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Hare Krishna prabhu jiIn our house we have pooja ghar in bedroom.The only other space available is south east corner or agney kon. House is south faced. Which space is more preferable?Please answer.

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  • Hare Krishna Dandavat Pranam , 

    I had once Asked this question to a Senior Disciple regarding the Vastu of the House , 

    He had Replied that for Vaishnavs  should not be bogged with Benefit of this Vastu , If u can do it Better but if not Do not worry , Keep Chanting and leave all to Krishna  , I staying in Middle east  see lot on devotees have to sleep on one Bed  and all the luggage below that and no place for Altar  and still they doing Bhakti with Sticking Photo on Wall .

    Hare krishna ys Ravi

  • Thank you both a perfect question & a perfect answer! Thanks for the divine Windom
  • South facing house is not suitable for many people. Completely opposite to regular house vasthu.

    North-east is the best place to place the altar. It is not possible in a south facing home.,

    I guess the bedrooms are in the North in you house.

    agney kona or the South- east is best for placing the gas stove.

    second best place to keep the altar ( pooja mandir) is south west. Usually your safe is kept there in south west.. Heavy things should be placed in south west( normally).

    North west is the third best place to place the altar. fourth best place is south-east.  Do one thing if possible see that u are facing the east when you sit to do prayer ..So that lord is facing the west.. and try to avoid the corner and place the altar little moving towards north east direction.

    South direction is governed by Yamaraja... You better sit facing the east. 

    Never place heavy in north portion of the house.. you will suffer financially. keep all north corners free of any heavy things.

    place heavy things towards south and south west corners esp. ( IF POSSIBLE)

    It is best to place Hanuman ji in the south east corner of the house. As he is heavy also and wards of evil also.. Don't keep hanuman ji right above the main entrance though.. place him next to the main entrance. SO that while going out of the house you see Hanuman ji take his blessing and go out. AS hanuman ji is orange ....also the color also matches the agney kon.( fire element). 

    If you are in the rented house....if possible vacate the house.., If it is your own home and cannot vacate.. then it is really tough to get perfect vasthu in a south facing house.. 

    Never sleep in North east portion of the house.. Sleep in south west corner ( esp. the earning person). If not north west with bed placing in east west direction) If sleeping in a north east place bed towards south west corner in that room( ROOM VASTHU) and head placement towards south. and legs towards north. 

    place one tumbler of pot of water always in the north east portion ..If possible. place Lord Krishna photo in north East. 

    Above all.....Chant keep chanting all the time, if possible. It will only protect you. 

    This is not to scare you but.. just vasthu is not possible much to 100% in a south facing house.


    ( I Know a bit of vasthu and feng shui becoz i have read some things about it when we were purchasing house, You must consult an expert if you want to get a detailed information,  if it is own house then u cannot avoid living in it but if it is not ur own home better to vacate it).

    Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,
    I dont know Vaastu, but I know this much that puja altar should not be in bedroom of a couple. If its the room of elderly or children, its ok. Dont vacate for guests whenever they come.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD

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