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    Pranam Prabhu. Hare Krishna, take care, bye.
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  • ....radhe krishna...
  • Wish u a very happy krishna conscious birthday.... may lord be with u always......
    Plz accept my humble obeisances..

    Hare Krishna
    Ur most unqualified Servent
  • Pranam,
    As your script your mind shattered at different time.
    Your mind will settle when recognize the pure consciousness of Krishna
    at your feet
    anish ms
  • dear prabhu, pamho agtsp! thank you for your kind msg and for remembering this fallen soul. i am so sorry that i cannot recall you... if you might kindly refresh my mem0ry, or share a picture of yourself... i pray this msg finds you in the best of health and in blissful krsna consciousness. do keep iin touch. sorry to be brief this time - busy.. yr humble servant, dina
  • its our consciouness that what we want our strong desire we become krsna consciouness
    by heari ng from realised souls when a vaishnav prays for the other soul with a sincere
    heart it helps a lot we are always bewidered as conditioned souls be atrue well wisher

    a true devootee krsna will surely help a devotee is atrue friend
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