Material Miseries (144)

Bhagavatham says animals are food of human beings.

  Hare Krishna,

      ŚB 6.4.9

अन्नं चराणामचरा ह्यपद: पादचारिणाम् ।
अहस्ता हस्तयुक्तानां द्विपदां च चतुष्पद: ॥ ९ ॥
annaṁ carāṇām acarā
hy apadaḥ pāda-cāriṇām
ahastā hasta-yuktānāṁ
dvi-padāṁ ca catuṣ-padaḥ


By nature’s arrangement, fruits and flowers ar

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Hare krishna to all devotees... In Nectar of Devtion 51.. radharani's friend tells her that she was the most chaste girls of the village but now she is partially chase and partially unchaste... what is this suppose to mean.. is radharani (please take

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