• Hare Krishna everybody,

              I happened to be atheist. Whenever my relatives were affected by black magic I used to say to them it is an illusion and never used to believe them. 

            Once I got affected my black magic. I felt there is always something tied to my neck but nothing is visible. But there is always something tied to my neck. Somebody was touching me in my back and calling me. But when I turned back nobody is there. I was in control of two persons. One my actual soul (now I know from Gita) and the other the evil power. And so on - number of such horrific and frightening experiences. I explained my experiences to others - now everybody said it is an illusion and never believed me. 

          My father took me to magician. He asked us to buy two live chickens. He came to my home around night 12 o clock and performed pujas to Goddess durga. After performing the puja he asked me to hold the chicken in my hand. He said few mantras and blood rushed out of the chicken's mouth, as if water is rushing out of a pipe and the chicken got killed. He never used a knife to kill the chicken. The chicken got killed by saying hyms and mantras. I was stunned and surprised - what is happening. A chicken getting killed by some saying some words in Sanskrit and never using a weapon or knife. Then He took me to a graveyard around night 12 o clock and killed the second chicken in the same manner. I felt somebody left me. On the way back I inquired. He replied those mantras are to transfer the evil power to the chicken. He said if the evil power is very powerful then I have to transfer it on a goat in the same manner. 

    The above things happened in year 2000 and I realized there is something very extra ordinary which I must find. Number of questions started appearing in my mind and I started searching for answers. All my questions were finally answered in Iskcon . This is how I came towards iskcon. A very very severe and strong atheist coming towards god because of black magic. 

    I have written only a short summary. My entire black magic experience and myself coming to iskcon will run into pages and number of things which happened to me  are unbelievable in the science and technology world. 



  • dear devotee,

    Always remember this slokas

    SB 6.8.27-28May the glorification of the transcendental name, form, qualities and paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect us from the influence of bad planets, meteors, envious human beings, serpents, scorpions, and animals like tigers and wolves. May it protect us from ghosts and the material elements like earth, water, fire and air, and may it also protect us from lightning and our past sins. We are always afraid of these hindrances to our auspicious life. Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra.
    Sb 7.10.29
    My dear Lord, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are the Supreme Soul. If one meditates upon Your transcendental body, You naturally protect him from all sources of fear, even the imminent danger of death.

    Jai Narasimha!
    This is from the holy srimad bhagavatam,recited by Sukadeva goswami, its a portion of the Narayana kavacha  and the other sloka is also the holy bhagavatam a prayer to Lord Narasimha by lord Brahma.
    the lord is assuring us protection in this slokas from all  fears and dangers, just keep chanting the holy name constantly and read this Slokas with firm faith. the bhagavatam is the highest truth. the holy name is equal to the lord who he highest shelter. you will gradually become fearless, Abhayam. no matter what happens, do not stop chanting you daily rounds and trusting in the lord. just like he protected prahlada, gajendra and others, the most mercyfull lord Hari always protect the devotees that are constantly in union with him by chanting and remembering him in krishna conciousness
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  • dandavat pranam prabhu

    hare krsna pahmo

    perfect reply prabhu

    i will read it repeatedly and try to apply

    previously i had read now onwards i will try to be more seroius

    hare klrsna

  • Black magic is opposite of white magic.  White magic is for good, black is for cheating.  Strong sadhana is necessary.  Be engaged always in Krishna consciousness and try not to have other desires.  When we want to be cheated, then there are always cheaters there.  Best thing is not to worry.  If you believe Krishna will protect you, then what is the problem?  A little advancement in bhakti gives relief from the greatest danger, having to lose the human form in next life.  Just by tasting prasad, one is guaranteed human body in next life.  Hari Hari Bol!!!



    • Besides, I am not this body.  The bodily identity is meant for serving others and the soul is meant for service to Radha Krishna.  If we take everything as Krishna's mercy, and always keep in association of devotees, then we will always be happy.  Hare Krishna!


      • Respected Prabhuji, dandavat pranam, AGTSP,

        whatever you have mentioned is very very true.

        your servant

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    Dear devotee Hare Krsna you need not fear any such black magic because by chanting the Holy Names of Krsna even in namabasa the effects of these ghosts and rakshasas connot harm you.   We need only to follow the guru and avoid the 10 qffences and we will  have no fear.

