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              This is in point to your statement " When Krishna "kills" someone he actually is liberated to Goloka Vrindavan" ,I have read something else in Prabhpada's statements.They are actully given mukti, emerging into the Brahmasayujya after being killed by the Lord. This Brahmasayujya mukti is non-permanent. Every living entity wants pleasure, but Brahmasayujya is minus pleasure. There is eternal existence only. So when they do not find transcendental bliss, they fall down to make a compromise with material bliss.

              For clear understanding you may refer the below link.


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              Amit Kapoor

              The Souls Origin
              Whatever our past, let us come to Krishna. Like a diseased man, it is a waste of time finding out how he has become diseased, better to cure the dise…
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                You are right.. Amit Prabhuji. Thanks..

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                Thank you..

                • thank u prabhuji

                  for all this info.

                  and srry fr my ignorance...

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            • hare krishna manoj prabhu ji,

              one more question from an ignorant mind - does this mean that one way of reaching golok vrindavan is - be as demonaic as hiranyakashipu???

              • no demon nor demigod can reach golok only devotees can reach thier
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                Hiranyakashipu although did many bad things,  he was always absorbed in thinking about Vishnu/Krishna.  When you think about God so much, does not matter even if you His enemy, he will liberate you.  Also remember, at time of death you'll attain what you think of and he was absorbed in thinking of Vishnu/Krishna.  


                It wont help you to be demonic only, you'll have to think on Krishna as well! 

                • thanks for a very apt reply prabhu ji.

                  whatever we do always remembring Krishna is the most important thing. it delivers even the demons who remember him  as enemy.

                  Krishna is all merciful



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              The Ekadashi is Indira Ekadashi and you can read more at this link..


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