Karma (127)

Past wrongs

Hare KrishnaMy Humble pranam !I would like to know in past i was non-vegetarian. I have quit eating i wear Kanthi mala and do japa on tulasi beads. I buy meat for my kids cook serve what should i do. Also i cook prasadam in the same kitchen what to d

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higher to lower status

hello pabhu.imagine we are doing many good karmas in this life. because we did that krishna gives very rich and high status life in next life.after that if we do any crime because we are having high position.will krishna consider it as crime.will we

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Higher planets

Prabhu how can we go higher planets.what karma we have to do in earth to go higher planets.if a person eats non vegetarian or if a person is married,will he blocked to go there.what kind of person krishna gives a chance to go there.

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Hare Krishna,It is said that one has to suffer for the sins he has done.for example if someone has eaten non veg ,he will too be eaten by someone else in his next life by taking birth of an animal .but the person who eats him is also comiting a sin .

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Can repentance burn a sin?

Christianity lays  emphasis on repentance for the sins.

Bhagvad gita saya karma cannot be wiped off. Karma has to be faced suffered.  Sincere repentance has no place in our philosophy?  If yes then give me any instance from the pastimes of devotees li

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