❤️ 💖 Valentine Day Special Krishna Contest 🎀❣️

❤️ 💖 Valentine Day Special Krishna Contest 🎀❣️
This Valentine Day rise in love 💕 with the one and only, Lord Krishna. 💖
Tell us about the ways in which you express your love and gratitude towards Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani. 💐 
Make a heartfelt offering and share it with us.. 
It can be Greeting Card, Letters, Food, Singing, Speech anything you like...
📋 Participate Now!! ❤️
Top 3 winners will get attractive prizes 🎁💰 certificates📜, and chances to appear on Hare Krsna TV 📺 channel to promote themselves. 👑
🌟 Activities: 🌟
Greeting Card 💌
Letter 📃
Sing a song 🎙️🎤🎵
Cook for Krishna 🍽️🥙🍕
Pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna 🎤
Script / Poem writing ✍🏻
Drawing 🎨
🎀 Theme: Valentine Day 💓
🪄 Winners will be selected as per the judges' criteria 🥰🎈
 🗒️ Registration is open till 16 Feb 2022
 🗒️ Last Date of Performance Submission - 20 February 2022
📌 Registration link :
🔔 For more details contact (Call/Whatsapp): 
📞+91 7045 377 377 

📚📘 Bhagavad Gita Diploma Course💠

📚📘 Bhagavad Gita Diploma Course in Hindi (Free for All) 💠
Good News 😃  Good News 😃  Good News 😃
🎊 Hare Krsna TV 📺, with great pleasure is introducing free Bhagavad Gita Diploma Course 📚 for all by Madhusudana Vishnu Das (BTech, NIT). 👨🏻‍🏫
 📑 Total number of Lessons: 19
🔖 Registration Fees - Free 🆓
🗒️ Days & Timings: ⏱️
Every Saturday & Sunday - 6:30 to 8:00 PM IST
📌 Click link to register Now: bit.ly/GitaDiploma
📞 Contact for more details: 9920 688 688

📒 Book Distribution 📚

📌 Do you want to do Krishna Bhakti but have some questions in your mind? 😇
📌 Do you want to know the authentic method on the path of Bhakti beyond the concocted methods?
Get a set of small books 📔 specially made for you.
These books will answer all your basic questions and you can make your life successful by engaging in Krishna-bhakti with a clear mind.
Order today: Contact us 7506 977 977 / 8767 845 845 📞

🍁Narasimha Prayers 🙏💐

🙇🏻‍♂️🙏 Get Blessings of Lord Narasimha Deva 🍁🍂

Any type of ailment whether physical or mental disturbs one’s peace of mind 😇 and ravages the entire household 🏡. Shri Narsimha Dev🙏💐 is the vanquisher of all types of obstacles and ailments. His holy name symbolizes his power and if one takes His shelter in difficult situations all impediments and troubles will disappear. ⚡

Hare Krsna TV 📺 brings to you Narasimha Mantra Dhyaan Program 🙏📿🌺 , Participate in the auspicious chanting 📿 of 108 Holy Names 🗂️ of Lord Narasimha Deva 🙇🏻‍♂️🍁, Sri Narasimha Kavacha, Aarti 🪔✨and pray 🙏for the well-being of your near and dear ones. You can send us their names. We will pray 🙏 to the Lord for His Causeless Mercy 🌟 on them.

Their names will be offered at The Lord’s Feet 🍂🦶🏻during this program every morning between 6.30 to 7 am and shall be displayed on the screen at the same time. 🔖 This service is absolutely free of charge. 🆓

This is a FREE service.
📌 Please register on the link below mentioned link: 

🔴 You can watch your registered names 📝 on Hare Krsna TV Channel 📺 Scroll.
Timings: 06.30 AM to 07.00 AM & 06:30 PM to 07:00 PM (IST)

👉🏻 For more details contact +91 9167 477 477

🌟 BACK TO GODHEAD 🍁⭐ - Magazine of the Hare Krishna Movement ✨

🌟 BACK TO GODHEAD 🍁⭐ -  Magazine of the Hare Krishna Movement 
We offer 2 Versions of Back to Godhead Magazine. 📚
One is DIGITAL VERSION 🗃️🗂️ which can be read on your Mobile Phones📱or Laptops💻. On mobile phone the fonts are big enough to be read without straining the eyes.
Another is PRINT VERSION 🖨️ which is delivered to you by Courier at your address. 📦
👉 Please click on bit.ly/digitalbtg to book your monthly subscription.
OR Call: 8767 845 845  📞

Celebrate your Special Day with Hare Krsna TV

🥳🎊🎁 Celebrate Your Birthday or Marriage Anniversary With Hare Krsna TV 🎞️

We have a special treat for you and your friends/family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👭🏼, get chance to be featured on Hare Krsna TV to receive special blessings on your 🎁🎈 Birthday or Marriage Anniversary.💌🎉

👉🏻 Share your details on harekrsnatv.com/SpecialDay or 📞 whatsapp at +91 9167 477 477


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📝 Get Hare Krsna TV For Free 🆓
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Social trends are currently moving toward traditional family values. Ms. Faith Popcorn (that's really her name), president and founder of BrainReserve, a Manhattan firm specializing in detecting consumer trends, attributes America's return to Mom-and-Pop ethics to a backlash from the excesses of the recent past The fear of AIDS is the coup de grace, prompting a return to stable, long-term relationships. But in a PhiladelphiaInquirer interview, Ms. Popcorn warns that as soon as an…

Read more…
Comments: 0

Personally Speaking by Krsna Dharma Dasa


Why do so many people find it hard to think of God as a person?