    Haridäsa Thäkura said that as the sun begins to rise, it dissipates the darkness of night, even before the sunshine is visible.
    Before the sunrise even takes place, the light of dawn destroys the fear of the dangers of the night, such as disturbances by thieves, ghosts and Räkshasas, and when the sunshine actually appears, one engages in his duties.
    Similarly, even before one's chanting of the holy name is pure, one is freed from all sinful reactions, and when he chants purely he becomes a lover of Krsna.       from Caitanya-caritämåta (Antya 3.177-188)

    The devotee has complete faith in the chanting of the Holy Names and gives up namaparadha.    He never takes shelter of some other lesser process like karma kandiya.   That would be an offence against the Holy Name.

    • hare krsna


      dear prabhu

      faith in the holy name is the perfect answer but due to my karma and consciousnees my attempts to be krsna conscious is not firm i easily get bewildered when i was in 9 std my mother used to take me along to tantrik astrolger hakim devi pooja and so on they usedto tell my father was victim of blak magic and it was a fact

      even we came across a astrologer who revealed all that had happened and the cause of my dad death

      my mother used to inspire me to be  more god conscious later on after few yrs i joined hare krsna and went on tskp 13 yrs latewr  entered  housse hold life its very hard to maintain oneself after many yrs being in the movement recently i came across an astrioger who revealed every thingh happened 27 yrs back and he also said the black magic was meant to destroy the whole family and the effects is still there but i came to hare krsna so i dont stay at one place i keep travellin and now i dont have a fix income 

      shower your mercy prabhu devotees are more kind  hare krsna

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu !!
        Dandavat Pranam...
        i can understand ur situation when u hav to live your day to day life with a feeling dat ur life is influenced by d black magic. It can b too painfull at times. However the gift of Krishan Bhakti dat we hav got is most precious gift. On the other hand the problems created by black magic power in our life are all material problems and are problems related to our body. And as u know that we are not body and we are soul. No black magic can actually cause any harm to the soul. The soul is already trapped in maya and in the cycle of unending birth-death. These are our actual  problems as a soul, not black magic. We hav to face the influence of black magic As per our Karma. However we always think that we are the most suffering living being in this world and no one has the problems severe than ours and we forget the fact that everyone has some or the other sufferings in their lives. One may hav health problem, one may have money problem, one may b getting harrassed by his/her family members or one may be suffering from black magic. Just the nature of suffering is differnt but every one has to undergo some or the other sufferings in their lives. Therefore in Bhagvadgita Lord Krishna regards this world as "Dukkhalayam ashashwatam".
        So being honest to you my prabhu, as per my lil knowledge we have no option other than to suffer the reactions of our Karma. The only way out is KRISHNA. Because he promises in Gita that he would free us from the reactions of all our sinfull activities (Aham twam Sarva Papebhyo Moksha Ishyami).
        However a devotee never prays lord to free him from the reactions of his sinfull activities. Rather he always pleads lord for d devotional service of his lotus feet and asks nothing for himself no matter how bad his material situation is.
        This is called as Sharanagati. Here devotee happily continues his devotional services to the lord even in a very miserable material conditions. We can see these examples in the lives of great sents and our acharyas.
        Shrila Prabhupada before taking sanyasa was deprived of all his wealth. His wife was not supporting him in his mission. He had nothing happing in his favour. However even in this situation Shrila Prabhupada was laughing. He recollected that verse from Bhagvatam where lord says that if someone becomes dear to him he deprives dat devotee of all his wealth and relatives. In this way lord will help dat devotee to be completely surrendered onto him.
        So what i believe in is, we hav to suffer the reactions of our Karmas no matter what may come. Then if we get any sufferings in our life we should accept it as the mercy of lord because that suffering would help us to understand that this world is actually "Dukkhalayam ashashwatam" and that would help us to de-attach from this material world !! There for we see Kunti Maharani Prays to lord dat lord shall give her all d sufferings in her whole life !!
        So if we understand this science then even if we get d reactions of our bad Karma we can also turn them to help us fix our mind in devotional service and if we happilly keep rendering our devotional services in all the situations then we would definately be dear to Guru and Gauranga and we would achieve the ultimate success of our lives.
        Krishna would give us however much money we need to live our life and if he gives us less than our requirement then we should understand that Krishna knows what is good for me and what is bad for me. So whatever m getting is good for my devotional life and thats why Krishna is giving me that much only. More than that may b dangerous for my devotional life.
        This attitude would free us from worries and we can concentrate on our devotional life in any situation in our life.
        Yes, we must take efforts to earn money and all. However if our efforts are not successfull we must not get hurt and should happily accept the will of Krishna as he is our well wisher and he knows what is good for us.
        Its very easy to say whatever i hav mentioned however it is not so easy to practise. I have written it so dat at least I myself should try to follow it..
        Please prabhu .. bless me dat I shall follow every word of what i have mentioned here.

        Thank You
        Your servant

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