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10833414280?profile=RESIZE_584xA newly digitised film!

“Auf der deutschen Hare Krishna Farm”

A film about the German Farm, now known as Simhachalam, from 1982. Narrated by Sacinandana Swami and filmed and edited by Brahma Muhurta Das.

This little gem of a film shows extatic kirtans, bountiful farm life, Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohana, beautiful cows, happy devotees and lots of prasadam from 40 years ago! Set deep in the Bavarian Forest this film shows the lives of devotees in the first years of the farm. A real must see for any

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ISKCON’S venture with UNEP and the Government of India to address climate change through Value Education for school students.

2,30,000 students from 15 countries participated in the Value Education Olympiad (VEO) organized by ISKCON in collaboration with the UN Environment Program in the year 2021. Along with live sessions, and practical workshops, 200000 trees were planted by EKal school students under this program. Fast forward to the current year of 2022, the olympiad is happening again with

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ISKCON Sacramento celebrated its first Ratha Yatra in front of the California State Capitol Building, which serves as a museum and the State’s working seat of government, on Sept 18, 2022. More than seven hundred devotees from all over California participated in the event with great excitement. Sacramento now joins Srila Prabhupada’s grand vision of celebrating the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra festival in every city. This festival will put ISKCON Sacramento on the map of worldwide ISKCON centers that

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It is due to Sally by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was in two thousand fifteen

That Sally was happy to be seen

By those who admired her

At New Vrindavan it did occur

Known to be the special agent

The one so absolutely patient

In signing the fateful papers

For Swamiji to reach those skyscrapers

To New York all the way from Bharat

To tell us what we had forgot

I sat with her for an hour or so

When her pleasant words began to flow

When she put her name to submit

"I didn't think much would come of it

His picture looked quite intimidating"

But si

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Excerpt from the lecture by HH Nirañjana Swami

Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Ādi-līlā 8.16

Śrī Māyāpur Dhāma, March 4, 2014

The following is a partially-edited transcription of an excerpt of a lecture given on March 04, 2014 in Śrī Māyāpur Dhāma – CC, Ādi-līlā 8.16

This verse stresses the importance of chanting the Holy Name so that one can achieve the ultimate goal of this chanting. I wanted to read something also in connection to this. It is short but very relevant to this verse. In the words of our p

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7856098677?profile=RESIZE_400xLife sometimes appears to us like a labyrinth. One has to make the right choice each time the passage bifurcates. A labyrinth is an irregular structure, with many passages, hard to find way through or about… So are some choices in life…

That was the case of Arjuna, the great devotee-warrior from Bhagavad-gita, who saw himself faced with a decisive battle. Anyone who ever found himself or herself in front of an important life-choice, to a greater or lesser degree, can relate to the experience of

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In spiritual life, liquor is not really glorified like one of the material pleasures in life. It is rather condemned. It is placed in the same category as poison. Well, it is true that it is not nourishing the cells in the body. Each time you take some liquor, you are burning some brain cells and you begin to see it in the regular drinkers at the bars. Their faces are a bit puffed up. Some have red veins showing and their hands also are a bit swollen and reddish. And their brain is dull and not

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In Brihad-Bhagavatamrita, Sanatana Goswami beautifully narrates the journey of a soul to the kingdom of God. Gopa Kumara is that fortunate soul who decides to go back to the kingdom of God, Goloka Vrindavan.

In this world we are on a never-ending journey. We have been wandering in this material world away from God for an uncountable number of years.

Sometimes we travel to the upper planetary systems to enjoy good karma. Sometimes we are compelled to go to the lower planetary systems to suffer b

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The Ship Docked by Bhaktimarga Swami


To commemorate the anniversary of the docking of our guru (Prabhupada) on American soil, I delivered a class, basically a reading of this event at Boston harbor in September, 1965. A group from the Harmony collective came to hear of this milestone. Seven years ago, I began my US walk at the pier and I followed, as best as possible, the old Lincoln Highway leading me to San Francisco. The theme of the track was “Walking for our Teachers.” For me, it was just a token of gratitude. Thank you Prabh

