I have in my possession a 10 Acre Land in the city of Santa Barbara, California that Lord wants me to use in His service.

Any other thieves out there, like my self come to a realization, that Lord Krishna is the real owner of all that we possess and wanting to be a part of Sankirtana movement please let me know.

Isavasyam Idam Sarvan Yatkincha Jagatyam jagat...



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  • Volunteer
    Sounds like a great idea. Anything unique and catchy is great for marketing.
  • Volunteer

    Thank you Kusha Das Prabhu,

    Performing Nagara Sankirtana everyday is the easiest way to distribute books.

    Plus, the most appropriate people will receive the books, because they have

    already experienced Krishna as Krishna's Nama Rupa.

    Distributing Krsna books will give them the passtimes of Krishna, which is Krishna Himself.

  • pahmo

    all -lories to tyour wonderfull service

    kaya manasa vacha

    param vijayate sri krsna sankirtan manasa deho jhe kuch morae arpilu tuwa padhe nand kishore

    hari hari bol

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna and Thank you.

      My intention of service is there. However Lord does not give opportunity to serve Him unless we do it with no expectation, and only devotion.

      I dotnt want it to be another typical Hindu temple.

      Only purpose of the temple will be Nagara Sankirtana. Whereby attracting devotees as prescribed by Srila Haridas Thakore in Harinama Chintamani.

      Also plans to produce milk and use it to make Ice cream and distribute as offering using Icecream trucks vending icecream singing Hare Krishna instead of crazy music used by icecream trucks here.

      Or perhaps sell icecream shouting out Govinda, Gopala, Krishna... like the milkmaids of Vrindavan.


      • [pahmo hare krsna7733447820 intresred contact nu
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