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Hare Krishna,

As we know the one must surrender to a bonafied guru to make spiritual progress.

In our sampradya(ISKCON) we see that many are taking initition . Only some of them  are serious about their spiritual upliftment.  Should our present acharyas make the initiation process more difficult so that only interested souls get the chance. . ?.

Some of the maharaj whom i know is really testing the disciples very well before giving initiation ,.. But some of them are distributing initiation  like bhagwad prasad and they have thousands of disciples now but you find very few of them are serious about their spiritual upliftment.


Is it wrong for  our guru maharajs to giving initiation easily. . After all Person like Madhbendra puri also had disciples like ramchandra Kham !!!


In Prabhupadajis time there was need to expand our society so initiations rule were not kept hard. But now we have expanded do we really need to dilute the initiation process.

In some sense we see the initiation has become just a formality. Is there any gain by taking and giving such initiations. ???


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    Hare Krishna,

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      Dear Devotee.  It is said in upanisad that in kali yuga you can easily get guru.  But genuine disciple is very difficult to get.  Many take guru as a matter of fashion , because others are doing it, I also will do.  We dont like to be different.   Read carefully.  You have to search out a shiksha guru and get all your doubts remooved. With the personal  guidance of the genuine guru you will make rapid progress and  having now the faith you will beg the guru to save you.   BY THE MERCY OF kRSNA ONE GETS A GURu AND BY THE MERCY OF GURU ONE GETS kRSNA.  So Krsna knows what you are crying for in your heart and He will direct you to the guru.  So just concern with seriously  advancing in bhakti yoga.  Initiatiom just to advertise oh look im an initiated........  That is simply wasteing the time and anargy of everyone.   Making a farce.  And you will be cheated.  Yes give pranam and donation for pat on the head and flattering.  Most are happy with that.  If you are realy crying from your heart Krsna will send His dearmost to you.
      • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

        A very genuine reply. It means a lot to me.

        Thank you so much.


        Hari Bol

        Amit Kapoor

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    I dont know what you mean by easily. All of them I know want to make sure that we are chanting 16 rounds and keeping the 4 regulative principles for at least 6 months before giving initiation. Srila Prabhupada did the same thing. It was Prabhupada's requirements.

    There are other levels for aspiring devotee, like shelter. This is not initiation.

    When a guru initiates a disciple,  the guru ends up taking a part of karma from disciple. Thats why they have to make sure that  there is some commitment from the sadhaka.

  • giving initiation is causeless mercy only.we should not judge devotees if we are not their siksha guru or diksha guru

    anyway krishna takes care of both of them if one is not serious krishna will make him serious in future (may be in next birth) but initialtion will not be useless.

    we should try to surrender and develope service attitude. i know once prabhupada gave initiation to boy who didn't had beads it was like on the spot decision of sp. INITATION IS TRANSCENDENTAL.




    • Not sure how I can help on this one but I too have seen other gurus and many of them are very strict and few I have met are very very merciful. I guess it all depends on what kind of a guru you are looking for. You will know who your guru Maharaj is just takes time to find one. But for some devotees they find their guru almost immediately.


      When I was about to be initiated all I had to do was answer 13 questions. it was just that my guru maharaj wanted me to know what I was getting into before initiation and he wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing. Other than that he is very very merciful.  I took initiation because  after my parents divorced for a second time I felt like I had no one to turn to but Krishna Himself so then He led me to my guru. Krishna didn't leave me unprotected. So now after taking initiation from my guru Maharaj, I feel much more protected by my guru and Krishna Himself. I also did it for my spiritual well being because I was sick and tired of the way I was living before. I needed something different and knew there was more to life than what I was doing before. So i do believe that initiation is very important and having a guru to guide you inspires you to spiritually advance.

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