• hare krsna

    ja-annath svami nayan path -hami bhav tumhi

    let the lord of universe be the object of my vision

    its only possible by the lords and devotees mercy

    appreciate your kind words and encoura-ement  on the path of krsna conscious  hare krsna

  • Firstly, Lets go into a little deeper, the problem here is not the money but the luxuries and name & fame associated with it.

    Both prove fatal in the path of spiritual progress.

    Secondly ,The problem which ur facing is not due to the wordly people and neither due to ur attachment with them it is 'ur  own attachment with the  scopes of wealth'.This is the main reason for which u are finding urself amidst the worldy men and not Krsnas,Dhruv,prahalad,sudama and the devotees.

    The path is long....tooo long.Many obstacles waiting for us to be overcome. So atleast dont let  urself be affected by such a silly reason.Plz dont misunderstand me, the reply is just my concern 4 u...

    • hare krsna

      pahmo  thank you for your reply s a conditioned i made a mistake the discussion i commented was not vijnan

      not realised knowled-e i am in maya thankou for your enlivenin- reply

      when krsna spoke to arjuna was not observin- he acted accordin to krsnas instructioin  [i   am struulin to become krsna conscious]

      in day where is money where is money and at ni-ht little sex  little happiness actually no hapiness

      he is workin whole day at ni-ht sleep or sex  wastin  the valuable human form of life

  • Hare Krishna!!!

    Jai gurudev!!! Jai prabhupada!!!

    Its explained happiness can be drive three ways One is Bliss, second is Peace, Third is Happy …bliss comes from Soul, peace comes from Mind, Happy comes from body..

    Happiness comes when we eat good meal or when we dress very nicely or when we purchased any new house or new car or if somebody say ur looking beautiful or when we get the salary from the company we will be happy for some moment once the food is digested no more happiness when the dress is washed its look like old we don’t feel happy in second time we don’t feel very happy to drive a car after some days we don’t feel good its boring or hankering for next model car, the same person tells next day ur not looking beauty today that day full of sorrow and happiness regards to money keep reduce as soon its comes to the end of the month in this way happiness depend on so many material temporary factors.. Permanent happiness can not be derived from temporary things we have to seek from permanent sources...

    Peace comes from mind when we are too much tense or problem or if we want to catch bus or train our mind goes her and there.. when some elderly people comes and tells don’t worry my dear child everything will be all right we will help u than we feel some peace within our mind or if the problem solved than we will be peace or if we catch the flight or train we will be peace mentally for some time once u catch the train or problem solved what we will do again there will be some other problem or we will think about other things in this way our peace works goes and comes..

    Bliss comes from soul when we linked with supreme source engaging in devotional service chanting hare krishna mahamantra , hearing krishna’s past time, reading bhagavat gita or bhagavatam, associating with devotees and  attending temple programs bliss raises because we are linked with who is having always in bliss if u see pure devotee never sad they always think about Krishna they always bliss…if u always think about money and work 24 hrs u will tied.. materially if u work 24 hrs u will tied if u engage for Krishna 24 hrs u will recharge… srilaprabhupada explains why people are taking one day or two day rest from the work because they want to forget the work and enjoy we can understand from this there is no enjoyment in the work making money …that’s why people go out and enjoy but we cont see people who are engaged in devotional activates are taking leave on Saturday or Sunday..

    Ultimately if we ask any people in the world they will say making money for enjoy the life become happy if we go and ask richest man in the world sir really did u happy 24 x 7? They will say I am worst than a beggar because beggar will sleep in the night peacefully at least very nicely this world richest man even cont sleep in the night peacefully so many problem what to do how to protect the money, name and fame in this way they will forget to enjoy the life srimad bhagavatam explain this is Sramaevaki Kevalam (Useless labour) srila prabhupada explain we need 4 chapatti, 6 feet to sleep, Two dress and one Japa mala to become happy  but people don’t know how to happy ..Lieu of happy they fighting each other for after all 4 chapatti this uncivilized humanity only bhagavatam is the solution to become bliss and go back to godhead abode of sri krishna…Sankaracharya explained chant the name of Govinda Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam nothing will come and save u at the end of ur life chant the name of Govinda when we are youth, beauty, having name fame and money every body will come to you once u become old when u cont able to walk they will put in one corner even they wont give u food they event don’t talk to u so please chant the name of govinda when u can able to walk when ur having strength …Alxender told his servant when I left the body please burry my body keeping my two hand visible out side his servant asked why ur telling like this than he explained I want to show the world when we are leaving the body we not going to take anything we are leaving with empty hand …..srila prabhupada is laid the foundation for entire world to live happy and under the shelter of sri krishna  if we just follow his instruction of prabhupada chanting hare krishna mahamantra its guaranteed we surely become happy and finally we will reach Krishna’s lotus feet.. Thanks for asking nice question and giving chance to serve u…Jai prabhupada.

    Hare krishna.

    Your Servant

    Rasika Govinda Das

    • once devotees were mentionin of book distribution score

      and prabhupad commented where is the money where is rhe money

      thank you for your reply


      • hare krsna aditya prabhu

        i was thinkin- of your wonderfull reply

        everyone likes to hear there own name sound etc

        as far myself i am asara[useless] or you can call me asura[demon]

        i just try to repeat the words of a realised soul which i hear from desire tree audio

        any thin- connected to krsna brin-s peace happiness and bliss zero zero is zero add  one it becomes 100

        1000 and millions add krsna  everythin= becomes wonderfull

        you have a very wonderfull picture may your mind be always be fixed at krsnas lotus feet

        thank you for the reply hare krsna



  • Jai Shri Krishna...


    Please read from the link that I provide, you'll be astonished and you'll be encouraged it will put a new perspective on life.


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