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Aug 7
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Hare Krishna...We often recognise some people around us worshipping their spiritual masters other than the Supreme Lord. They think that services to Gurus and Parents as befitting the service of the Lord. I feel that such practices should be protest…
Jul 20
Arjun Saxena replied to David Cavall's discussion Spreading Krishna Consciousness in America
"God Bless you Azad.
I hereby proclaim you have converted a part of Islam to Religion of Peace.
In India Islam was respected a lot once. But these Invaders plundered us. We tried to resist but our Gurus were killed by them. Our Temples destroyed, but…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to hari prasad cr's discussion Dharma Artha Kama Moksha
"Of all the Four Fullfillments of Life lies the Dharma consiousness
Dharma as I have found out in 2to 3 years is that it is not just a protocol but a detachment to fierce actions and attachment to all forms of Life. I believe Dharma is not something…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to uthama gauranga dasa's discussion non devotee parents
"I think I m quite late to answer as I saw the question late.
I myself face such issues so I understand better.
I think u should talk to your parents frankly about this issue. You have to study, but provide them with Krishna's Instructions, Lord says…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Saurab's discussion Need Clarification please
"Though i have never read so, i m still sure of this as given in the Nasdiya Suktam of RigVeda, who made us, who made these streams to flow, who made the mountains and light, what was before and what will be after all this. Its all unknown. We dont k…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Taylor's discussion Asuras
"Hare Krishna
Yup its true, as given by the bull's example.
I also heard the same that in SatYug the fight was b/w two different Worlds the SurLok and AsurLok, in TretaYug the fight was b/w two nations Bharat and Lanka, then in DwaparYug the tussle s…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Isvara Puri Das's discussion Books
You can try this."
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Arjun Saxena's discussion Priesthood in sewa of Shri bhagwan
"We need to be practical some time. Therefore, the above. With due respect to all members and Wishes of ShriBhagwan.
Hare Krishna"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Arjun Saxena's discussion Priesthood in sewa of Shri bhagwan
"I feel the answers declared are absolutely true. But Prabhu ji i want to throw light on the days of this age i.e. Kaliyug. Priesthood, with exception to some, has become a profession to earn. I m from education city Kota. Here we have an old Mathura…"
May 15
Arjun Saxena replied to Neophyte's discussion Help! How do I stay healthy being on a Krishnatarian diet?
"Having dairy products in your diet wont let you fall low in energy levels.
If you consume much of proteins instead of carbohydrates, i suppose that would make u weak. Proteins are usefull for body development and have the most complex and time takin…"
May 15
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