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    Yes, it's true, even while still in the womb, the child can hear the chanting of the Holy Name. It's so very fortunate. To have devotee parents is such a rare and wonderful thing. To make a devotee is the greatest benediction.






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    Perform Sankirtana. A chance like that, A spirit soul only gets one in 8 million births.

    Only a mother can give her child such an opportunity, even before the baby is born.

    Because we never know,

    how the baby turns out in the future, weather he/she will be a devotee or not.

    Because of the Mother, child within the womb will also get an once in an 8 million lifetime opportunity.

    This is the best way to get a child started in following the instructions of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Vijayate SriKrishna Sankirtanam



    Hare Krishna Mtji,

    Dandavat Pranaam,AGTSP


    Plz follow this link. Should be very useful to you.

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    • I believe all devotees are not able to access this link. Thank you Rasik Govind Prji for pointing this out.

      The link is basically a similar thread on pregnancy.I am posting answers by Ananga Sakhi Mtji.

      Hare Krishna Suhas, 


      Krishna has wonderfully provided us with all aspects of care during pregnancy. Depending on your sister's spiritual practices, there are a series of ceremony's known as samskaras which are to be performed at the time of conception and then throughout the pregnancy. There is one performed prior to start of 3rd month, one in 4th month and one just prior to due date. The samskaras have a direct physical affect on the mother and the child. I can provide a lot more detailed information on these topics if you are interested. 


      Aside from this the Ayurvedic texts explain that the child begins to learn in the womb and even modern day physicians agree that hearing complex music like classical compositions help to develop the foetal brain. In this same regard hearing Vedic Mantras are very good as they are also composed of intricate sounds and have a deeply spiritual affect. We must also remember according to Srimad Bhagavatam that the child's only known language in the womb is sanskrit so the child can understand these hymns. Sama Veda hymns are beautiful to hear and are chanted mainly in South Indian in the correct intonations. Aside from that hearing Purusha Sukta and other Suktas are also good. Recitation of Bhagavad Gita verses, maybe a chapter a day will also benefit. 


      For physical health purposes she should recite Narasimha Kavacha which will protect her and the baby and she should try to follow a healthy Ayurvedic diet.. for more information and help on Ayurveda please contact me and i will advise. 

       Regards to reading Srimad Bhagavatam is what i would recommend if she is a stay at home mum, obviously Bhagavad Gita and any other text is also beneficial.



        Also she has been kind enough to mention the various samskaaras in detail which are beneficial to the child during pregnancy as follows:


        Regarding samskaras - generally the first samskara is the Garbhadana done at the time of conception to call a pious soul. This also involves deciding which gender of child you want, what qualities you want etc... this is probably the most important samskara as once the Garbhadana is done the pious soul in invoked. Even in cases where this is not done devotees do still do the other samskaras, however it is important that you understand the affect is not the same.
        Pumsavana Samskara is done just towards the end of the 2nd month when the foetus is about to move. This helps to confirm a male gender and gives strength to the pregnancy. 
        4th month Simmontonnaya is done. This would be good for you to do as it helps to give you focus and direction during the pregnancy. The main aim is to ensure that there is no miscarriage and that all pregnancies from this point on are successful. Aside from that it is also to impart intelligence in the child and from this point the education of the baby in the womb begins. If you have been tired, lack of energy not really reading etc then this ceremony if done correctly can really help to re-enliven you. 
        Few weeks prior to delivery the Sosyanti is done - this is to ensure there is a safe natural delivery. A secret name is given to the child to identify him and this is normally the legal name given to the child afterwards. 
        In terms of doing these prenatal rites you will require a priest. The correct method is for the husband to be Brahmin initiated and to conduct these ceremonies himself, however as many fathers are not able to priests are called upon. They must be done on accurate dates according to your month and the lunar constellation.

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