Whenever the press runs articles about faith, the idea that God might be person seems more or less abhorrent to the authors. Even those who may term themselves theists balk at the idea, offering all kinds of…

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Comments: 0

10033419868?profile=RESIZE_584x Hare Krishna,

I am sharing below the transcript of a lecture by Srila Prabhupada where he mentions how anyone can see God! He reveals that we have Television in our heart!

Sila Prabhupada: So we are worshiping Govindam, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the original person. So this sound, govindam adi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi, is reaching Him. He is hearing. You cannot say that He is not hearing. Can you say? No. Especially in this scientific age, when…

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8505766056?profile=RESIZE_584x Srila Narottama dasa Thakura has sung: “daya koro sri acarya prabhu srinivasa, ramacandra sanga mage narottama dasa—O Srinivasa acarya Prabhu, kindly have mercy upon me; Narottama dasa always prays for the association of  Ramacandra Kaviraja.”

     Sri Ramacandra Kaviraja was one of the internal associates of Narottama Thakura. The two of them were practically inseparable. Sri Ramacandra Kaviraja had obtained the full mercy and blessings of Srinivasa acarya. Sri Ramacandra…

Read more…

8505623091?profile=RESIZE_192X Shri Ramachandra Kaviraja was the disciple of Shrinivasa Acharya Prabhu and the very intimate friend of Narottama dasa Thakura. His father was Chiranjiva Sena and Mother Shri Sunanda. Chiranjiva was originally an inhabitant of Kumara nagar but after marrying the daughter of Shri Damodara Kavi he moved to Shri Khanda.

“Chiranjiva Sena was a pure Devotee very much loved by Narahari Sarkar and the other residents of Shri Khanda. He was extremely learned in all matters and his…

Read more…

Life on other planets

According to what I understand from ISKCON lectures available on the internet, there is life on other planets like Sun and Moon though we cannot percieve them with our material senses. What I want to ask is that even in this age when we have organisations like NASA to help in space exploration, why is there not a single planet we could find which has life that could be percieved by our material senses?

Read more…
1 Reply · Reply by Bharat 9 hours ago

Help and advice needed from ISKCON devotees

I have been a regular visitor to ISKCON Ludhiana for the last two years and chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna malas in addition to watching Bhagvad Gita videos on yout tube regularly. On March 2, 2020 my family illegally and deceitfully sent me to a psychiatric hospital under Indian Mental Health Act because of financial and property disputes in the HUF as we have property worth crores. I had informed this to the ISKCON temple authorities in Ludhiana. I had successfully completed a 5 day…

Read more…
7 Replies · Reply by Punkech Patel 3 hours ago

Seeking logical answer

Hare Krishna to all.I've been listening this from our all senior mentors and devotees that we must always engaged in communication which involves Krishna consciousness talks. Since I am a neophyte devotee but still try to talk and try to spread harinam with aethists and materialistic people. But they always say we need proof if God exists or anything related to Vedas. Also, I have observed that aethists always give scientific reasons to defend themselves against God talks. So, I have 2…

Read more…
5 Replies · Reply by Gayatri yesterday

can Lord Krishna get angry if we get weak in spirituality?

Hare Krishna!PAMHOI am going through a hard time in my material and spiritual life which has made me a little weak in spirituality (i had overcome this in between but now again i'm not able to sleep at night and it gets hard to wake up)there are so many things going on with my family, school, spirituality, etc. and i can't handle it any more. i still chant my rounds, and remember lord krishna but i feel that i have gotten a bit weak in spirituality. also as a cherry on the cake, i have no…

Read more…
12 Replies · Reply by Bharat yesterday


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This course consists of the in-depth study of four books: Bhagavad-gita, Nectar of Devotion, Nectar of Instruction & Sri Ishopanisad. It has been designed for devotees who have been practicing Krishna consciousness seriously for one year with a basic sastric knowledge and understanding. This on-demand online course provides the flexibility of studying at your own convenience without causing any disruption of home and work life. You progress at your own rate, taking one module at a time so that it suits your schedule.
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We bring to you a very compact and easy to understand course which will help you go through the whole content of Gita chapter-wise. 18days-18Chapters | 1 hr/day
As you go through the course, you can clarify all your doubts with a teacher.
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