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Title itself is so ironic......i know there is no life after death. But i have certain apprehensions about journey after death. Have listed them below:
1. Is the journey post death till the judgment date very difficult (as in all depends on karma) but what happens exactly
2. Does a person take human birth only once or he takes it multiple times
3. Why is Crow's birth considered to be very low as compared to other species
4. Can our mind conceive all our past burth and can a mind read it

I know i am illetrate and i wanna completely surrender to Lord Krshna but these questions are adding to my doubts. Please clear them

Jai Shree Krishna

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According to my view there is life after DEATH. Yeah its true that Our karma decides the next birth. But Why we can't try to liberate our sole and try to achieve salvation/liberation. No one can guarantee where we would reach after death not even the wild guess. but certainly according to rebirth stories PPL do take rebirth but its very rare case. Nice topic to discuss.
The information u shared that birth of crow is considered to be very low. This is something I read it first time, i didn't know that.
hare krishna
I have read this that birth of a crow is considered low and hence during pitarpaksh i.e during shraad days we give food to crow (other thn dog and cow)..this is in a way this pecie is not able to come out of the so called maya, so we as human beings try to liberate that soul (pls correct my understanding if i m wrong in any ways)
Ppl on the forum, if they have some othr views..thn pls correct me
Hare Krsna,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
I am very new to process, but would like to share my little exp. with u as i also had such question in my mind before coming to Krsna Conc.(ISKCON).
First thing we are not this body (very difficult to realize), but spirit soul (eternal servants of Krsna).When we have desire to do things independently and enviously ,Krsna send us to this material world (under influence of maya).
So, soul (we) never dies, but transmigrate from one body to another and that new body is given to soul according to karmas.
Yes, it is true once soul leaves one body then it has to go through lot of painful journey till yamlok (not for devotees) and then get punishment according to the karmas.
There are 8.4 million species through out this universe. So soul gets body according to karmas, desire and consciousness at the time to death. This can be any body. e.g. some one wants to eat non-veg (which is not meant for human beings) gets body of a tiger or lion likewise.
According to scriptures we get human birth after taking body of 8.4 million species. That is reason human birth is considered as high class birth, we have got intelligence to know what is absolute truth and purpose of life.
With Krsna's mercy some people can recall their previous lives but not every one. It is said if we will remember about our previous lives we won't be able to live peacefully.
e.g. some one got murdered in his/her previous life and at that time of death he/she was in great pain, if the person recall that stuff he/she wont be able to do anything in this life peacefully.
Some times it is good to have that impression of past life in our mind and most times it is not good.
So Krsna knows to who He wants to give that past life memory. (very rare case)
I don’t have much idea about crow's birth, i ll ask Sr. devotees and then let u know.

Mean while if u are from pune, we have classes (ISKCON-PUNE) where we can clear all our doubts and ask question to Sr. devotees, so can attend those programs.

Thanks for ur patience to read this.
May Krsna bless us with HIS pure devotional service and love.

Hari Bol

Yours servant
Thank you sunainaji for ur explanation. I reside in Mumbai so wont be able to attend classes in Pune.
I agree to you that we are immortal souls.......and GOD has given us this kavach in form of body.
And most of the problems come when we get concious about our outerself.
And i also know that GOD takes test and hence this maya comes into play and this is how he decides everything for us.
This is really so unique.
Members i know many things but this sort of discusssion gives me immense pleasure.

Still a query there a river in narka which a person has to pass through post death...(m fascinated to know more about the journey later)....I m illetrate please clear my doubts

Let Krshna shower his mercy on all of us and also on ppl not part of this group
Keep sharing such experiences

Hare Krishna
Hello Amrita,

I also a devotee. Hare Krishna. why are you so worried about death. YOu are with krishna. Enjoy in his glory . I live in Pittsburgh, USA and have Satsangs whenever possible.
I also have anxiety disorder but when I in Krishna's Glory I forget everything

Hare bol
hare krsna

i dont know that crows birth is low. i am also listening it for the first time.
ok anyhow,

i strongly believe life after death. As talking about the life its the soul that matters. Depending on the karma of our soul the next birth is based. But getting the pure soul consiousness is difficult. With the association of sadhu sanghas,gurujis we can have a better view about that. I want to suggest you rather than studying about the other life materially i mean by scientific ways have a spiritual approach towards that you will have the ultimate answer.

No a person can not have many births because its thew soul consiousness. Depending on its karma it can take any form it is need not to be human


hare krsna

danadavat pranam
soul changes the body after death just as we change clothes. This is what prabhupad has said to us


there is no death and ther is no life for the soul as it was never born and it will nvr die just happens tht it chngs its previous body as we change our old clothes to a new one as we wear new clothes
Hare Krishna....
Pretaloka Enquiry

When a person dies his sons write letters to others that their father has gone to heaven. Actually after death, soul will be enquired in ‘Pretaloka’ for 10 days & then only he will be sent to hell for his bad deeds & to heaven for good deeds & to ‘Pitruloka’ for mixed deeds. If the soul has straightly gone to heaven, why his sons are donating cow (Godana), which is meant for crossing Vaitarini River, which is before hell?

When soul leaves this body, it goes to hell & is washed severely like a cloth. Entire dirt goes but a little dirt remains in soul, which is called as Karma Sesha. Karma Sesha means again all qualities of soul with least intensity. When soul comes back to this world these qualities are again grown in this atmosphere of earth. Soul again goes to hell for severe wash. Like this the cycle repeats. When soul comes to this earth from the hell, it does works according to Karma Sesha only i.e., previous qualities. In that sense Karma Sesha is responsible for all works on this earth. These works again intensify Karma Sesha. Buddhi (Karma Sesha) produces Karma & Karma intensifies Buddhi. When soul comes here there is no result to be enjoyed in this world.

A thief was severely beaten in police station & was left. When thief comes out of police station, his quality to steal is very very weak. But within a short time due to association of other thieves in world he becomes original thief & is again beaten in police station. So when thief comes out of police station there is no punishment that remains with him. When soul is born there is no punishment that remains with soul. Only thing that remains with soul is Karma Sesha, which is a very weak quality to steal. This Karma Sesha is called Sanchita & is also called as writing of Brahma on forehead. This guides future action of soul in this world. Birth of soul is according to nature of this Karma Sesha only, which is called Prarabdha. Actions in this world produce strength to Karma Sesha & such strength is called Aagami.

At lotus feet of Swami
very well explained

thank you so much


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