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04 June 2020 | Panihati Cida Dahi Utsava
The Chida-dadhi Mahotsav, also known as the Chipped Rice Festival of Panihati, is a yearly celebration of the pastimes of Srila Raghunatha dasa Goswami and Lord Nityananda Prabhu. This astonishing pastime took place on the banks of the Ganges at Panihati, which is just north of Calcutta. Lord Caitanya and his associates enjoyed many transcendental pastimes here.

Chida-dadhi Mahotsav remembers how the Lord mercifully reciprocated with His devotees by arranging, through Nityananda Prabhu and Raghunathadasa, to provide an ecstatic feast of yoghurt and chipped rice, along with various other nectar foodstuffs. Linked below is an excerpt from Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya lila chapter 6, which describes this wonderful pastime in detail.

Have Someone by Bhaktimarga Swami

5547905472?profile=RESIZE_400x After three zoom classes for the day, I was ready for a much needed time outdoors.  I chose, as my route, Yonge Street,  a place up for change, with towering condominiums popping up along the way—perhaps it’s a way of ‘cleaning up’ some of the unwanted elements.  Unfortunately, for about two kilometres along Yonge, from Bloor to Dundas, there is a presence of an unhealthy crop of people, often not always due to their own fault—the homeless, the drug users and other unstable…
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By Madhava Smullen 

The Vice Principal of an ISKCON school in Dallas, Texas, is offering online bhakti courses for teenagers during the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching them The Nectar of Instruction using Srila Prabhupada’s purports and Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Along with her other classes, Gopi Gita Schomaker of TKG Academy…

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5547091056?profile=RESIZE_400x I heard Srila Prabhupada’s talk on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.7.34–35 (September 28, 1976, Vrindavan), and in the wake of George Floyd’s recent death, caused by the police, and the subsequent riots, the following excerpt seemed especially relevant and poignant:

“Kshatriya . . . Kshat means injury. And trayate, to deliver. Kshatriya’s duty is to save the citizens from being injured by others. That is kshatriya. Even an animal. Just like Kali was trying to kill a cow. Maharaja…

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5546742890?profile=RESIZE_400x Panihati Cida Dahi Festival is a sweet summer festival. Although Summer is not very welcome due to heat, yet summer festivals have a unique flavor in itself. This is the season of king of fruits- Mangoes, jack fruit, litchis … and Panihati festival is all about feasting on cooling yogurt, chipped rice and fruits!!

Sitting on the banks of Ganges, in the holy town of Panihati, 500 years ago, Sri Nityananda Prabhu inaugurated Chipped rice, yogurt, fruits feast festival , by…

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2515111222?profile=RESIZE_584x By Giriraj Swami

We have gathered at the lotus feet of the Panca-tattva on this most auspicious occasion of Raghunatha dasa Gosvami’s cida-dadhi festival. The background to this incident can be found in the early life of Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami. His uncle and father, Hiranya and Govardhana Majumadara, were wealthy landlords in…

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Can one elevate himself from his Varna to a higher Varna?

Hare Krishnaas Prabhupada said 'Kalo Sudra' that means we are all Sudras in Kali Yuga. forget about being Brahmana, we are not even my question to you all is -Is it possible to elevate ourselves from our current Varna which is Sudra to a higher Varna for example Ksatriya?please only give me answers backing up with quotes from scriptures and Prabhupada only. please don't answer as per your thinking.thank you and Hare Krishna.

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3 Replies · Reply by Bharat May 17

Very basic question around demons

Hare Krishna !I have a very basic and simple question as to why or how demons like Ravana, Kamsa, Hiranyakashipu, etc take birth?Since God is creator of everything in this world, would it be fair to say that even for demons?If yes, is the purpose of their creation to make people understand the difference between good & bad ? Or he wants to convey some message via them?Can demons be actually considered fortunate to be killed by God?  

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4 Replies · Reply by Shourya Agarwala May 17

Cow dung uses

Hare Krsna,  Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada! I would like to learn hw to use cow dung in the temple as much as possible.What can it be used for?And how to use it for specific things?The things I have thought about so far are: cleaning floors, washing dishes, tooth powder, shampoo, etc.Does anyone have knowledge about these things? What else can I use cow dung for in the temple? Thank you Your servant

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1 Reply · Reply by Amit May 6


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