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By Bhakti Charu Swami Samadhi Committee

Śrī Śrīmad Bhakti Charu Swāmī Triobhava Mahotsava 

"He lives forever by his divine instructions and the follower lives with him."

A 4-day event

July 18-24, 2021


On Zoom  ID: 961 5660 3663 Passcode: 123456

Watch Live on:




Full Schedule 

Read more: https://iskconnews.org/remembering-bhakti-charu-swami-triobhava-mahotsava-zoom-july-18-24th-2021,7911/

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Sri Guru Purnima by Giriraj Swami


Today is Guru-purnima. Srila Prabhupada has explained that the system of honoring the spiritual master is current in all sections of Vedic followers. In the Mayavadi (impersonalist) sects, the disciples offer respect to the spiritual master once a year, on Guru-purnima. And in the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya, the disciples offer homage annually on the appearance day of the spiritual master, called Vyasa-puja because the spiritual master represents Vedavyasa, the empowered incarnation of Krishn

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This was the first non-rainy day in some time and the weather forecast indicated that clouds and showers will rain for the coming days. What’s happening?

Regardless, we took full advantage of the sunshine by making our presence in several parks. First of all, I had a picnic, with a family from Brampton, at Ramsden Park. Meeting a swami is a first for them. Rajasuya, who is very committed to bhakti yoga and assists me substantially, introduced me to this family who were curious. Our time togethe

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By Payonidhi Das

Prema vilasa about the disappearance of Srila Sanatana Goswami and how Srila Rupa Goswami was very much affected by his divine disappearance.

Srila Narrotama das Thakura has sung:

kaha mora svarupa-rupa, kaha sanatana
kaha dasa raghunatha patita-pavana (2)

2) Where are my Svarupa Damodara and Rupa Gosvami? Where is Sanatana? Where is Raghunatha Dasa, the savior of the fallen?

vairagya-yug-bhakti-rasam prayatnair
apayayan mam anabhipsum andham
kapambudhir yah para-duhkha-duhkhi

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Guru (Vyasa) Purnima


The appearance anniversary of Srila Vyasadeva, the compiler of the Vedic literature.

This event really is directed towards Srila Vyasadeva, thus in some sampradayas they refer to Guru Purnima as Vyasa Purnima. Traditionally it is the day when the guru is worshipped.

In the book Festivals, Fairs and Fasts of India (Shakti M Gupta. 1991. Clarion books. page 88-89.) It says: Guru Purnima "……is observed on the full moon day in the month of Ashadha in honour of the sage Vyasa, by keeping a fast, wor

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Books are the Basis with Shraddha Devi Dasi
GBC Strategic Planning Team invites you to learn Bhakti alphabets (ABCDE) in their 8-day Sadhana series special talks.
Day 2 of our series with alphabet “B” with Shraddha Devi Dasi.
About Shraddha Devi
Shraddha Devi Dasi is located in the Silicon valley in California, USA where she first came into contact with Srila Prabhupada’s books which transformed her life completely. She is a Software Engineer by profession, and utilizes the mundane experience f

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ISKCON Pakistan is Growing


By Dr. Neeta Maheshwary and Lionel Kerbs

For the month of May through June this year, a preaching tour occurred across the region of Baluchistan; a rural mountainous southwest area of Pakistan. 

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Pakistan has three Temples, including in Karachi, the capital of the country, Larkana, Sindh, and in Hyderabad, Sindh as well as and five centers in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Thari Mirwah, and the Harimandir in Hyderabad, Sindh, as well as in Khu

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I’ve walked by the above-mentioned park (actually it’s more like a sunken garden) several times off Yonge St. I never ventured inside. There are flowerbeds, trees of all kinds (northern breeds), perfect sod-lain sections for lawn bowling, tennis courts and then there is a grassy area perfect for kirtan. This very special place is tucked away from the world and is ideal for groups singing and dancing. That’s just what we did — a bunch of us — Russians, Indians, Canadians — whatever that means.


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The names of Krishna are the repository of all happiness and the greatest wealth. If we chant properly, we will not experience material miseries, but we may experience what the materialist might mistake as misery: the spiritual joy of intense separation from Krishna.

