Little Krishna - How is it!

Hare Krishna,I just watched the "Little Krishna" 3D-Animated movie series by Iskcon Bangalore and BIG Animation.It is really marvellous and beyond description. Krishna is cute and is definitely attracting everyone, irrespective of their age. wanted to share abt this and ask all of you devotees about your thoughts on it.Hari Haribol!!!




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  • the movie was really amazing and all age groups can watch it.i was juz thinking if lord krishna in the movie was soo attractive then how attractive really krishna might is a must watch.even my grandmother saw it and really enjoyed it.
    • Jai Jai... Little Krishna ki Jai!!!
  • Yes Prabhuji -the trailors are really good- wonderfully done. Where can I get these series? We take Gopals Funschool for kids here in US & this would be a excellent thing to show them.Plz do let me know

    Hari Haribol

    • Hare Krishna mataji,


      Thanks for your nice comments on that.

      In fact, this movie is not limited to kids alone... :-) Everyone of us can enjoy it.
      It is available in all the major Music Stores in cities of India. It is available in Iskcon Bangalore sales counters.
      Please let me know as to where do you stay in US? One of my friends is going there very soon and I can ask him to send it through local courier service. Also, if needed, I can send the same from India itself thru the courier. This is a set of 3 DVD's each costing Rs 299/-. So total comes to almost Rs 900/-.
      Little Krishna movie is the best animation movie, Indian Animation industry has made. It has won several International awards. More about the movie can be found at:

      You can send me the place where you stay and address, in case you need them. We will work out a easier and cheaper way to send them, right from Bangalore.

      My mail id is : or

      Jai Little Krishna,
      Jai Srila Prabhupada,

      Srinivas Kumar
      ::Little Krishna:: Animated TV Series by BIG Animation
      • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

        Dandavat Pranaam,All Glories to Srila Prabhupad

        Thank you for the information.Since it is available in music stores I will arrange to get it thru my parents in Mumbai.Thankyou so much for your offer to ship them-will surely take your help if i dnt get them in Mumbai.

        And yes-I will be the first person to watch the entire series :).looking forward to it..

        Jai Little Krishna

        Hari Haribol
        • Jai Ho mataji!!!

          hey... but how come you will be the first person to watch the entire series.... :-) since i have already watched it..... :-) :-)

          sure... let me know if it is not available.
          they may be available in Planet M, Musicworld stores...

          Jai Little Krishna,

          Jai Srila Prabhupada!
  • I to like series , its best . do you have idead when they planning new episodes of little krishna
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