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Haribol. I do struggle in life with this question.Altough chanting, Krishna and reading a lot plus try to do my best to render any kind of service unto the Lord, it pains my brain to keep up with the world as it is.For one who lives in a cave or be…
Mar 1
Slamet Toro commented on ISKCON Derire Tree's blog post How to Get Out of the Clutches of Maya by HH Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami
"Hare Krishna!

TL;DR long story short;
To be liberated 'just' use and act everything to and for Krishna.

It is hard to realize it perhaps or just in an instant!
Yes one may have to pay the bills&tax to survive.
Yes one may obey strage of difficult…"
Feb 27
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Haribol, In the Agni Purana is a lot to read about the positions of deities. I am shure Prabhupada said something about this too, I don't know where to find his quote on this subject. Please send me all quotes Prabhupada said wich direction a…
Dec 31, 2022
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Haribol, This is very important.Why devotees are so puffed up and parroting the swamis and quotes of others that most purana's are not for us/less important or even to be ignored. In ALL the purana's Krishna is telling all sorts of stuff for us to…
Nov 28, 2022
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"Thank you Hare Krishna! 
Finding faults in others is kinda what I did wich is wrong and a downfall of my devotional service. It is always easy to find faults in others and complain. I have to stop that. It is harsh and very sad to cope with missery…"
Oct 8, 2022
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Haribol, I have a important question to you all. When are you too much for fellow devotees? Or feel like slavery or just too much?When I joined the Iskcon movement 22 years ago, devotees asked me to do a lot of 'service'; cut veggies, build ratha…
Oct 7, 2022
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Haribol, As the title says it all, I like share my toughts without be offensive I hope. I hear this phrase over and over when I am amoung devotees. I wonder why.Out of the scriptures like Purana and certainly Bhagavad Gita, Krishna(and Krishna in…
Sep 24, 2022
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We are all woman...
We are in Kali Yuga all sudra's...
Only God Srhi Krishna, is male, His maya aka we the whole creation is famale.
Vaishnava=devotee of Visnu aka Sri Krishna! And we all render service one way another to Him, that's…"
Aug 30, 2022
Slamet Toro replied to Damen James Elwood Leroy Draper's discussion Abandon all varieties of religion
Yes, I am aware this is ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada is our everything. Just wanted to point out the title of the question;"Abandon all varieties of religion"
First of all ; you all are very good in quoting scriptures, whilst I just read…"
Aug 30, 2022
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Aug 19, 2022
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Thank you very much! I am glad everything comes together now. Yes I added rosepetals and purple citronflavour earlgrey flowers out of the garden to it.
After I gave the deities everything, cleaned them with fresh dried cowdung from the…"
Aug 19, 2022
Slamet Toro replied to Dipin Preet's discussion How predictable is Lord Krsna?
The big lines He is very predictable; He creates, mantains and destructs His own creation. And all major points stays the same in every Kalpa and life of Bramha. 
But like Purana's, we don't know anything as one point of view. The many…"
Aug 19, 2022
Slamet Toro replied to Sumeet Razdan's discussion Janmashtami Tithi Confusion
One thing I could think of is, practical reason. 
As on Ekadashi ISKCON members told me more than once;"You can prepare bhoga and stuff non Ekadashi, like beans and grains, just not eat or offer them as He won't accept it,…"
Aug 18, 2022
Slamet Toro replied to siddharupa madhavi devi dasi's discussion poverty stricken
Poverty on material platform is hard to solve alone, if you could just pay the bills it is good, but understanding this you can't I read.
Poverty for spiritual platform is peanuts! There is no way a person (try to be) devotee of The Lord is…"
Aug 17, 2022
Slamet Toro replied to Rob's discussion What is the lesson behind the story of Vritasura and Indra?
Great story indeed. 
The way I see it is just as the core of ALL the purana stories. Not only Bhagavata Purana, but all of them;
Do your prescribed duty, as so stated in BG by Krishna Himself again and again.
In stories, parabells and many…"
Aug 16, 2022
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 Haribol, I like to know wich items are bonafide for Janmastami abhishek.I do have; milk, ghee, honey, 3 kinds of sugar, saffron tulsi(and manjari's) yoghurt I need to buy.Hare Krishna! 
Aug 15, 2022