Personal Chat Rooms?

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please tell the good and bad sides of personal chat rooms on this IDT! 

Do we need it? Or we should just keep general chat rooms in order to avoid dating or such like undevotional things. 

Any suggestions, advices, recommendations, ideas are welcome!

Thank You!

Your servant, bhaktin maral

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  • I feel it would be needed because there might be some devotees who may be shy or nervous to openly express their problems. They might need to talk to some devotees who they have confidence in .
  • Humble Obeisance Mataji, 

    You have chosen a serious point, about main and private chat. These both chat facilities are good and useful.We can consider the both sides of negative and positive use of it.  It's up to the user how he or she is utilizing that service.

    This is a serious issue, which we can not ignore.

    There should a feature be added of Block or ignore button which will serve to avoid such person who misbehave or discus topic other then Krsna Consciousness be blocked. The blocked member should not be able to reach the blocker by anyway unless he get unblocked by him or her.

    Hare Krishna

    Narayan Das


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!!!!


      Please Accept My Humble Obeisances!!!!!!!!

      All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!!!!!!!!!

      Radhey! Radhey!

      Gaurango Jai Jai!

      Hari Hari!!!!!

      Prabhuji it is a correct suggestion given by you and i agree on it. Other Devotees are also correct on their opinion and if we accept your opinion then it can help.

      IDT Team can put a term & condition and guidelines to new joinee devotees and already joined devotees so that it could stop such type of issues.

      Thanks Maral Alymova Mataji for raising this concern.  It will help to new joinee matajis and already IDT members matajis.

      Your Humble Servants

      Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna,

    There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a chat private as long as the parties involved know and act on their spiritual growth/progress. We cannot take other's responsibility into our own hands and cancel the facilities and forum which are available for genuine sadhakas.

    Hare krsna.

  • Yes right
  • Hare Krishna,

    Personaly chat rooms are okay for me, as sometimes there are too many comments in the main chat room and If i have a ques. it just gets lost in the main chat, so i can contact a senior devotee in a personal chat.

    I'm totally against members asking names, where i live, what do i do and about my family in personal chat. But the truth is that i have the mouse and a keyboard and i tell them straightaway in a polite manner that i do not discuss all this and i only discuss Hari katha or your experiences in devotion. if i can make out that they really are not interested in all this, again the fact that ihave a mouse i can just go ahead and close the chat box.

    Plus sometimes we like to discuss and like to know from other their experiences and how devotion started, discussing these things in the main chat would be like the other persons comments getting lost a everyone is saying their own thing, which we all totally respect.

    Bottom line is, that we all have to understand that we are here to discuss and participate in Hari katha. its a platform for enhancing our devotion with company of other devotees. Plus we all have right to online and otherwise privacy and we should respect other person's right to privacy as well.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Thank u for bringing up such an important issue, coz. it has been experience many time that negative side over powers the positive aspects.

    In personal chat rooms, often the initial conversation began with personal question like where r u from ? what do u do? single? married? working etc etc .whereas in my opinion all these question are baseless if one is on spiritual progress. In short no  personal stuff. I was shocked when one devotee even asked me if I have an account in some social sites as wants to chat more n talk etc etc.

    These question shud not be on  the priority list  rather they shud be talking about krishna consc. n their spiritual progress. 

    Also in public chat room some time conversation is not about KC but some other topic?????? why ???? can this be stopped and v strictly put a rule for on KC topics only?.

    Hare Krishna.

    Thanking you 


    Your servant.

    Please forgive me if  my words are to harsh but its always good to put the truth as it is rather wrapping it in fancy words.

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna Rahul Prabhu,

      Thankyou for bringing out the issues ,

      Certainly i was very much addicted to this site for nearly a year , as

      there was a very good devotional atmosphere , but i noticed that

      this website was changing its objectives due to coming of Ritvik People ,

      & Some Romeo Juliet , no one was interested in talking about Krishna or devotional thing's ,

      some people created fake account & were doing bussiness here .

