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Who was first?

It says in Bhagavatam that Krishna was the first being in the universe (material or spiritual).  Then he split into 2 (radha and krishna)

In the Chaitanya charitamria it says Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Radha-Krishna combined.

So from the above was the fir

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Devotion in winters

Hare Krishna


It is clearly not easy to wake up early in Winters. In summers, I used to attend mangal arati every week.

However, now it is so difficult to wake up early and complete 16 rounds before 7 AM.


My question is regarding exercise.

I was regular

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Hare Ram!!I want know one thing. As per Gita, one should not ponder about useless things like earning money. One should stay in Krishna consciousness. If we don't think about money then won't have money. How can we survive without money.?

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