Since that joy comes from proper chanting, we might wonder how we can chant with attention and concentration, even if we are not yet pure devotees of Krishna. How can we control the mind? How can we keep ourselves from thinking of

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Association is the key in Bhakti with Jaya Jagannath Das.
GBC Strategic Planning Team invites you to learn Bhakti alphabets (ABCDE) in their 8-day Sadhana series special talks.
Kicking off our series with alphabet “A” with Jaya Jagannath Das.
About Jaya Jagannath Das
Jaya Jagannath (Jaya) is a leader in the Wisdom department at the Bhakti Center. After 13 years, he has recently left the quietism of monasticism to share the timeless wisdom, scholarship, and relevance of the tradition’s sacred te

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The  Editorial  Review  Panel  Shares  Its  “Editorial  Principles”

Over  the  years,  devotees  have  expressed  interest  in  knowing  more  about  The  Bhaktivedanta  Book Trust’s  book  editing  policies  and  practices,  especially  in  making  corrections  to  Srila  Prabhupada’s  books after  his  physical  departure.

To  address  the  devotees’  concerns  and  to  ensure  the  fidelity  of  Srila  Prabhupada’s  published  works,  on October  17,  2019,  the  BBT  and  the  GBC  conjoi

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By Kasisvar Das 

Florida is (pre-Covid) a season of Rathayatra festival parades that take over the crowded beaches or towns, typically with eight events across the state: at the Gasparilla festival in Tampa, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Clearwater Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Tampa Bay, and Orlando. 

This year, fewer events are scheduled with the Daytona Beach parade just passed on June 26th, and the Clearwater Beach event is upcoming on Saturday, September 18th. It wi

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We are receiving much rain, but as long as it ceases for a time for me to stroll, then it’s okay. Stroll I did, through the park and up Yonge St. I realized one thing about myself and walking; I always get a thrill from crossing rivers via a bridge but dislike crossing streets where there’s crazy traffic, either in motion or halted. A pet peeve of mine — the wider the road, the more the lanes, the higher the risk.

Tonight, I took to a bench when a couple approached me. The fellow introduced him

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As an institution representative of Krsna and the parampara, we have the duty and obligation to be an example of responsibility and caring concern for everyone. Thus, in the present context of the coronavirus pandemic, we must strictly take all recommended precautions and strictly follow all official indications.

Krsna must see that we are doing everything that we can and not that we are irresponsibly leaving everything to Him. «God helps those who help themselves.» While endeavoring thus, we

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One day, I was in New York City and as I was walking, I saw a chapati machine. It was a first-class machine. The dough went into the top, made some balls and rollers, and made a nice round chapati. Then, it went into a hot plate, where an arm came and pushed the chapati into a hole with a slide and then the slide turned the chapati around and it fell on another hot disc below. And then the chapati was cooked on the other side. That’s the nature of chapati. They get cooked on both sides.

So, if

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Ever since the pandemic, it has been extremely difficult for us to come together and be in association of devotees and to celebrate the various occasions that we otherwise did with so much of grandeur. Nevertheless, we have been trying our best to bring to you every celebration in the best possible way. We felt that even this year, we wouldn't be able to have a Ratha Yatra like we usually did, but Lord Jagannath had other plans. 
Although the whole intention of Ratha Yatra is that everyone ge
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I Shall Act by Bhaktimarga Swami


I want to thank Paramahamsa, from Guelph, who came to do some physio work on me today. I’m also grateful to Jhorom, who came as a special guest when I hosted him in the sitting quarters of our guru, Prabhupada, who spent a few days there in June of 1976.

Jhorom is loving the Bhagavad-Gita, As It Is, and since reading this exceptional text he’s been asking me questions. He is just intrigued with the conversation based on a fratricidal misunderstanding.

“Most misunderstandings, if not all, have t

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Hera Panchami


Hera Panchami is a unique festival associated with famous Rathayatra of Puri. ‘Hera’ means to ‘see’ and ‘Panchami’ means the ‘fifth day’. It is celebrated at Gundicha temple on the fifth day from the start date of the cart festival.

This festival is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. The temple of Lord Jagannatha is known as Sri Mandira. “Sri” means Laxmi, so the name of the temple as “Srimandira” signifies the fact that Mahalaxmi is the principal Goddess of the Grand Temple. This ritual highlight

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By Madhava Smullen

Sana Mittar, a young devotee who attends the ISKCON Punjabi Bagh temple in Delhi with her family, has been honored with the Diana Award. Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, it is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9 to 25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work.

Sana was presented with the award for her work on clean water and sanitation; starting GVAN, a non-profit that empowers youth to advocate for social causes; and sup

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On the fourth day of the Lord’s stay, Hera Panchami is celebrated.
On this day, Laksmi Devi along with Her guards and servants comes to Gundica to demand that Jagannatha return home. Goddess Lakshmi decides to visit Lord Jagannath in Gundicha temple where He is with His brother & sister. In the evening, Goddess Lakshmi is carried to the Gundicha temple in a bimana (decorated palanquin) by servitors with great pomp and show with traditional music and a colourful procession via the Grand R
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