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hare Krishna prabhujis and matajis, Im in a big problem now.. I had loved a girl since 3 yrs and we had planned to marry soon.. But now wen we saw for horroscope matching in the internet it is showing that there is "Nadi dosha" that means there is a threat to the life of either partner if we marry and it is showing that marriage is not advicable.. Im very much dissapointed. Im a hare Krishna follower since 4 yrs and im chanting 16 rounds most of the days.. Please help me with your suggestions..

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  • hare krsna


    prabhu i liked your love pastimes but now the problem horoscope is not matching solution is there approach aqualified

    astrologer coming in desecendant above all engage in bhakthi with determination attend mangal aarti chant your rounds nicely be determined make your attachment krsna just fall in love with krsnas name mangal aarti and devotees and do some seva like charity or personal service with all the senses i am also a lover boy if my wish i would have married many times but i became attached to krsna attending mangal aarti chanting even if iwant to love krsna protects me always he pulls me out krsna is very kind very mercifull we all are sufferring but krsna is all mercifull

    black magic marriage problem etc material world or no magic its not a good place do bhakthi above all you will be saved

    hare krsna krsna assures svalpham api  dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat

    • Thank you Rohit prabhuji for your words..

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      Deasr Sudkrt Hare Krsna,    Srimad Bhagavatam is the foremost of all Vedic literature please put full faith in it.

         The Bhagavatam is the spotless evidence pramanam alam and is non different from Lord Sri Krsna krsna tulya bhagavata.        It dispells the darkness of ignorance in the kali yuga. 

      Srimad Bhagavatan states.  

      The evil witches known as Däkinis, Yätudhänis and Kusmändas are the greatest enemies of children,

       and the EVIL SPIRITS like Bhütas, Pretas, Piçäcas, Yaksas, Räksasas and Vinäyakas, as well as witches like Kotarä, Revati, Jyeñöhä, Pütanä and Mätåkä, are always ready to give trouble to the body, the life air and the senses, causing loss of memory, madness and bad dreams.

       Like the most experienced evil stars, they all create great disturbances, especially for children, but one can vanquish them simply by uttering Lord Visnu's name, for when Lord Visnu's name resounds, all of them become afraid and go away.    SB  10.6.27-29

      So you must put your faith in the Name and chant all the time. 

       Don't stop until you are sure the evil spirit of the black magic is gone.     Hare Krsna

      • dear jagadatmag prabhu

        hare krsna

        my name is subhkrt auspicious activities my day begins with brahma muhurut but when it comes to demands of the body mind and speech my activites are not auspicious

        thank you for your kind concern and inspiration to read and hear and increase ones faith in the holy name

        now days iread record and hear so i am improving in reading please pray for me so that i be more fixed

        in krsna conscious you are very very fortunate you are a bramachari you are blessed and also your response is also a blessing hare krsna

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    Hare Krsna Dear devotee ,    I have seen two devotee families had a chart prepared by 2 astrlogers.  One by the girls family and one by the boys family. 

      The devotee boy and girl knew each other and knew the arangement was being made but they never had any close relationship.           The girl was only 17 years old the boy 23.

    The compatability was very high but  both astrologers did not recomend this mrriage. 

      Both said the girl will die as soon as she marries this man.  

      The families debated over wht to do.   The astrologers recomended all kinds of ritualistic karma kanda might work.   
    The young man was disappointed , he liked that devotee girl just by seeing her a few times only.

    The young girl told her parents she will not marry anyone but that boy even if she would die.
    At the same time the young man was praying to Krsna to please help him find a guru he could surrender to.

    He travelled to Vrndavan during kartik and did braj mandal parkram and prayed to all the deities of Vrndavan please give me guru.

    He asked me for advice about guru and I told him,   Ask Krsna.    

    The next day he came and told me he had a dream that one sannyasi guru had appeared and said,

     I will accept you.

    Oh this is very good .  I said.    You should put faith in this and go to that sadhu vaisnava and ask for shiksha imediately.

    He met the sadhu and talked with him but he did not mention the dream,  he wanted to get to know this sadhu and what the sadhu would ask of him.

    After some time he asked his guru about marriage.  the astrologers prediction  and their karma kanda rituals.

    The guru imediately said the karma kanda astrology and rituals are nonsense and you should not do them.

    You are a devotee whoes only aim in life should be Krsna prema

    you must put full faith in Krsna and the blessings of the vaisnavas.

    When the parents were informed of this they were happy and satisfied.

    The marriage was sanctioned by the GURU to be performed in the Holy dham before Radha and Krsna

    with the vaisnavas who will give their blessings.           Hare Krsna




    • thank you Prabhuji for your inspiring story...

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    Hare Krishna Sanjay Bailur Prabhu, please accept my sincere obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    In Astrology it says that if you know someone and have close association continuously for one year it means that you had some relationship in past life.
    Also it says that if couples associate with each other for a long time and some attachment appeared it means you have good compatibility by horoscope. For 3 years you could talk and open your hearts to each other. For 3 years you learned each other and accepted all bad qualities of each other.
    Please, please, beg You forgive me for my next words!!!!


