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Initiation process in ISKCON?

Hare krishna dear Vaishnavas... 

Pamho at your lotus feet eternally.. 

I have a question what is the process of initiation in Iskcon.

How does anyone search his/her spiritual master?  

(I don't want initiation now but planning for it after my studies,  b

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3 Replies · Reply by Gayatri Dec 20, 2019

Vedic cosmos

Hare Krishna prabujis I am Ganesh from tirupati.  I have read some conversations of srila prabupada  about cosmology in bhagavatam 5th canto that jambudvipa is divided into 9 varshas and southern most varshas is bharatha varsha. Northen side is great

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9 Replies · Reply by Ganesh venkatesan Dec 16, 2019

Fear of Sadhana

Hi to all,

Hare Krishna,

Ok I understand sence gratification.. means basically it pulls you in and you forget to do sadhana. Not that sence gratification on its own is bad. I mean no harm in enjoying youself now and again BUT. Its obv an impediment so

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2 Replies · Reply by Nitesh Patel Dec 17, 2019