Hare krishna,


             before coming iskcon i was to eat maggi noodles (famous brand in india) kindly tell me how we can prepare tasty maggi noodles without onion and garlic in home.

             pls tell me procedure to prepare noodles and spices.can we purchase wheat noodles and make it tasty like maggi noodles pls tell.i don't know cooking pls describe in detail.

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  • Hare Krshna

    Pamho AGTSP

    Prabhuji use Knorr Soupy noodles its free frm onion n garlic




    • Hare Krishna Devotees

      I aksed one mataji in temple regarding semi-prepared and fully prepared food.

      Her view on this was anything machine made should be o.k. to serve (off course as long as it doesn't contain non-veg/onion/garlic).

      Food cakes etc prepared in hotels are usually prepared in a filthy manner and not suitable to offer to Lord.

      However I have a Barilla pasta packet from US, though the ingredient doesn't have any non-veg/onion/garlic item in it but as a caution in the packet its clearly mentioned

      "This product is manufactured on equipment that processes products containing eggs"

      Since it was an imported one, these things are clearly mentioned on allergy not as per FDA rules.

      These things are not mentioned in products prepared in INDIA even if needed (chalta hai attitude).

      So the question is still the same. Advanced devotees please guide, can we serve these kind of items: noodles/pasta/bread/pizza/vermicelli/corn flakes etc etc.

      Off course Lord will accept anything served with love and devotion but still there are rules that needs to be followed. isn't it?

      jai shree gokulesh

  • Hare Krishna Devotees! Pamho!

    Can we offer items like bread, corn flakes, vermicelli, pasta etc. to Krishna?

    Please guide.

    Your Servant

  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    I don't believe its a good idea to consume parboiled/semi-prepared foods because you cannot offer the Food to Krishna. If in doubt then you could offer it to Prabhupad who'd offer it on your behalf else will fail it and you'd be saved from any sin.

    Need to research this aspect more carefully though.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada..

    • Hare krishna,

      thanks for suggestion i will not take maggi if it comes under "parboiled/semi-prepared foods ".
      there will some way to prepare wheat noodles in home ? i'll try to find out.

      • Jai Shri Krishna..

        Thats a great idea.. If you find a way thats easy let me know and I'll do likewise..

        Hare Krishna...hope it won't be as difficult as it looks..lol :-)

        • krsna conscious Recipies and cook books can be had online and Kurma Dasa is actually a worl famouse Chaf and has a Facebook page... We should not use precookes items, but prepare from the basic ingredients.. food cooked by non devotees carry some of their Karmas with it and so eating grains etc. cooked by Karmis who eat meat is the same as eating meat!!! these cannot be offered snt there should not be eaten.. Krsna dosen't accept whatever you may offer according to your taste or appetite. He acceptes foodstuffs which have been prepared anf offered with Bhakti, Loving Devotion.. The Vaisnavas become free from all manner of sinfull reactions on account of eating only foods which are offered nto Visnu and others "Verily eat only sin".. This is Krsnas instructions.. Sadhana Bhakti. The practice of Devotional Service following rules and regulations is the begining stage of our advancement toward Love of God.. This begins with the Tongue. Chanting the Holy Names and eating only Prasada, speaking nonly in relation to Krsna. This is how the tongue is engaged and purified.. Hare Krsna. All Glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada...
          • This is how i prepare maggi:
            First boil water, cut tomatoes in it , put half tea spoon chickpea and wheat flour, black pepper powder, half teaspoon butter, temple sambhar masala, salt to taste and sugar if needed. once The tomatoes which was put in the boiling water becomes soft try mashing it with a spoon inside only(it will b easy to do it).
            After that wash the maggi with water, this will remove max wax content from it .
            Now put the maggi in the above mixture and cook for 3 mins. Serve hot to Krishna and honor it.
            • Hare Krishna dear devotees

              If we can serve maggie then we can serve ready made bread as well?

              As of now what I know is we should not serve readily made(outside prepared) foods to Lord.

              What I do sometimes when I have to prepare such items like maggie/pasta etc.

              I cooked the vegetables(to be used in maggie/pasta) offer it to Lord and then mix that vegetable to maggie/pasta etc.

              I understand it's a workaround for eating something that Lord doesn't eat. But until I have complete control of my tongue this is what I am going to follow.

              Kindly advise if we are allowed to offer semi-prepared or fully prepared food(as long as it is veg/non onion/garlic) to Lord. examples bread/maggie/pasta/pizza etc etc

              jai shree Gokulesh

  • its ok prabhu ji. i am not offended but just scribbled my thoughts on your post.
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