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Who or what is God? In our modern world, when we observe the amount of energy consumed by all of the other topics that fill our lives, this question is given almost no consideration or thought whatsoever. As such, we are burdened with so many frivolous misconceptions of God, the Supreme.

For the most part, this lack of attention to the true nature of God is due to the misconception that we cannot know God. Although there is certainly truth in thinking that total knowledge of the Infinite is not

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From Back to Godhead

False Prestige heads a list of weeds, such as Lust, Greed, and Anger, that block the growth of the vine of Bhakti.

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita metaphorically describes love of God as a creeper, or vine. The following story is based on that metaphor.

I reared my head like a cobra, not to strike at someone but to catch the sun. Holding a jumbo glowing flower at the top of my green leaves, I dominated the garden with my presence.

My name is False Prestige, and I call myself an

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When describing the length of the yugas or ages, and which yuga we are in and how far along we are in it, there is sometimes confusion about how to calculate them. Some people think we are already in the next Satya-yuga, known as the Golden Age. The problem is when the yugas are figured only according to the years in earth’s time, in which case any calculations will never be accurate. They are described in the Vedic literature according to the celestial years, or years of the devas, not accordi

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This a songbook that I prepared in the last two years.
Here is the link to a website where you can find all the information, a link to request paper copies, a link to download the book in e-book format and a link to download the mp3 files that accompany the songs.
Combining Philosophy & Music
From the very beginning of my devotional life, I had been intrigued by the bhajans that were sung in the temple. Sanskrit and Bengali seemed to be designed for glorifyin

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By His Mercy, All Our Desires Are Fulfilled


Those who are intelligent know that everything is supplied by Krishna. So why not depend on Krishna only? Why so many other attempts? Therefore Krishna says,

vyavasayatmika buddhir
ekeha kuru-nandana
bahu-sakha hy anantas ca
buddhayo ’vyavasayinam
        [Gita 2.41]

Vyavasayi means one who knows business particularly. Vyavasaya. Or one who knows confidently, “This is the cause; this is the effect.” Those who know that Krishna is the origin of everything are fixed up in Krishna. Vyavasayatmika

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Things Going On by Bhaktimarga Swami

I had a marvelous time at the Scarborough ISKCON Centre enjoying both the soup and the company.  This should not be mistaken for a soup kitchen, (even though at meal time, a soup extraordinaire is, in fact, on the menu), but a centre of spiritual power, where people come together to hear about themselves through the message of the Gita
The folks here are reading and discussing the Gita's Chapter 11 which resembles, in some way, a freak of nature.  Awesome images of multi-headed forms fill the
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The Cowherd Boy by Dhirasanta Das Goswami


Once there was a little boy called Gopal who lived in a rural area with his mother, who was a widow. When he was five years old his mother sent him to school.
The road to the village school passed through a forest and seemed very long; at first the little boy thought he had lost his way. He walked on and on, until he saw the other village boys going to school and at once joined them on the path and finally reached the school.
Gopal spent his time very happily at school. When lessons were over h

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From Back to Godhead

Why Krishna’s holy names are the greatest treasure.

Some people fantasize about accumulating immense wealth and dream of what they would buy if they only had enough. To them, happiness hovers elusively on the other side of that new car, that big house, that diamond necklace.

While many of us will say, “Money can’t buy happiness,” do we really believe it? If not money, what is the solution to our hankerings? What is the greatest treasure that will bring true happiness? And h

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Speaker: HG Vaisesika Das

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.3.14

ity uktvadri-dari-kusja-
gahvaresv atma-vatsakan
vicinvan bhagavan krsnah
sapani-kavalo yayau

“Let Me go and search for the calves,” Krsna said. “Don’t disturb your enjoyment.” Then, carrying His yogurt and rice in His hand, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, immediately went out to search for the calves of His friends. To please His friends, He began searching in all the mountains, mountain caves, bushes and narrow passages.”

This is

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By Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: With flames of protest erupting in Odisha over the untimely Rath Yatra organised by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) on the occasion of Basant Panchami in Mumbai, Yudhistir Govinda Das, national director of communications, ISKCON (New Delhi) has finally released a statement mentioning that the chariot fest of the Holy Trinity is being observed as per the scriptures.

“Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deb in November 2019 had sugge

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The greatest mantra by Kadamba Kanana Swami


There are so many mantras out there? Why is the Hare Krsna mahamantra considered to be the most powerful one?

Mantras are all invested with power. Previously, there were sages, who by chanting mantras, could do many things. Some people were fighting with mantras. Now we think we are very sophisticated these days; we have missiles for instance. But in the old days, you could just chant a mantra and invoke a great power. So mantras are known to have all kinds of powers. People could light fire by

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Nice Couple by Bhaktimarga Swami

For a third consecutive day, our Govinda's Restaurant was put to good use.  It catered two hundred guests at the YMCA on Thursday.  Last evening, we held an appreciation dinner for our drama troops of the January 1st  "The Gita” production.  That was nice.  And then today, I sat with members of the wedding party for Narayani and Kent, feasting like crazy after marrying them.  Govinda's keeps busy.
Now, about the wedding, held in the temple room—it was simple and sweet.  Narayani and her famil
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What is Truly Important? by Achyut Gopal Das


One of the books I truly love is the JAPA book my Bhurijan Prabhu. It is such a practical, beautiful and deep book. It just makes so much sense and puts things in perspective.

Here is a small extract from the book on, what is truly important in life. I am sure you will appreciate the deep wisdom of these simple words.
"What is the significance of having proved ourselves right and someone else wrong? What is the significance of having achieved crowning success in this world? What is the signif
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It’s a general concern of devotees which we hear in many of the classes, forums and seminars on what can be the real key to balance one’s material and spiritual lives.

There is a very interesting statement made by famous French priest and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human (material) experience.” It’s true that because of our past conditionings, desires and lifetimes of karma, we are having a

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By Sacinandana Swami

Our spiritual practice should nourish us, it should supply us with a taste that is better than the taste that material activities and sense gratification provide us with. When our spiritual practice lacks this taste, the temptation of material life which then allures us with a seemingly greater taste is always close to us. And at that time we are in danger. However, if we can find taste in our spiritual practice we are safe on the spiritual platform.

The chanting of the Hol

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From Back to Godhead

Why hearing is the first and most important of the nine kinds of devotional service to the Lord.

When I first read that hearing is the most important of the nine kinds of devotional service, I was confused. I was twenty-one at the time and had been hearing all day every day for my whole life. What was so special about hearing? Then I read that the “hearing” prescribed wasn’t meant for mundane topics but for the activities and qualities of Krishna and His devotees. This hea

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By Suta Goswami Das

Prabhupada Bhagavata Swagatham Book Marathon distribution 2019 with Radheshyam prabhu

Traveling with Radheshyam Prabhu and distributing books is nothing short of an adventure. As per the English dictionary, the definition of an adventure is “an exciting or daring experience”. An experience is exciting when you don’t know what is awaiting you the next moment. With Radheshyam Prabhu, every day is an exciting experience, especially during Book Marathon. One day traveling in cro

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Cambodia, a small country between Thailand and Vietnam, has a population of about sixteen million people. Kala Das has regularly visited this land for the last ten years to share Krishna consciousness with people. He is a great source of inspiration for those few devotees who stay there on a regular basis.

“Kirtan is 2020 Vision for Cambodia“ was organized to bring people’s attention to the local programs so that they can become involved in devotional service to the Lord. The beautiful festival

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By Madhava Smullen

In the U.K., devotees from ISKCON Leicester’s congregation joined a total of nearly twenty families for a groundbreaking scheme called ‘Come Dine Together,’ designed to build friendships and understanding between Hindus and Muslims.

ISKCON Leicester has a close working relationship with St Philip’s Centre, the charity for interfaith understanding that launched the scheme. During a discussion with the Centre’s Deputy Director Riaz Ravat, ISKCON Leicester temple president Prad

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Festive Mood in Mayapur!


Mayapur is getting painted with a festive mood everywhere. Attractive pandals, tents, variety prasadam outlets, exhibits, and most importantly, the feast of seeing all the wonderful moons of our movement together in Mayapur, Gaura Purnima festival is the highlight of the year in Mayapur. ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) setting is so creative, artistic and innovative and added with the various seminars on leadership skills nurture a bright future for ISKCON.3865991129?profile=RESIZE_710x


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