• This is good stuff--a mood of real surrender.  If we had not heard of Krishna, and calamities befall us, then we would really lament.  But we have heard about Krishna, so now we are seeing opportunity for more surrender and more service.  Srila Prabhupada has saved us.  Hari Bol!!!


          Lord Chaitanya is patita pavana, so if we struggle to understand Mahaprabhus mercy, then we can see light on the bhakti path.  What does it help us to be miserly? 

          • hare krsna


            the mercy of lord and his devotees is required in spiritual life

            vaninatha prabhu you are blessed by srila prabhupadha a mahabhagvath

            please pray for this fallen jiv and bless me to progress in bhakti

            hare krsna


            • I don't think I have any mercy.  Even though I am the oldest devotee here at Bhaktivana farm project in Kansas, both in age and years since initiation, I still consider myself stupid and ignorant.  This is because I was not keeping good association for 27 years.  It has been 41 years since I started keeping association with Prabhupada's disciples, so that means I was only in the temple for 14 years now.  I must have been like the king who retired prematurely and took birth as a deer.  I never forgot my temple experiences and was always trying to keep up my sadhana.  Whatever mercy I might have, it is already there for everybody.  That mercy is the process of bhakti.  Whatever you do, do it for Krishna and guru.  Otherwise it is just decoration on a dead body.  Work is a cause of bondage, but work in devotion is a cause of liberation.  You may do your material duties perfectly, but in the end there is nothing.  Both good karma and bad karma are just like weights around the neck as we try to swim across the ocean of neiscience.

              • So how I am supposed to offer you my mercy?  You are the one who took birth in India, the land of tapasya.  I should be asking for your mercy.

                 We are supposed to spend 1/4 of our time maintaining the body and soul together in a healthy condition so we can perform our service.  The remaining 3/4 of our time is to be spent in searching after knowledge of the absolute truth.

                • Dear Subha Krt dasa.  You already have so much mercy because you have a devotional occupation and you are close to the temple where you have nice association.  I am just trying to remember Krishna and Prabhupada because otherwise I cannot maintain my life air in this body.  So how I should give you my mercy.  I need yours. 

        • hare krsna


          jai ho prabhu

          your reply is like nectar of ocean because you are repeating the words as it is

          thankyou for takin g the time i am trying my best ultimately krsna is the controler he knows

          am i really qualified pray for me so i can progress in my journey of krsna conscious

          thank you prabhu hare krsna

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