    She was been chaste for You for 3 years.
    i do not have doubt that She has hopes, plans for future family life with You.

    i was a victim of such like a situation a few days ago. my old comrade who is new Devotee were living with a girl for 1-2 years. Now he wrote to me and requested to see their compatibility for family life. i told that i am not an astrologer, that i have only astrological program. but he was eager.
    i saw, it was 33% which is too bad for anything.
    was going to send him, but for my fortune he wrote again that they are waiting for a child.
    So Krishna helped me. i told him that your horoscope was very nice, no words, just try to work hard on your spiritual life both of you.

    Because of this in Vaishnava etiquette it says that we should avoid close, (in secluded place) association with the opposite sex. attachment will be there, no doubt. and if you do not marry one of you who loves more or both of you will suffer too much. which is very bad for Spiritual life, and other things like health, mental health...
    Because of that in some ISKCON congregations there are special marriage boards. those who have plan to marry go and check their horoscope FIRST.
    then they announce engagement for minimum 6 months and learn each other. but again through Senior Devotees. otherwise it is very risky for Spiritual Life.
    There so many thing to say, tongue does not want to stop...
    If You are Devotee of Krishna, and You chant His Holy Names, He promises in Bhagavad Gita that He will protect You. Leave any religions and ideas and surrender to His mercy!!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! good luck in Your marriage life!!!
    • Hare Krishna mataji, i seriously donot want to leave her at any cost.. i wish to lead a Krishna conscious life with her and have Krishna conscious children. But because of this compatibility mismatch she is also worried. cos we did face some problem in the past 3 yrs like i was kind of mentally i ll for 6 months last yr and i couldn take proper care of her.. But then things changed and i became perfectly normal and was back in form.. I wish to get some solution for this horroscope mismatch problem so that we wont face any serious problems in future cos of that.. In the mean time i ll chant Narasimha kavacha and increase my faith in Krishna a thousand folds more.. Please guide me mataji if you know some solution.. I will be very grateful to you..

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        something misunderstanding. Prabhu, You wrote ---cos we did face some problem in the past 3 yrs like i was kind of mentally i ll for 6 months last yr and i couldn take proper care of her..---

        something misunderstanding. Prabhu, You wrote ---cos we did face some problem in the past 3 yrs like i was kind of mentally i ll for 6 months last yr and i couldn take proper care of her..---

          i think She worries about Her future children's health, and horoscope is just a method of saying it to You.

        Anyways. it is very difficult to say something, until we do get Her opinion also.

        i think She worries about Her future childre

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        Hare Krishna Sanjay Bailur Prabhu,Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        Here HG Jagadatma Prabhu, told that Astrology does not play role in life at all, or in the life of a Devotee. i do trust Him because one has now Krishna karma. One is in the hand of Krishna directly not the Maya Devi. But there is another option also. When we start to chant the Holy Names and attain the stage of Nishtha - very strong Faith to the Holy Names, then only it says that 70% of our karma will be washed away.

        but till that stage Krishna will use our karma not to punish us but to give us lesson, to teach us, to make us strong. It is as like ventilator switched off from the electricity. It will move, work, but it will stop soon.

        Because we follow main 4 regulative principles (we do not do big sins anymore) and chant the Holy Names (which washed out all our sins done before). Time! and someday it will finish.

        There are difficulties!!! Everywhere in this Material World. And difficulties are given to us in that capacity that we can tolerate, not more or not less.

        Also what does is it mean horoscope? We have different horoscopes. It means that we have different qualities. We have done different deeds in our previous lives, accordingly got some type of eyes, legs, color...

        If You have some kind of inclination towards to some kind of personality it means that by horoscope your compatibility is good. There are people whom we even do not want to see or talk it means we do not have good compatibility.

        And karma means debts that we have to give and debts which we have to get.

        And if by destination You were together for 3 years it means You have to serve that person and She has to serve You. Marriage life means to serve...and together to serve to the society.

        Our nature is to give, to serve. as like sugar's nature is to be sweet, fire's to be hot. if we do not serve, we become unhappy. As like a Cow. She suffers when we do not get Her milk. (it was mentioned before).

        In my opinion if both of You loved each other, there should not be worry about horoscope.

        Love is not cheap thing. We can not culminate it for some 3-4 years. And there is a process of achieving love. Since these days in Arian families girl and boy did not even talk before marriage and in family life lived till the end or their lives.

        How is that?

        In Srimad Bhagavatam, there is a part: "Perfect family life" or similar subject.

        Srila Prabhupada says that wife starts to love husband when he gives her material care (saris, jewelry, physical, many), and husband starts to love wife when she serves him (doing house work, many of them)

        PLEASE, sorry for such long thing! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Devotees!

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