Neither Grihastha nor Brahmachari ashram

Hare Krishna !!!


I have question regarding marriage, 

Prabhupada said that one should either be in Grihastha ashram or Brahmachari ashram,  

but there is possibility that, one is may not be able to marry in life & doesn't want to join Brahmachari ashram, so in this scenario what are the Prabhupada suggestions.

In today's world there are people (Man or woman) who could not marry & living single.

So in this scenario can one continue life in unmarried condition & non Brahmachari ashram?

Hope I am not offending anyone,

Thank you for reply,

Hare Krishna!!!

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  • Hare Krishna, 


    Thank you all for your reply,

    Actually this question arises due to possibility of the following situations, 

    1. Example in India Girls to Boys ratio (National Level) is around (943:1000) i.e. 57 boys cant marry. In some states this ratio is very poor. (in case of Maharashtra it is 929 i.e. 71 boys cant marry).

    2. If person is Handicap.

    3. If person is Financially not stable.

    4. If Karma does not allow person to get married.

    Any of the situation may arise in person life. It is not that person is trying to avoid Marriage intentionally.

    So I am looking for Srila Prabhupada recommendation.

    Hare Krishna

  • Hare krsna, pamhO


    Nothing's offensive in this anybody can have doubts query's curiosity and questions. I mean this is a valid question so thanks 4 asking as now I can check wether my views on the topic are right or wrong

    Yep shrila prabhupad said, "one should choose ashram (चयन करना) wisely according 2 personal ,mental and environmental needs and desires".

    Actually at present age varnashram vyavastha is not point of interest say, importance of varnashram is not realised.

    Hence, shrila prabhupada said,"1 should get into brahmacharya or grihasth asharam".

    Coming back 2 d ques. which states that, u don't wanna be married yet like 2 stay as a grihasth and serve krsna. {No problem at all}

    Simple answer is marraige is a part of grihasth ashram not d key factor to decide suitable ashrams.

    It's not like, those who wanna marry go 4 grihasth ashram and those who can't, better be a brahmchari, sanyasi or honor vanaprasth asharam #common thinking

    grihasth ashram means to manage and maintain grihasthi (ग्रहस्थी) while serving krsna.

    and grihasthi include a spiritual relationship with ur wife and having krsna conscious children's but u wanna exclude them (idk y as serving krsna with better half is fun)

    So, prabhu ji u don't wanna be a parent then serve ur parents, as grihasthi is also comprised of parents, undoubtedly it's obvious that u do take good care of them very well. so, congrats u r in a proper grihasth ashrama.

    Though marriage is important but not necessary .

    Point 2 be noted it's not compulsory yet important as marriage have Vedic significance which goes like out of 16 sanskaar vivah marrige (परिणय संस्कार) is 1 of them. So, if u r a grihasth then u should marry but it's not must, ths is something which is completely depending upon u.

    Choosing the most suitable ashram is self decided or a decision made by guru maharaj, but when it's self decided u can jump off from one ashram 2 other at any point of ur life respectively and sincerely.

    Shrila prabhupad gave importance to brahmacharya ashram as it's and was 1st and foremost ashram in vedic age, remember lord Ramachandra along with jise brothers were taken to gurukul after they got upnayanam (जनेऊ संस्कार) they became brahmchari first, they dressed in saffron and as soon as they excelled in their studies, thier guru maharaj decided that grihasth ashram is suitable 4 all 4 brothers as they are kshatriya so they must have a kingdom 2 rule but in present age Kaliyuga ,no one is concerned except sheila prabhupad who was spiritual ambassador of the world ,now we are having gurukul hosted managed and controlled by ISKCON in order to regain our vedic culture and values.

    Btw prabhu ji m just 19 and I think If suppose marriage is not there in my near future I'll surely go 4 adopting 2 children's as having krsna conscious successors and care takers of my mom dad sis bro etcetera is feeling of higher level of satisfaction.isnt it haha

    With hope I'd made myself very clear hari bol

    And if something I missed or is not up 2 the mark then we r having many scholar vaishnavas and sr. Devotees over here

    Enjoy damodar maas

    Hare krsna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Yes, such a person can stay at home. No need to be a brahmachari. The intention is to enter grihasta ashram, then why become brahmachari? Prabhujis can marry later age also. I am aware of 65 year old looking for bride.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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