shirdi SAI BABA's existence

hare krishna to one n all.

before starting i would bow to the lotus feet of the ALMIGHTY.

dear devotees,

i am a student  studying at jaipur. its just  7 weeks ago when i started going to the akshya patra organisation to attend the sessions of SOS.

i am learning a lot many good things from there.

before going there i was and still worshiping SHIRDI's SAI BABA. its through His blessings on us by which my family lives peacefully and in a life worth living.

i am not exaggerating Him. i am simply saying truth.


what i actually want to ask and discuss over here is:

1) is it good and correct enough to stop His preachings which i have been doing ? is it correct to forget what all He has done for my family, and  just go only for KRISHNA MAHA MANTRA CHANTING?

                     i am no one to say anything about the LORD KRISHNA. He is the Supreme of all.

But SHIRDI SAI BABA was HIS incarnation as being told to me by my elders.


Don't you people think i will get greedy and will actually betray Sai baba if i stop his prayers.


2) LORD SAI BABA never said that people should worship Him ..... it was by the miracles which He did in all over His life. He knew BHAGVATA GITA, VEDAS, QURAN, BIBLE at a very early age of His life. He spread the message of Humanity and celebrated all the festivles.

He lead a very simple life wearing only a kafni(a white jhoola). 

Isn't He the incarnation of the Supreme LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF.





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  • Hare Krsna Sapan prabhuji,


    I aggree with Shravan prabhuji's view that this thread shoud be closed/ deleted by you.

    I am sure that it will increase your knowledge of Krsna but more than that it will lead to frustation as you are a follower of Sai baba.

    Our counseller says 'Kuch maat chodo...baas Krsna ko jodo' means only put Krsna in the center and Krsna will reveal himself.


    Answers to your two question have already being explained by senior devotees, here I would like to add my inputs:

    ans1) worship Krsna as well as Sai Baba

    ans 2)Sai baba isnt an incarnation of Krsna



  • radhe krishna...mataji,
    thanks for telling me the right thing in a correct way,,... I would just pray sai baba to give me the knowledge to progress more n more in Krishna Conciousness,,
    I am doing 16 rounds of chanting, following regulative principles, attending darshan aartis etc... oh supreme personality -shri Krishna, please engage me in your service today n always.
    • HariBol!


  • Harekrishna Sapanprabhu,

    please read thru following -

    Submitted by sitapati on Wed, 2009-03-04 21:48-

    One way of explaining the relationship between the contents of Bhagavad-gita and those of Srimad Bhagavatam is to say something like: "Bhagavad-gita explains the principles, and Srimad Bhagavatam illustrates the application of those principles using historical examples".

    As such, while Bhagavad-gita is a book of virtually pure metaphysics, Srimad Bhagavatam is a book of both physics and metaphysics. The Srimad Bhagavatam illustrates the metaphysics of Bhagavad-gita in the physics of a particular civilization with its particular physical culture, sciences, and technologies.

    Then-contemporary culture and science provide the setting and backdrop for the events of the Bhagavatam.

     I pray that this should give you some insight. Haribol

    • Volunteer

      Describing Bhagavadgita and Bhagavatam as meta physics and other phenomenon is meaningless.

      It sounds like defining the mother as a lifelong maid and a nanny/caretaker, cook and cleaning lady, takes away the meaning of Mother. Please dont do that to the Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam is Krishna Himself.


      First of all, this thread needs to be closed. Too much discussion about a mediocre yogi trying to gain followers to worship him. Total waste of time and this discussion forum should have no place for this demon!!!

  • Volunteer

    hare krishna sapan pr. pamho.


    Simple logic if you want to water a tree, then you dont water each and every leaf. We just water the roots of the tree and every part of the tree will be satisfied. Similarly, Krishna is the root of the creation. every thing rests upon him. if you just worship him everyone else will be satisfied.

    I was a very strong believer of Ganesh dev before I came to KC. When I was very new to KC, I asked devotees can I still worship ganesh and I got the above response. So bottom line is that you can still continue worshiping Sai Baba but it is not required if you worship Krishna.

    Krishna wants his devotees to fully surrender unto him. This is told repeatedly in many places in BG. Sarva dharmaan parethejya maam keam sharanm mama.... Reject all religion and just surender on to me and I shall give you liberation from this material existance.

    I read in one of your response that sai baba him self did not claim to be god then there is no point why we need to worry of betraying anyone.


    I hope i did not offend you with my statements. hare krishna.

    • Volunteer

      wanted to add more to what I just mentioned.

      If you remember the past time in Mahabaratha when Draupadi vastraaparahan was happening, Draupadi first tried herself to behold her sari with both hands. when she could not hold any more, she called for the help of Krishna but still holding her sari with her both hands. but Krishna did not bother instead he was happily playing Ludo with his wife Rukamani. then Draupadi raised her one hand and then called Krishna but was still trying to hold the sari with the other hand. Krishna did not care even then. understanding the situation that now she can not protect herself from being undressed, she raised both her hands and cried out for Krishna and immediately Lord Krishna appeared and passed a unlimited supply of sari to protect her.


      we can understand from this that Krishna expects complete surrender unto HIM alone.


      hare krishna.

  • sai baba is divya bhakta of krsna chaitnya mahaprabhu is also a bhakt of krsna now let me confuse you is sai baba chaitnya mahaprabhu and many devine baba like loknath baba of kolkata these personalaties are of same categorie or what


  • hare krishna prabhu! please accept my humble obeisances at ur divine lotus feet!

    ur question is very perfect and intelligent one!

    as u mentioned that sai baba is incarnation of lord krishna, and also u know that krishna is supreme of all....before coming to krishna conciousness me and my family was also devoted to demi mother and me worshiped lord ganesha,my dad and bro worshiped sai baba..we used to visit shirdi twice a month...and wer very much happy to live those life, because our material sense gratification was satisfied by lord ganesha and saibaba.

    As sai baba is great saint, he had lots of knowledge of all vedas and khurans etc, he had bhrama jnan, and we must respect them offer them obeisances at their lotus feet....not only sai baba but all demi gods. but worshiping is different, when u come to know about the absolute truth, ans transcedental knowledge that you must worship him

    example of a tree, when u are watering a tree.. hoe do u u water only the leaves, stems and!

    u must water the roots which will nourish whole tree...isn't it?

    similarly when u are worshiping the supreme u are satisfying sai baba as well.

    sai baba will be happy that his beloved one is worship his lord...he would be glad to guide u all the way to supreme..i have experienced me  worshiping supreme lord is much more than material sense gratification..

    ur family will be much more happy and in peace as mow they are in...but remember worship only the supreme....and respect his incarnation...we all are his parts and parcel. respect all....worship scriptures like bhagwad geeta , bhagwatam canto wise.. attend prerna's ( youth programme).. which will surely guide u to know the transcedental knowledge and absolute truth...

    hope i have not hurted u or made u unsatisfied by my reply..

    felt to share my view with u...thank u very much..hare krishna..all glories to srila prabhupada

    your servant


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