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My initiation

Hare krsna  prabhuji's  and  Matajis

Pls accept my humble obesiances 

All glories to srila prabhupad 

Jai Sri gaur-nitai

I  needed  help  regarding my diksha process. 

I  daily and regularly chant my committed rounds  without  committing any offenses,  an

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subhdra and arjuna

Hare krishna,


dandavat pranam,


I was asked a question regarding subhadra and arjuna's wedding today.

The question is:

Krishna and arjuna were cousins and subhadra was also arjuna's cousin then why did krishna arrange the wedding of arjuna and subhadra 

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Hare Krishna to all devotees.

My name is Kunal Bhardwaj, a very new member of Isckon & desire tree. The reason I joined this platform just to clear my doubts & problems that comes my way so hope my concerns will be rectified in a good way without any

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