Hare Krishna dear devotees! PAMHO.

I request you to tell me that is there any significance of the various paraphernalia used in worshipping the dieties or the fortunate worshipper is doing it because is it written in shastras?

for example ... why does he light the lamp? why does he burn the agarbatti/incense stick? why does he fan the diety for a pretty long time? why does he blow the conchshell? what kind of water is thrown at us? any significance in hitting the bell too?

Kindly forgive if any mistake committed in writing & plz do let me know the same.



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    Hare Krishna Romit Pr,

    Plz listen to this beautiful lecture by H.G.Dwarkadhish Pr


    Hari Haribol



    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Thank you Mataji, thoroughly enjoyed the lecture..

      • Yes- its an amazing lecture by H.G.Dwarkadhish Pr. Totally changed my perspective of aratik. Its a treat to be able to hear all these amazing Vaishnava's - thanks to ISKCON desire tree for this wonderful facility
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    Hare Krsna Romitji,  These different articles offered in worship were common items in ancient times..No electricity you would offer a lamp for light.   a fan for giving cool breeze.   Dhoop for sweet aroma.  etc.   Tou can get a detailed arcana padat ifrom a website or a bookshop.   By studying the process of worship you can understand why these are being used .  Look here on Desiretree first.    Philosophy/deity worship.
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