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  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    Read a lot of discussions and experienced ur mercy.

    How can you be such a wonderful devotee?

    Please help me too to develop little love for Krishna.

    Can you pls let me know what all to cook for Nityanand Prabhu tomorrow?

    Your Humble Servant


  • hare krsna


    prabhupadhas said this books are like time bomb    people in san-ammer had the  -opportunity to have this books durin - leadin- -aur nitai bus pary 1993- 2000

    i ha d this oppotunity hare krsna transcendental book distribution ki jai

  • hare krsna


    all_lories to your wonderful service

    krsna consciousnees is so nice and so are his devotees

    mataji are you familiar with ayurvedic

    tskp san_ammer people are very favorable for book distribution

    we used to distribute lot of books there

    hare krsna


  • hare krishna mataji
    how r u
  • hare krishna mataji answer to the question under main page u have linked HH RNS maharaja answer but it cant be access everybody so please do needful..hare krishna Rasika Govinda Das
  • Hare krishna Mataji. Before some days you informed me that sangamner is your father's birth place.before one month Hg.swayambhagawan prabhu started New bace construction about (4500  sq.ft).total expenditure is about (15 lacks).we need your help.If possible from your network. Please help.
  • hare bol matha jee

    how r u? hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna  hare hare / hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare //

  • jaya sri krishna chaitanya prabhu nityanandana sri adhaitagadadhar sri va sadhi gaurbhaktabrind. hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare / hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare //

  • hare bol


  • Thanks dipti Mt. Actually i got married year ago and recently celebrated my 1st anniversary. Well howz prabhuji doin? u look sweet in your profile pic....


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