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Or the downfall of Western civilization. The Manu-samhita (8.304-309) describes how a king or ruler of a country receives one sixth of the total karma of the subjects he rules. If the majority of people are pious and spiritually oriented, and the ruler protects those citizens to maintain a peaceful society in which such people can flourish, then the king will also share in the good activities and good karma of the citizens. Otherwise, if the ruler does not properly protect and maintain the citi

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Dear Devotees,

On the occasion of the Gaura Purnima Festival 2021, we announce the launch of a new book “The Spark of Renaissance”. Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu was present in India and as a mere by- product of His presence on this planet; He sparked the energy that hit Europe and caused the Renaisssance. You can download from Amazon Worldwide

Click on the below link:

Please pass this message to your groups on Social Media and your communities worldwide. Some more about the

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The Laws of Bhakti by Mukundamala Dasa


From Back to Godhead

Far from being a sentimental activity, devotional service is based on well-defined principles that systematically guide a practitioner to ultimate perfection.

Discussions about the relationship between science and religion usually end in a stalemate: Scientists accuse religionists of relying too much on faith, which they say is experimentally unverifiable, while religionists accuse scientists of relying too much on physical and chemical laws, which they say fail to measure

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During our residence on this planet, humanity has experienced many horrors- slavery, apartheid, concentration camps and many other nasty histories. Many countries celebrate independence from foreign subjugation, which were in many cases far from peaceful. Thus we can see what can go wrong when we become dependent on selfish leaders- Exploitation. Exploitation may be gross or subtle. People fear exploitation, but in general, we find exploitation everywhere. Some people are exploited and these sa

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By Yogesvara Gopinath das

Lord Jagannath showered his unlimited mercy on the streets of East London in the Annual East London Rathyatra on Sunday 25th September. It was truly a colourful and memorable Cultural event organised by devotees in East London and HG Parasuram Prabhu from Food for all.

This is a unique festival when Lord Jagannath comes out of the temple to give his mercy to everyone on the street once a year. This festival started thousands of years ago in Jagannath Puri in India. Th

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I appreciate the chanting of sixteen rounds. It is the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu that comes through these rounds. And that is the minimum, better if I chant more! I appreciate whatever service that I can do, whether I like that service or whether I do not like that service. Some services are nice and some appear to not be nice in itself. Some things are not so nice to do. Like I have had to go and fight Court cases. I do not particularly enjoy that, it is not my thing. It is a real auste

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“We will call our society ISKCON”…

8047366101?profile=RESIZE_584xWhen I first met my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, I felt that there was never a time when I did not know him. I never tire of telling of my first meeting with him on the streets of Lower East Side New York.

At the time, I was hurrying from my Mott Street apartment, which had become a refuge for psychedeliacs, to a much quieter apartment on Fifth Street where I hoped to get some peace. I was walking down Houston Street and across Bowery, past the rushing

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Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,


We are happy to share with you that earlier today the Chairman of ISKCON Bureau, HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, along with the ISKCON’s National Directors of Communications called on Honorable President of India Smt Droupadi Murmu at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

The Hon’ble President recollected her visits to ISKCON temples in different parts of India. She was glad to learn about ISKCON’s spiritual, cultural, and philanthropic initiatives a

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By Chandan Yatra Das

Shukratal is a tiny holy town about 2-3 hours (72 km) from Haridwar on the banks of Ganges River in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Srila Sukadeva Goswami spoke sacred Srimad-Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) to Maharaja Pariksit (the grandson of Arjuna and son of Abhimanyu), under a banyan tree 5000 years ago.

Here at a place called Sri Sukadeva Temple, there is a gigantic 5100 year old Banyan tree, also known as Akshaya Vat Vriksha, underneath where Sukadeva Goswami,

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Bhagavat das: Prabhupada said, “Can you quote this verse?” The two of us looked at each other, and I thought, “Tamal Krishna Goswami will quote the verse,” but Tamal Krishna Goswami thought I was going to do it. Neither of us knew the verse. Prabhupada said, “Just see. You are not reading my books. Every day you have to read, study, and learn my books just like a lawyer learns the law books. You must know everything, chapter and verse. If you do not know, how will you preach? Unless you know my

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