      Due to issue of Ritvik i once had cold war with one of my very dear friend ( K.A Prabhu ) here ,

      because he was speaking the tone of Ritvik .

      Due to non devotional atmosphere  i deleted my account completely some 10 days ago .

      All my discussion forum's and Blog's i posted are now no more present on this website .

      But once again i have created this account , but i have no interest left in this website ,

      because the devotional atmosphere here some 1 year ago is not at all now .

      I very thankful to find some good devotee's here some of them

      Sudipta Roy Prabhu , Shravan Prabhu , Dwapiyan Ghosh Prabhu , Maral Mata Ji , Iskcon Desire Tree ,

      Jagatmata Das Prabhu , Sudheendra Prabhu , Anand Patel Prabhu , Gopal Das Prabhu , Aniruddha Prabhu ,

      Sudheep Ghosh Prabhu . And many more whom i really appreciate from core of my heart .

      I wish they always remain engaged in serving Krishna & Mission Chaitanya Mahaprabhu .

      I would like to say a " SORRY " from core of my heart , for KA Prabhu whom i

      talked wrong for misunderstanding .

      I would like to say " SORRY " to all those whom i ever offended .

      I pray that the deovtional environment , which is now completely lost on ISKCON DESIRE TREE

      return's as soon as possible and remain here forever .

      The more ISKCON Desire Tree will be known to people , the more preaching we can do to them .

      It is a major website for all those who want to connect to Bhakti Yoga & Krishna .

      Hare Krishna

      All Glories To Srila Prabhupada .

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        Thank you so much dear Rahul, Divya, Matangi and Ashwani Kumar Prabhus! For sharing Your opinions and experiences.

        Yes, Divya Mataji, You are right usually in personal chats want to chat only those who want dating which is time consuming and useless thing. Very sad for that. In the other side that mataji if she desires could preach to that prabhuji giving him links for the lectures and books...but i do not know how it is worthy. 


        Ashwani Kumar Prabhu, You are very nice and honest Devotee so why You want to leave this association?! Please do not do that! With Your answers You helped to so many Devotees and new comers and You are for sure very dear to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya. 

        Yes, there will be bad situations as like a soldier gets his body bleed at the time of fighting in this way we are also like in the battle field. Krishna is using us even though as a very weak instruments. But He is using us. So why not to be tolerant and stay as Krishna's soldier?

        Demons are preaching day and night their materialistic philosophy, day and night they create films to agitate poor peoples' senses, products to agitate their tongues,  cloth to agitate their eyes and skin, cars houses....to agitate them and soak their money and as a result they have to earn day and night in order to earn that money back. In this way they are controlled by demons very easily. So will we be peaceful seeing such like situations?

        Will we be peaceful seeing every day our mothers are raped :( will we be peaceful after all these??????????? and is it correct??????????????????????????????????? :'(

        Few days back HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, and few months back HH Jayapataka Maharja and other Maharajas also are keeping to tell us that we should preach thing divine knowledge. That people need it. So this IDT is also just for the sake of preaching but online. Which is also very powerful tool these days.

        As like mother forgets and does not pay much attention to the kicks of her child we should also be patient to those criticisms to our point but help them any way we can. Mother says ok, it is painful but she does not leave the child, no out of her compassion and love she continues to serve to him.

        So please do not leave again no matter what is there!

        If there is no enough good devotional mood these days than let's create it! At least we have few Devotees very serious and let's help other also become serious! Why not?!

        Your servant,  

        • Volunteer

          Hare Krishna Maral Mata Ji ,

          I will remember your words forever till i am alive , that i am soldier of Krishna ,

          And soldier do not cry if everything is unfavorable also .

          What will be a better living to live as a soldier of Krishna and Die as a same .

          People forget , but Krishna never .

          So from today i will make every effort to Make everyone register in Krishna's Army .

          All Glories To Hari Naam Sankirtan .

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