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    Any one who is not a devotee of Krishna is considered to be demonic by shastras. I heard this in one of the lecture by HH Radhanath Swami MAharaj. Based on what mode we are, we may be termed as a demon in the mode of goodness/passion/ignorance. Having said that, we should never think we can treat them as demons.


    It is really unfortunate that a devotees parents are not surrendering to Krishna but it is not the end of story. It is our responsibility to make our parents as devotees of Krishna. It is all up to us. If we try to preach them they will find it offencive as we are their children and it is just not acceptable to ANY parent to hear something that they do not know. But we can definetly make a HUGH impact by our behiviour at home.


    We should understand that Krishna has put us in this situation only for our own wellbeing for Krishna is the Loving father of ALL liveing entities. How can a father put his child in difficulty?


    A devotee in this situation should always remember Prahalad Maharaj. I am sure no parent in the world could be as demonic as his father Hiranyakashipu!!! Hare Krishna. But this did not make Prahalad to think anything/one but Krishna. And since he was able to be at such a platform, he was always protected in all situations. When we hear what troubles he has to undergo to be a devotee of Lord Hari, everything else in this world seams to be like musturd seed infrount of Meru mountain.

  • hare krishna!!!!

    well.....according to me

    non-devotee need not be demons....

    if the parents allow their child to take up krsna consciousness then they are not demons bcoz they have made the right use of their allowing their child to take devotional path.....they r themselves benifitted and in common sense when one surrenders to krsna......his life is saved from the greatest danger of repeated birth and death...which parent would want to see their child in such a state...

  • yes non devotee can be considered as demon coz they don't believe in god.demigods believe in god but devotees love krishna without ulterior motives. but there are 100% chances of demon changes to devotee

  • Hare Krishna!

    In a spiritual discussion with an elder, I came to learn that in this Kaliyuga, the demons and devas, don't fight or manifest themselves individually but through the living beings on this earth. Thus each living being is a manifestation of both daivic and demonic tendencies in varying proportions.

    Therefore, it is incorrect to mention non-devotee parents as demons. Though, they might not be devotees, they still may have good qualities in them. All qualities - asuric, daivic, saintly etc. all come from Krishna only (He being the source of all qualities) which manifest in this world in different forms and proportions.

    If we wish to develop Krishna prema, indeed we can't hate anyone in this world as Krishna resides as the Supreme Soul in each living body which the bhakthi for Krishna may help us realize some day.

    Jai Govinda !!




  • There is no way you can call anybodies parents demons! Even if the case is that a devotee's parents are opposed to the devotional activities oh their child.


    In fact, by performing devotional activities, seven generations below and seven generation above get liberated.

    They have given us the gift of life, and as vaishnavas we learn to be grateful, specially to them!


    We see in the life of Prahlad Maharaj, even though his father was the king of demons, he never hated him nor called his father a demon. 

    He carried on his devotion, tried to preach to his father, and when Hiranyakashipu was finally killed by Lord Nrsimha Dev, Prahald Maharaj prayed tohim that may his father be forgiven and attain liberation. And Nrsimhadev said that 14 generations up and below of Prahlad Maharaj would be liberated!


    So Don't hold any doubts, just chant Hare Krsna.


    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      You are absolutely right.. but do the Ekadashi as well..

    • I do agree :).

      Thanks a lot prabhu ji.

      Hare Krishna

  • harekrsna


    pitha nha asya one should not become a guru a teacher a father unless he saves his dependent from the cycle of birth and death

    putrha and muthra comes from the same place

    one should make his children a devotee other wise they will be a burden on society

    at present every thing is topsy turvy nobody is trained nor following the rules and regulation

    so harer nam harer nam harer nam eva kevalam

    chanting the holy name is the only solution to all problems it takes time one has to be patient the non devotee parent can also become a devotee by seeing the change in his children one has to come to pure stage by devotion and the nondevotee parent can also change its a matter of time pious activity or impious activity is by destiny one cannot change you are born rich or poor blak or white we cannot change but by krsna conscious so try to be krsna conscious

    you can save non devotee parent karmi to bhakth hare krsna

  • Just go through the below discussion

    1.Question submitted by Hari Haresh das: In SB 7.10 ("Prahlad: The Best of
    My Exalted Devotees) Srila Prabhupada in the summary states that in the
    family of a pure devotee, the forefathers for twenty-seven generations are
    liberated. How do we understand this, as our forefathers may be in any
    species of life according to their karma in any of the fourteen planetary
    systems like Pitr loka etc? Will they be liberated after completing their
    duration of their life? Also is it the same for any devotee who goes back to
    Godhead? Will his forefathers for twenty-one generations be liberated?

    Response by HH JPS: So in chapter 10, verse 18 where Narasimha Deva explains
    Prahlad, "O great saintly person, your father has been purified, along with
    twenty-one forefathers in your family. Because you were born in this family,
    the entire dynasty has been purified." Srila Prabhupada in the purport says
    the word, trih-saptabhih means seven multiplied by three. In one's family
    one can count back four or five generations--to one's great-grandfather or
    even one's great-grandfather's father--but since the Lord mentions
    twenty-one forefathers, this indicates that the benediction expands to other
    families also. Before the present family in which one has taken birth, one
    must have been born in other families. Thus when a Vaisnava takes birth in a
    family, by the grace of the Lord he purifies not only that family but also
    the families of his previous births. Trih-saptabhih normally it says that
    thirteen generations are liberated; seven before and seven after. For that
    is the common thing. So the seven forefathers and the seven generations. But
    in the case of Prahlad it was Trih-saptabhih, previous three births and the
    seven generations of which of those three births were also liberated. As far
    as this question do not be worried about where those people are whether they
    have to finish out their bug birth or their pitra loka births-Krishna will
    organize all that. The point is that they are going to be liberated.

    Your well wisher always,

    Jayapataka Swami

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