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Prescribed Duty

Hare Krishna dear devotees....this is an important question....When Krishna says to Arjuna to do his prescribed duties.....what does that means to us....How can we find our prescribed duty someone is engineer, doctor, cobbler, fisherman.

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hare krishna , prabhu i am deep confusion because my wife is pregnant     ( 7 months ) but our consulting doctor advised our selves to have sex for a smooth delivery and also to avoid scissorian delivery. is it a right way to do so ? . is there any t

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Consciousness parenting

Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I'd really like to connect with some parents in ISKCON for good association and share parenting strategies and build a support network for raising Krsna Conscious kids.

I have 3 childre

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need guiding

hare krishna prabhu,
to get a krishna consciousness child is that every time  we should follow the date mentioned in the garbhadhana samskara book for intercoursing or first time alone date selection  is enough and we are not following vrata's mention

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How to control anger?


My biggest issue I am facing right now in my spiritual development is anger. I find householder life is often very stressful and leaves me so frustrated and angry. I try to handle situations in a calm and patient manner - like

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