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Jul 19, 2019
Amit Kapoor posted a video
Madhurashtakam- Please do watch it.
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Veda Ambodhkar's discussion Are non-devotee parents demons?
"Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
This is in point to your statement " When Krishna "kills" someone he actually is liberated to Goloka Vrindavan" ,I have read something else in Prabhpada's statements.They are actully given mukti, emerging into the…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Atul Kamboj's discussion why srila prabhupada was against Osho
"Hare Krishna Atul ji,
Osho is indeed a great personality but definitely at a material platform just like there may be millions of followers of Barrack Obama. He might have read more than 1,80,000 books but Bhakti does not come by knowledge. It is…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Vamshi Krishna's discussion Is Chanting Mala necessary!!!!?????
"Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
Dandvats. Thanks for such a good, precise answer.
It clears many doubts.
Hari bol."
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Ajinkya Kalantri's discussion Discusion about guru .
"Hare Krishna Sarveshwar prabhu,
Krishna is the original Guru of everyone, no doubts about it. But Srila Prabhupada is the Founder Acharya of ISKCON because of his mercy we are today able to relish Krishna's glories. Even though the Krishna is the…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to nilesh4peace's discussion How to prepare maggi noodles in home without onion and garlic ?
"its ok prabhu ji. i am not offended but just scribbled my thoughts on your post."
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Rishikesh Karpe's discussion Eye Donation
"Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
I don't know what i wrote matches exactly with Srila Prabhupada's wording but still that is my understanding. There are many lectures where i have heard such statements. Below is a letter written by Srila Prabhuapada
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Rishikesh Karpe's discussion Eye Donation
"Hare Krsihna prabhu ji,
Dandvats. Please do not ask for sorry... nothing personal. It is just a matter of my belief and understanding. Its nice that you accept that we can donate blood for devotees.. i just add 1 more point.. we can donate blood for…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to GOKUL's discussion guru
"Hare Krishna,
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Srila Prabhupada is Founder Acharya of ISKCON. He comes under Brahma-Madhava Sampardaya. Before Him there are many Gurus coming in disciplic succession directly from Brahma ji. This is the aspect which…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to pankaj satija's discussion how do i forget my past???????
"Hare Krishna Pankaj ji,
Krishna says in BG
"daivi hy esa guna-mayi
mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante
mayam etam taranti te"


This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Vrindavan's discussion Why not this world only have vegetarian animals exist ?
"yes its great to discuss with devotees... First of all i am sorry for not reading your previous reply accurately. Instead of reading 'not non vegetarian' i read it as 'non vegetarian'. Please forgive me for that.
Secondly my mind is still not able…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to 1zdtyzkes8i46's discussion How To Act To Demigod Prasad
"Hare Krishna,
I feel the answer is filled with arrogance. We should not forget that the position of Lord Shiva is much higher than jiva tattvas. He is expansion of Krishna( guna avatara). He is foremost vaishnava.
My question is what would you do if…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to KBCI's discussion Regarding Guru and desciples
"Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
A very genuine reply. It means a lot to me.
Thank you so much.
Hari Bol
Amit Kapoor"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to Rajesh Gupta's discussion Guidance to accept a true Guru
"Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
Dandvat Pranam.
Acharya means the one who practices the same what he teaches. In ISKCON present GBCs are great acharyas as they are executing the instructions of Srila Prabhupada/Gurus nicely. They are not only preaching but…"
May 15, 2019
Amit Kapoor replied to saptrishi's discussion shirdi SAI BABA's existence
"Hare Krishna Sapan ji,
Keep attending SOS classes if possible.  It is painful to get involved in arguments and counter arguments over the matter of your belief. You can visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple freely but if possible keep chanting Hare Krishna…"
May 15, 2019