Life after death

Title itself is so ironic......i know there is no life after death. But i have certain apprehensions about journey after death. Have listed them below:1. Is the journey post death till the judgment date very difficult (as in all depends on karma) but what happens exactly2. Does a person take human birth only once or he takes it multiple times3. Why is Crow's birth considered to be very low as compared to other species4. Can our mind conceive all our past burth and can a mind read itI know i am illetrate and i wanna completely surrender to Lord Krshna but these questions are adding to my doubts. Please clear themRegardsAmritaJai Shree Krishna

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            • jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and karma yoga are different steps of the same path.

              The word Bhakthi (Devotion) has two meanings i.e., to attain and to serve (Bhaja – Prapane, Sevayaam). Bhakthi means love as per the verse ‘Yanah Preetih’. By knowledge (Jnana) you must recognize the Lord. Then by Bhakthi you must attain the Lord. In this stage the word Bhakthi means attaining the Lord as per Gita (Bhaktya tvananyaya Labhyah).

              After attaining the Lord you must please the Lord by service only. In this stage the word Bhakthi means service.

              Rukmini attained the knowledge of Lord Krishna from Narada. Then she attained Lord Krishna by Bhakthi. Then she pleased Lord Krishna by always pressing His feet. Therefore service is the real proof of devotion.

              When Rukmini heard all the details of Lord Krishna from sage Narada
              She developed intensive attraction for the Lord and that is devotion
              Sankara emphasized on the knowledge and Ramanuja on devotion

              Knowledge is the generator of devotion and devotion is the cause
              For the achievement of the Lord, by the devotion of Rukmini only
              The Lord came and married her, thus devotion ends in the achievement of the Lord
              Gita says the same ‘Bhaktya tvananyaya’, now when the devotion is full
              The family bonds are completely broken; Rukmini did not care for her
              Brother and parents and even the tradition, therefore, as the devotion grows
              The family bonds are cut simultaneously, without the attachment to Lord
              The detachment from family is impossible because only after tasting
              The divine nectar, one can leave all the worldly drinks spontaneously

              Attachment of one thing should lead to the detachment of other thing
              Simple detachment from the family without the attachment to the Lord
              Becomes impossible, even if achieved does not stand permanently
              Without tasting the divine nectar, if you leave the worldly drinks
              It is meaningless and one day or other you will run to the worldly drinks
              Finally, the real devotion is proved only by the selfless service
              Rukmini served the Lord after attaining Him, she constantly pressed
              His divine feet and her aim was not to become the queen of Dwaraka
              Madhva shows this service as the real proof of the true love

              at lotus feet of swami
            • Thank You so much. Now i get your point clearly.

              Adding to what you said...i have read in Ramayana that in Kalyuga one can attain lords mercy only by chanting Lords name.

              Hare Krishna, Hare Rama
              • And also,

                "Harer nama hare nama harer namaiva kevalam
                kalau nasti eve nasti eva nasti eva gatir anyatha'
                -Brhan Naradiya Purana

                which means,
                "In this age of Kali, there is no alternative, there is no alternative, there is no alternative for spiritual progress other than the chanting of the Holy Name, the chanting of the Holy Name, the chanting of the Holy Name of the Lord!"

                In fact, it is said that in the Satyuga, spiritualists used to pray to the Lord, that if they were to take rebirth, they should do so in Kalyuga, so that they can take to this simple and sublime and successful method for achieving God.


                Your eternal servant,
                eternal muser
          • here works of God means participating in the work of God or mission of God.

            The word Karma means the work in general but this word karma also means the work to be done for the sake of selfishness and his family members. The word Karma yoga means the work to be done for the sake of the Lord.

            The word Vikarma means the work done in excess even after achieving the wealth required for the necessities of family (Karmanohyapi). Therefore Karma means the necessary work or duty to be done to acquire the basic needs for your family. Vikarma means not only earning the excess wealth but also wasting the wealth in luxuries. Both these types of Vikarma are sin and should be avoided.

            When you sacrifice the excess of wealth to the Lord, you must sacrifice it with fear and shyness because the entire creation is the wealth of the Lord (Kasyasvit Dhanam—Veda).

            Even while sacrificing the work to the mission of the Lord, you should know that the Lord also supplies the energy required to do the work. Therefore you should not feel that you have served the Lord (Naivakinchit, Ahankara Vimudhatma, Brahmanyadhaya, Navadvare).

            at lotus feet of swami
            • Volunteer
              These all are wonderful questions:

              1. Is the journey post death till the judgment date very difficult (as in all depends on karma) but what happens exactly
              We are the architects of our own destiny. The desires cultivated during the course of this life determine what will happen next.

