how do i forget my past???????

i m pankaj satija, 27 years of age. i have been through lots of trouble for last few  months .  i took them as blessings of god. now i want to start devoting time to spritual life . but how do i forget my past life. when ever i try to devote myself to god,,,,,,my past life always haunts me......please guide me,,,,,,,,,

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  • hare krishna prabhuji

    this is very common problem for those who are new ones in kc........and the solution of this problem is "ASSOCIATION OF DEVOTEES"...........i am saying this from my personal experience........look if you are not able to forget your past,,its means that those who cheat you still important for u.......whatever you do for the materialistic people,they will never get satisfied with you.........but if you just give your little time to the devotees, then in return they give blessing to you..............if you really want to change ur consciousness then you have to aasociate with the devotees.......after that i am sure that you are able to do chant.......
    and trust me you feel a kind of peace and protection with devotees......
    now its all upto u what you want.........
    please forgive me if my words hurt u.........
  • Something happened wrong before... cannot be the reason to practise K.C. The desire to reach Krishna must be the reason..,

    Also... we don't look or carry the stool that we pass everyday. Similarly - the devotee can forget the negatives that happened in the life, and start a fresh Krishna Conscious Life.

    taken from below link
    please refer link :
    all questions are answered nicely there
    ISKCON Desire Tree - Forum • View topic - before coming to ISKCON HAD BAD HABITS.
    • brother,,,,,,,,u did not get me properly,,,,,,,,i did not say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,becoz of problems ,,,,,,,,,,i want to sart krishnaaa bhakti,,,,,,no not at all,,,,,,,,,,, till few months back,,,,i did not even know anything about K.C.
      i had illusions all around me,,,,,i was more then happy with dat material life,,,,,u know,,,,wen i was making fool of everybody,,,,people were happy with me,,,,,,,,now when i talk about honestt,,,,,,they are betraying me,,,,,,,,i m confused and perplexed,,,,,,,,i m not being able to understand,,,,,wat 2 do???????still i hav not started krishnaa bhakti,,,,,,,,this is an initial phase for me,,,,,,,some times back,,,,,,,,started it,,,,,,,den b'coz of illusions ,,,i cud not carry it,,,,,,,,utmost,,,,,,i want 2 b honest in my life,,,,but people not letting me 2 be so,,,,,,,,,,
      • Associate with devotees only, do basic gita course in iskcon center or u cna download few lecture in link mention below :
        2. my favorate lectures : i request you to you hear this lectures you will be happy and make strong foundation in K.C.
        (speaker : BTECH IIT Bombay,youth preacher)

        • Hare Krishna Pankaj ji,
          Krishna says in BG
          "daivi hy esa guna-mayi
          mama maya duratyaya
          mam eva ye prapadyante
          mayam etam taranti te"


          This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.

          It is really very difficult to cross Maya. If you have devotion then Krishna makes a way for you. The easiest way to forget everything is not to remain free. Whenever you get time utilize that in chanting or reading Prabhupad books. These books are not ordinary books, whenever i read prabhupad's books i feel He is present near me and guiding me personally.
          As you have mentioned that you were of a different kind of person earlier and now you are trying to become devotee of Krishna. You are trying to change yourself but people may take some time to recognize the change. But if you are really dedicated then they will also recognize that you have changed. The best solution is to think less and chant more :) Hare Krishna..
          • thanks prabhu
      • Chant
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