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        Dear Romit,  Hare Krsna.  I read carefully what you have said and feel you are really trying your best.  Without the good association of pure devotees and your whole family who are big fish eaters it sounds very tough to even think of stopping.  And you are trying to be a good devotee of Krsna and eat pure veg food offered to Him !   I am asking all the devotees who read this .  please think of Romit kelkar compassionately and pray to Lord Nityanda for him.    I also will pray.  So Romit you will continue to come and associate with the devotees and chant Hare Krsna as much as possible.  Take large amounts of maha prasadam for yourself and all your family members.  Try to get the most opulent prasadam of the dieties and take lots of caranamrta with tulasi leaves.. Go on hearing more and more the glories of Krsna and pray to Nityananda Prabhu to show the world the power of Hie mercy.   Meditate on the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and become His devotee.   He will save you.




        • Hare Krishna nice message by Jagadatma das for all who are meat eaters .,                                                                   
        • Hare Krishna Prji-Dandavat Pranaam-

          Wonderful answer Prabhuji. Association and prayers of devotees are the key to progress in Krishna Consciousness.It was difficult for me to quit non-veg due to parental pressure. But association of devotees and their prayers gave me the will power to overcome my parents resistance and leave non-veg for good. Will surely pray for Romit Pr.



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            Hare Krsna Dipti mataji.  Thank you for being so kind.  It is a fact that by the mercy of the devotees who pray for others this whole world can be changed.    The love you feel for Bhagavan Sri Krsna is awakening in you and now give that same love to all living beings.  Know that they are all His parts and parcels and are dear to Him.  Hare Krsna!
    • Just remember to first offer what ever you consume to Krishna..and you should read this before anything else



  • Hare Krishna prabhu,

    There may be many rules for those who want to eat non-veg but i do not understand why you want to eat :).

    Anyways, whatever i have heard is that meat in sanskrit is called 'MAMSA' which means or to which we can explain is that if we want to eat flesh we pledge to the animal being slaughterd that in my next life he can slaughter me and enjoy.

    Another thing is that in some scriptures it is mentioned that if somebody wants to eat meat then He should eat it after offering it to devi Kali and that too only on Amavasya (i am not sure about amavasya part).

    so that the meat eating is restricted.

    But now since you are in Krishna conciousness and aspiring to grow spiritually then why you should even know all these rules. These are for those who do not want to revive their relationship with Supreme Lord. You are a nice devotee.

    For you it may be difficult to leave non-veg just like any other non-vegetarian till you get a HIGHER TASTE. Scriptures tell that if you develop a Higher taste then all the lower tastes are automatically left out.. no special endevor required for that.

    Try to eat Krishna parsadam only in your daily life (if not eating always). Offer anything you want to eat first to Krishna. Krishna does not accept non veg and items like onions and garlic.

    Krishna's parsadam is not differnt from Krishna Himself as He is Absolute truth. so if you develop taste for Krishna parsadam then you will never even like to eat non veg.

    try it prabhu and you may discuss with senior devotees in the temple near to you. They can tell you in a better way, i am just a neophyte. Plz forgive me if you feel that i have offended you anyways.

    Hari Bol.

    Amit Kapoor

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