Bharat replied to Chloe Rowlands's discussion Gross and subtle body
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The source of all confusion is ignorance of our true spiritual identity that we are spiritual - sat-cit-ananda, part and parcel of Supremely Spiritual Personality of Godhead Sri Krsma. All materials desires are a consequence of first ig…"
51 minutes ago
Bharat replied to birajdai's discussion Narkasura
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Narasimha dev appeared in Satya Yuga. Varaha Dev appeared before Narasimha dev, so Varaha dev also appeared in Satya Yuga. Narakasura was born in Satya yuga. Narakasaura lived through entire Treta yuga. He did not encounter Narasimha dev…"
Mar 22
Bharat replied to Shatrughan chauhan's discussion Why i cannot stay in Krishna Consciousness?
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What you are experiencing is the experience of every sincere sadhaka/practitioner. If you want to know why you are having this kind of extreme and opposite experiences, then the short answer is - It is a test.

Our hearts has been cont…"
Mar 9
Bharat replied to Priya Subhadarshini Pal's discussion What to do if you have eaten non veg?
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For deities which are at hostel/home (Prana Prathistha has not been done) offering can be made even if a devotee has not taken head bath. But offering cannot be done without bathing.

It is understandable that in hostels satwik food ma…"
Feb 28
Bharat replied to Daniel's discussion What makes food unofferable
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Try not to think of offerable and unofferable. Instead we should be trying our best to make offering as best as possible. Cleanliness/ hygiene is the most important principle while doing any deity service including cooking and offering.…"
Feb 28
Bharat commented on ISKCON Derire Tree's blog post Is our understanding of Krishna Consciousness coming under siege?
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The author has mentioned - " it appears that Iskcon devotees are embracing and identifying with the philosophy of dominant political parties in India that are founded on principles that are quite contrary to those of Krishna Consciousne…"
Feb 25
Bharat replied to Shashidhar Reddy J's discussion Reincarnation
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As said previously I am not trying to prove existence of God or reincarnation. You mentioned the following

"If it were true, out of the 7 billion in this world, we'd see more instances of it don't you think?"

No, I don't think. I thin…"
Feb 15
Bharat replied to Ganesh venkatesan's discussion Moon landings fake or true?
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There are many ways of gaining knowledge. One way is ascending way and another way is descending way.
The vedic process of gaining knowledge is the descending way. The western/modern way of gaining knowledge is ascending way.
Feb 13
Bharat replied to Shashidhar Reddy J's discussion Reincarnation
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Where is the proof of reincarnation?
I never said I will provide proof of reincarnation or have provided proof of incarnation.

For me the greatest proof beyond all so called "scientific" experiments by humans is the word of GOD - Lord…"
Feb 12
Bharat replied to Shiva Shankar's discussion Honour Sweet Prasadam first or last?
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Sweet should be served and honoured at the end. I could not find reference from Srila Prabhupada. But the vaishnava etiquette mentionss this.
This is how prasadam is served to sannyasis in mayapur, and in festival feasts at Gaudiya m…"
Feb 3
Bharat and Ayush Raghuwanshi are now friends
Feb 1
"Hare Krsna

Srimad Bhagavatam clearly states that attachment to pure devotee(s) is the most direct path to liberation.

prasaṅgam ajaraṁ pāśam
ātmanaḥ kavayo viduḥ
sa eva sādhuṣu kṛto
mokṣa-dvāram apāvṛtam
Every learned man knows very well that…"
Feb 1
Bharat replied to aakash menon's discussion All religions are proclaimed to be true by the indoctrination programming in an individual believer’s brain.
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Since there is no question, I assume this is taken from some hardcore atheistic propaganda book which you might be religiously/religiously or sorry logically have been indoctrinated into . I also wonder what you get by bringing such wast…"
Jan 22
Bharat replied to Shashidhar Reddy J's discussion Reincarnation
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Kindly address me Bharat. I understand you may want to convey respect to devotees, you can address devotees as prabhu or mataji.
Guruji is way to address those who are initiating gurus, and Maharaj is way to address Sannyasis.

Hare Krs…"
Dec 30, 2019
Bharat replied to Shashidhar Reddy J's discussion Reincarnation
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HG Radha Rasamayi Mataji has given perfect answer. Now about your friend

He said rather than carrying the baggage of your previous life in this life why don't you become muslim?... be assured to be taken to heaven...

Your friend has n…"
Dec 28, 2019
Bharat replied to aakash menon's discussion Mano tho bhagwan na mano tho phattar ki Murti
"Hare Krsna

Are our scriptures Mythology ?

We are sorry you got other answers like - only answer that comes up is that we need to be self realised or awaken or imperfect senses etc

The answer is simple. Vedic scriptures are not mythology.

Dec 22, 2019