attachment to krsna

hare krsna


how to increase ones attachment to krsna in order to advance in krsna conscious

                                                    hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare

                                                      hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

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  • Hare Krishna, dear Subhkrtdas Prabhu.

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-Maharaja.

    Manoj Bhika prabhu, Shravan prabhu and Gaur-Gadadhar Prabhu gave you a very nice reply. This devotees are offering their time and knowledge to make sure that other devotees can make steady advancement in Krishna consciousnes. I wish I could be like them. They are just living for the wellfare of other people, for example, a very stupid fallen dog like me. May these devotees bless us forever with Krishna-bhakti. May they also be blessed with Krishna-bhakti. This is one of the ways how we can increase our advancement in Krishna-consciousnes.

    The biggest problem devotees has in order to advance in Krishna conscious is Vaisnava-aparatha. If we offend an vaisnava, knowingly or unknowingly, it will block our advancement in Krishna-conscious. Then you have Dhama-aparatha,Templeroom-aparatha, Templekitchen-aparatha, Deity-aparatha, etc. All this aparatha's together can block your advancement in Krishna-consciousness seriously.

    So, my dear Subhkrtdas Prabhu, watch your bhakti-lata very carefully, in order not to commit any aparatha. If you can manage not to commit any of these aparatha, which is very difficult, you will grow steadily in Krishna consciousnes.

    So, dear Subhkrtdas prabhu, I hope that my reply can help you a lot, otherwise some other devotee can help.

    With this comment I hope very humbly that I did not offend any devotee at all. Still, if any of you nice devotees feeled offended, I am begging you to forgive me. I was just trying to help. If you don't want to forgive me, you have the full right to curse me. Don't worry, I will understand it.

    Thank you so much.

    Jaya Radha Radha.

    • hare krsna


      your words are pleasin_ because it is related with krsna and his devotees welfare 

      lord chaitanya mahprabhu  mahvandhyaya who is patitpavan deliver of fallen appeared to deliver us

      your  kind words helps me remindin to be more conscious on the path of spititual life

      devotees are the real well wisher

      hare krsna

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    HareKrishna, Subhkrita Prabhji

    You may find below link helpful to increase your devotion to our Lord Sri Krishna.

     Read more : Spiritual Quest
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Do daily at least 16 rounds of Maha Mantra on Tulasi  Japa beads and follow the 4 regulative principals.  Live a vaishnav way of life.


    • hare krsna


      nice reply prabhu

      in order to advance in krsna conscious one needs the mercy of a devotee and the lord so please

      bless me so ican easily overcome the obstacles on the path of devotional service the pictures you post are wonderfull it enhances my krsna conscious

        thank you prabhu hare krsna

      • Jai SHri Krishna..


        It's your blessing I seek,  thank you for asking such question because although you know the answer your purpose is in reminding others like myself.


      • Volunteer

        That was beautiful by Manoj Prabhu.

        Assuming you are already doing this,

        knowing that you have been on the Sankirtan Bus for 7 years.

        Performing Sankirtana everyday and avoiding the 10 offenses.

        Attachment to Krishna means doing what is pleasing to Krishna.

        Dettachment to Krishna means not doing what is pleasing to Krishna (doing what is pleasing to the wife)

        Overworking in life to serve Krishna brings attachment to Krishna

        Overworking to serve onself/wife for material things brings detachment to Krishna.

        If you are attached to Krishna, who is the "1" and you attract other things like wealth, fame and forutune, which are zeros, then you get a value of 1000.... (1 followed by zeros)

        Without attachment to Krishna no matter how many zeros you get (wealth, fame forutune, great family, friends...), its is worth only zero. 0 followed by many zeros is 00000 is still zero.

        Hope I am making sense.


        • hare krsna


          its my fellin krsna is speakin throu-h you in kaiyu-h if one maintains afamily  heis daksha

          krsna conscious is a pure process unless one become a pure devotee

          those who have concluded they will be happy in famiy life its like chewin the chewed a father works very hard and wants his son to do the same

          so i consider myself to be mudha except krsna conscious one cannot stop the chewin- the chewed

          by remindin me let my  absorption in krsna conscious increase more and more and cleanse my heart

          ceto darpanha marjanha

          hare krsna

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