Why life is so restricted in KC ?

Hare Krishna devotees,



Why life is full of restrictions in Krishna consiousness? does vegetables like onion and garlic

effect our bhakti, Why we consider ourself different from society? I guess most of the devotees

are feeling the same, It is said that  we have freewill and on the otherhand actually dont have it,

for eveything we have to think and do, It is like we are living  to  just pass this life.To understand

many concepts in KC either the person should be more intelligent or completely ignorant, Please

help me before i go into frustation.


thank yuou

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    • Hare Krishna, 

      Hope you in good health. :) I just wanted to say something over eating of onions & garlic. As you have mentioned consuming onions & garlic urges you to do illicit sex... I have been eating onions & garlic since I have born(as my family also eats) and after being into Krishna Consciousness I am still consuming - but i have never encountered this urge of doing illicit sex with opposite person. Honestly, in fact each day my bhakti towards lords of lord Krishna increases... I mean i am just getting confused why it that everybody mention's about onions n garlic urges you to do illicit sex. Sure, though its proven, I aint against it. But, I believe its all about the art of controlling your mind and heart simultaneously. Its just about how dedicated and committed are you towards your Krishna. I Just thought to share my opinions over it.. No hard feelings... :) Krishna is the best!!! Shree Krishna Kanhaiya Lal ki Jay,....!! :) 

      • hare krsna 


        no problem you have afree will you can decide what is best to you

        but we have to accept sadhu guru and sastrha

        different types of food are mentioned mode of goodnes passion and ignorance

        if we want to elevate to mode of goodnes then we have to control the senses

        after all kandha lashun is bhauth mhenghaa

        krsna conscious is freely available

        so take nice advice

        tea or me prabhupadh left his home 

        take to the instructions of lord sri chaitanya mahprabhu think with all your intelligience

        and miracles will happen our intelligience will develop

        hari bol

  • Hare Krsna!

    You ask some very important questions and I can understand your frustration. It is important to know why we are doing something, because only then can we decide to do it through our free-will. I will address your food questio.n The food that we eat has a profound effect on how our bodies and minds work. Foods can be classified in the folowing modes. Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas

     Sattva is that which makes us curious, thoughtful, and alert. Therefore sattvic foods help us embody these qualities. There seems to be no down-side to having too much sattva in our system!

    Sattvic foods include fresh vegetables and fruits, freshly cooked grains and beans, fresh-made yogurt, and nuts, seeds and natural cold-pressed oils.

    Rajas makes us active, giving us the desire to work, push, and manifest. In this way, rajasic foods are invigorating and mentally stimulating. An excess of rajas can make a person too competitive, both inwardly and towards others.

    Tamas gives us the desire to stop, slow down, and rest. A diet with excess tamasic foods turn us into a couch potato at best, and increase inner darkness, confusion and depression at worst.

    Tamasic foods include fast food, fried foods, frozen foods, microwaved foods, process foods, condiments, leftovers, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, onions, mushrooms, margarine, meat, fish and poultry, and anything old, spoiled or rancid.

    Beyond these very practical reasons are of course the spritual one. We, being Krsna conscience offer ever bit of food we eat to Krshna and so we offer only those foods which are pleasing to him. Since Krshna, as the supreme personality of Godhead, is supreme, we offer only those foods which are spritually supreme.. that is those foods that put the mind and body in the clearest best position to realieze God.


    I hope this helps :)

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