              2. Does a person take human birth only once or he takes it multiple times
              If you do it right this time, you don't have to do it again.

              3. Why is Crow's birth considered to be very low as compared to other species
              The crow has no choice. He has to eat nasty things.

              4. Can our mind conceive all our past burth and can a mind read it
              • Thank you so much.....
                all glories to krishna...we are his kids....all is as per his will only
                i understand that we have been left to make decisions as per our choice but still destiny prevails

                Still this creation of his is still a mystry
                No offence against any one's views,....but if somebody can explain me why he created universe, i would be more than haapy??
                I know for examining us he created, so that we can go to our real home....but what was the need still ??
      • What i understand from Surya's discussion is merely chanting mahamantra doesnt help in a way because GOD has sent us in this karma yoni for doing karmas. We ought to responsibly behave and help other human beings so that they can uplift them.
        We are really blessed to understand GOD and differentiate between good and bad.
        There are many who suffer in the so called mayavi world.
        Chanting is one such tool to be in GOD sharan but one should be a karmayogi to be his best devotee.

        To conclude, chanting is to bring purity in you whereas Karmas to be associated and come close to GOD.
        Jai Shree Krishna, Jai shree Rama
        • Hare Krishna Amrita,

          As per my limited knowledge, Krishna Consciousness focuses on achieving the state of Akarma (not gathering any Karma) instead of Sakarma(good karma) or Vikarma(Bad karma).
          Plz do not undermine the importance of the Mahamantra given by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is none other than the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Himself.The Mahamantra is non-different from Krishna-He is present in his name syllables.

          You are rite when you say chanting will purify your heart-only with a pure heart can you attain love for Krishna-which is what he desires.He seeks pure love from his devotees and not money.

          Mere chanting is not what He preached-Chant with feeling and longing for Krishna..Remember-ABCD (A-Association of Krishna conscious devotees,B-reading Srila Prabhupads Books,C-Chanting ,D-Krishna Conscious Diet) AB & D will help you to focus on C

          Anyways a sincere advise-if you are really seeking Krishna,plz follow and seek advice from a bonafide spiritual master from a bonafide sampradaya.This is essential for progress in spiritual life.Kali yuga is full of so called spiritualists and everyone likes to give an interpretation on Gita as per their limited intellectual capacity.Plz be extremelly cautious of such interpreters.

          I again stress that following Srila Prabhupad's instructions is the surest way out-

          With this I step out of this discussion.
          May Krishna bestow his mercy on you and show you the right path

          Please forgive me for my offenses

          Hari Hari
          • Hare Krishna Dipti,
            I did not meant that what Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said is less important or i have not attempted to undermine it. If it appears that way then i apologise for it. We are Krshna's devotees and all accroades to the divine lord.
            What i meant was chanting is very essential and also what have mentioned is proper but at the same time we need to help others coming out of the mayavi world.

            Thank you for clearing my doubts though

            Best Regards
            Hare Krishna
      • Lord Krishna preached Gita in the end of dwarapara yuga and so it is very much applicable for kali yuga. Lord Krishna will be pleased when we follow the Gita in practical sense and Gita gives highest value for karama phala tyaga i.e., sacrifice of money.

        Lord came in human form and tested ‘Saktuprasta’ in the sacrifice of the food, which is another form of money. In draught he could secure a little flour and he was fasting for the past ten days. He was not tested in any other way of words and mind (japa, parayana, dhyana etc.). A real devotee will stand in this root test and this is the real fire test.

        To please the Lord you have to surrender your words by singing about Him, the mind in His devotion and the intelligence in His discussions. However these three constitute only 1% of the total sacrifice and this is called as theoretical sacrifice. The sacrifice of your work and fruit of work constitutes 99% of sacrifice, which is called as practical sacrifice.

        Service is the proof of the real love. Service means sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of work. The mother serves her child by sacrifice of work like giving bath, dressing etc., for years together continuously. The father serves the child by sacrifice of fruit of his entire hard work. It is a clear practical point that the proof of the real love is only service. If you serve your family, you love your family. If you serve the entire world, you love the creation. If you serve the God, you love the God and this is only devotion.

        at lotus feet of swami
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