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Family Life (154)

need guiding

hare krishna prabhu,
to get a krishna consciousness child is that every time  we should follow the date mentioned in the garbhadhana samskara book for intercoursing or first time alone date selection  is enough and we are not following vrata's mention

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How to control anger?


My biggest issue I am facing right now in my spiritual development is anger. I find householder life is often very stressful and leaves me so frustrated and angry. I try to handle situations in a calm and patient manner - like

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need guiding

hare krishna ji,
i feel very difficult following garbhadhana samskara ( vows and preparations related to vedic family planning ) vrata's are very tough to follow . but i need a krishna conciousness child.
is that 50 rounds chanting before having interc

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My wife teaches in ISKCON school. She has to take the topic of adoption for 4th standard . What is ISKCON stand on adoption. under following circumstances.

1) Not able to conceive a child .

2) Are single & want to adopt a child to rear.

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