appearance of Lord Vamanadeva


By Radhanath Swami

The Appearance of Lord Vamana

“Bali Maharaj, very intelligent personality. He was the son of Virochana, grandson of Prahlad, great grandson of Hiranyakashipu, great grand-nephew of Hiranyaksha. A very mixed up type of family heritage!”

So he performed yajna to please his guru Shukracharya, and his guru-maharaj was very pleased with him. In fact he arranged for the descendents of Bhrigu Muni…

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Nice Video clip on all Srila Prabhupada books!

Wisdom,Spiritual& Devotional,Books on Discount, Order books herehttps://youtu.be/SPz_RaKOovcThese are Completely Bona-fide and tested Books on knowing various truths like about Lord Krishna, Science of self realization, Spiritual Yoga, Higher Dimensional science, Basics of Bhagavad Gita, Message of Godhead, Self awareness ,Rising beyond material Consciousness, on How to overcome Bad Habits, On Mind control, Perfect solutions for all crimes, stress or any other personal and public issues, How to…

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2 Replies · Reply by DURGA PRASAD DANGI on Tuesday

Should I try to make people realize about lord?

Hare Krsna Prabhuji / Mataji,PAMHO.Sometimes I feel a guilt that I am not making people realize about God near me. And when I try to do so, they don't even properly listen. Am I doing it in a wrong way? Should I keep trying or simply stop it? This is very important because this makes me feel that I am being selfish but when I try I get very much disappointed. I consider myself to be useless. Please help.Hare Krsna.

Read more…
8 Replies · Reply by Shailendra Mishra on Monday

The only purpose of mind

Hare KrsnaPAMHOThe only purpose of mind is to chant the holy names, so it is always under one's control.The intelligence will do the rest from the instructions of paramatma and the vedic scriptures ,spiritually and from the right guidance,materially.The ego becomes true ego when one engages in service of Krsna ,Guru,Gauranga ,Vaishnavas so that one knows their position as a servant of the servant of Lord.True emotions come from the soul and spiritualised consciousness, that of love ,compassion,…

Read more…
4 Replies · Reply by Samyuktta Kannan on Thursday

Offences in Chanting Maha-Mantra

Ok these are the offences:The offenses against chanting the holy name are as follows:  1) To blaspheme the devotees who have dedicated their lives for propagating the holy name of the Lord.2) To consider the names of the demigods like Lord Siva or Lord Brahma to be equal to, or independent of, the name Lord Visnu.3) To disobey the orders of the spiritual master.4) To blaspheme the Vedic literature or literature in pursuance of the Vedic version.5) To consider the glories of chanting Hare Krsna…

Read more…
7 Replies · Reply by Punkech Patel Sep 10

Taking care of Tulasi plant

Hare Krishna!I just planted tulasi Maharani and wanted to know how to take care of her. A few questions I had were-Should I keep her indoors or outdoorsHow much should I water her everyday and how many timesHow to make my Tulasi Maharani very bushy(right now she's just a baby)On what days am I not to pluck her leaves and should I water her on those daysDoes it hurt her when we pluck her leaves? if yes, then in what way should I pluck her leavesAm I supposed to eat the Tulasi manjari offered to…

Read more…
2 Replies · Reply by Pranavi Sep 9


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