People's reaction on seeing me wid tilak

Hk.pamho.i hav startd 2 wear tilak 4m here ppl keep staring me lyk hell.i feel bit embarasing bt i smhw manage 2 handl maself.m at ma home dis days bt 4m 1st nov ma colege is startng nd i hav decided 2 wear tilak in coleg m sure many students r gona mak fun of me.plz advice me hw 2 cope up in such situations.haribol.

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  • The best solution 

    Most devotees who are students or go to work they put a very light tilak so that it is not that much visible.
    Some devotees here is Australia put on the Tilak with water and add very little chandan to it.

    We should apply tilak, NOT ONLY TO FOREHEAD, but on 12 parts to invoke lords blessing to protect us and our consciousness.

    i feel bit embarasing bt i smhw manage 2 handl maself........

    make your foundation (ABCD ---> A - association, B- BOOKS,  C - Chanting, D - Dancing &   F - Feasting ) very strong. your embarasment shows your faith is not very deep. Read more , chant more...... develop ur faith.

    Try to change internal consciousness which will eventually follow change in externals.

    As caution - while wearing visible tilak if you make any mistake in college or fail to achieve success materially, then that will make improper ideal to society and everyone may try to blame ISKCON as whole. As a human being we are definately making mistake many times. so it is advisible not to wear VISIBLE tilak, but to wear tilak of water or little chandan and more water.

    Also remember the  PURPOSE OF WEARING TILAK ---  It is not for showing others that we are devotee or following some spiritual path. By wearing tilak you are inviting lord to protect your body and yamaraja cannot take us to hell if he sees tilak (12 numbers) on our body.

    your servant


  • Most devotees who are students or go to work they put a very light tilak so that it is not that much visible.
    Some devotees here is Australia put on the Tilak with water and add very little chandan to it.
  • Hk,
    i will strongly advice you not to wear the Tilak in college, if you still wish then put on water tilak..
    since i am also a college student so i can understand..
    its not only about facing people.. its something about bringing them to KC and trust me if you would do that (wearing tilak n all) then people will mistake you to be from "some other world" and they will not try to come near you or become like you..
    the best way to be in college is to make people "follow by an example"you be good or atleast try your best at whateva you do.. Krishna will take care of the rest and people will try to be like you..
    and you will feel the real pleasure if even one of your friend gets into KC due to you.. :)...

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Dixa ji,

    It is obvious that single stick could be broken very easily but not in bunch. Similarly if you are alone trying to wear tilak and facing some sort of fun or else as reaction is normal.

    In KC there are most important things to be done as first priorities and in that Chanting and reading Srila Prabhupada's books are must. Tikal, Kanthi or any other vaishnava decorating things are all secondary. You are trying to follow KC and it is not advisable to do such a thing which may give other a chance to shaken your faith. It is batter more concentrate on CHANTING AND READING than inviting arguments from demonic mentality minded people.

    Still if you wish to put tilak than use water and put it on forehead along with mantra and use Chandan for rest of tilaks we put on our body.

    Once again, do needful to stronger your Bhakti, please don't do anything which hurt or harm your faith in Lord by inviting other to argue with you and you have to explain them or make fun of you which you may not tolerate.

    Pray for your good health.


    • Agree with you GaurGadadhar prabhuji. Great answer
  • Thnx prabhuji.haribol
  • Hare Krishna, 
    Diksha Mataji.

    A Vaishnava is never caring for others. He has his own way. You should know the stories of Meerabai, Tukaram, Namdeva, Surdas, etc. All the Great devotees of Lord think of Lord, not of Others comments which are useless.
    Acc. to Sastras, any girl or women who roams more than needed is simply a Vaishya, prostitute. But meerabai roamed and danced madly in the Galis of Vrindavan. She did not care about stupid views of Material people.
    Lord Sankar says," Those who dont wear Vishnu Pada Tilak are Pasandis".
    So, you must not fear or be ashamed. you're not doing anything wrong. Who cares??


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