• The film used to record Srila Prabhupada years ago was the type of film made with gelatin coating. It was used for very fine purpose, even though it contained gelatin.
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    In Kaliyuga it is unavoidable to some extent. Bones are known to be used in refined sugar production.

    Many devotees don't even give a second thought to bring an egg free cake to a gathering, although loaded with colors made from squashed bugs and carcinogens.

    You can do your best by taking out the content of the gelatin capsules. At the end of the the day sin is acquired by eating or buying or selling or transporting animal products in this case gelatin.

    Even if you dont eat, you still acquire the sin of the killing of that animal, most likely a cow, because you have bought it or transported it or if you are a doctor prescribed it...

    We must focus on chanting the Mahamantra with utmost attention. Even before you are about to utter the Mahamantra you will surely be washed away of all sin even if it was acquired over millions of lifetimes.



    • i disagree. you can always avoid sin like having animal or forbidden ingredients in items by having proper knowledge of the food you eat.

  • so if eat gelatin cantain medicine is that also a sin . but we are not eating it for sense enjoyment please explain.

    thanks for your help

    hare krishna

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      Mohit prabhuji,  as long as we are in the material world, we cannot neglect physical laws. The devotee is advised to accept the necessities of life without attachment. You can take the substitute of these gelatin based medicine, but if it is not available in the market, does it mean you wont take medicine? If it is not you have to take those medicines. But dont make it a practice.

      • Hare Krishna Prabhuji- I agree.This question was posed by one of my friends and she got a similar answer.Apart from gelatin there are many other animal products used in various medicene's and it may not always be feasible to avoid them or find a substitute. follow a simple rule- if the medicene is critical to treat an ailment-take it otherwise leave it. Take medicine with the consciousness that you have to be fit to render maximum service to devotees.

         Actually gelatin is easy to avoid- in the pharmaceutical industry it is majorly used to make capsules ( the shell of the capsules ). Nowadays empty non-gelatin shells are available. So in case you dnt get a substitute for the medicene you can open the capsules and transfer the contents to non-gelatin shells and have.

        P.S : This is not possible with all medicines- dnt try it with liquid filled caps


        Hope this is usefull




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    Gelatin is a translucent, colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals. It's made primarily from the stuff meat industries have left over.


    If possible we should go for a substitute of those medicines. There must be varieties of medicine available in the market that are not made of above mentioned substance. 

  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    Ask for an alternative medicine which does not contain gelatine. I'm sure that there will be and if you can't find it then give then I'll help you to find it.
    • give the name of the medicine

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