Is Chanting Mala necessary!!!!?????

Hare Krishna to All.....


Recently I got a question from my friend.

He is a devotee of Lord Krishna.He doesn't chant explicitly, But says that he is chanting inside his mind and won't count 


He won't use any mala to chant. Just he thinks of Lord at every moment.


Is his method is correct????


Please any one can explain ...

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  • Volunteer

    Rasika Govinda Das Prabhu, Japa is given way too much importance in ISKCon compared to Sankirtana.

    I listen to a lot of lectures of Prabhupada, when Prabhupada says " Chant Hare Krishna " invariably everytime, the devotees start singing Bhajan of Krishna's Names.

    Chant Hare Krishna does not mean Japa at all.

    Japa is just an agreement with your innitated guru that you will do so many rounds everyday, as your commitment to his accepting you as a desciple. The guru takes our partial karma and he wants to see some commitment from us so he is not taking on bad karma in vain. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Our primary activity must be Loud congregational chanting of the Holy Names, for which no japa mala is required.

    Please forgive me if I offended you or anyone here.

    Hare Krishna

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    It we try to understand the 1st instruction of Mahaprabhu,

    Anadambhuti Vardanam Pratipadam Purna-Amruta Aswadanam

    Sankirtana is the ONLY way to experience complete bliss(Ananda)/Ambrosia (purna amruta not partial taste of ambrosia) every step of the way.

    Again for His pleasure, because when we are performing Sankirtana, we are already back to Godhead.


  • hare krsna


    ii one of prabhupadhas lecture

    a person was sayin that he chants in mind

    prabhupadha replied then one can eat also by mind

    durin initiation ceremony every devotee is handed beads and aspiritual name

    one should not imitate one should follow inthefootsteps of elevated devotees

                                                                     hare krsna

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      Well said Subhkrtdas Prabhu.
      • hari bol


        thankyou prabhu for inspirin

                      hare krsna

  • Volunteer

    "Also one doesnt become tired. The energy just seem to go on increasing."

    Proof that Lord is with you.

    Sankirtana is the Method and Instuction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Japa is the method for Satya Yuga.

    Krite Dhayato Vishnum (Japa/Tapas in Stya Yuga)

    Tretayam Yajato Makai (Yajna in Treta)

    Dwaparam Paricharyayam (Temple worship in Dwapara)

    Kalau Tad Hari Kirtanat. (Sankirtana in Kali Yuga)

    Param Vijayate SriKrishna Sankirtanam

  • I think there are at least two ways to invoke / awaken God
    One is to love God to extent as you love a human and another is concentrated and chant mantra at fixed time with fixed count in fixed style/way. The vibration generated through mantra chanted in a continuous interval starts generating positive energy and hence invoke the deity there.
    One more thing that I have read is the
    first stage of GOD is concentration on God/ deity specific
    Second stage in continuous sound of mantra that creates vibration in air and environment
    There may be few stages in between
    The last stage would be the formation of idol out of the energy from vibrations.
    As we all know any matter that moves with speed of light converts into energy. So it can be related in the way like God is every where and has attained speed of light. The chanting of mantra under set of rules
    May generate such vibration that would halt the speed of matter / substance / mass of God. And in this way some people get Darshan of God.
    This is complete my imagination.
    • Volunteer
      Experience of Krishna is very simple. If you read and follow the 1st instruction of Mahaprabhu, start performing Sankirtana in public, Krishna will communicate with you even in the most mundane matters.
      • Volunteer
        Ps. Thats been my experience. If someone can support it or oppose it with scriptures, or Acharya's own words will be really great.

    Hare Krishna Prabhujis & Matajis

    It is the habit of people to find excuses for not doing something.

    People don’t like it generally when they are required to or asked to do something. They try to find excuses to avoid something that will discipline them. It may be the effect of Maya, when some one tries to do some thing good at the instruction or suggestion of one person, 10 people try to make him deviate from that good thing.

    The person does not want to chant on beads so he finds excuses that Hanuman ji does not chant on beads. But as prabhu has said, you are not Hanuman. A person in today’s world is not even qualified to be the dust on the feet of Hanuman Ji. Where is the comparison?

    Basically the human being wants freedom. The more he gets of it the more he wants (like everything else material). For spiritual advancement a person has to be devotee and has to adhere to certain rules. But if a person does this his freedom is limited and his material enjoyment is curtailed to certain extent. That’s why people don’t like to chant on beads. A person can do the required number of rounds on a mala and then he can keep on chanting without the mala the whole day long.

    While chanting, the devotee has to try to keep all attention on the chanting. (The Name of Krishna is Equal to Krishna). Moreover as Arjuna said it is not easy to control the mind. The problem when chanting without the beads is that we do not know how much we have chanted. May be you have done a 100 rounds or may be you have not done even one. It is difficult to concentrate on the Japa as it is without doing anything else, so how is it possible to concentrate on the name of the Lord while doing something else. I have personally find that if I have a mala in my hand I can concentrate better on the chanting. The people who like chanting without the mala should try and chant with the mala and see.  I am sure that they will find it to be better than chanting without the mala.

    As for advantages of chanting on a mala - you can just search on the internet or ask a senior devotee.

    I have written the above matter in between doing my work. So if there are any mistakes please forgive me.

    Hare Krishna

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