How To Act To Demigod Prasad

Hare Krishna ,

All glories to srila prabhupada ,

My question may hurt many , especially those who will search this question in google, or worship demigods and consider all equall ,

So Sorry for that , my aim is not that !!

Earlier i used to eat onion ,garlic due to home , but now i have left them ..

Chanting rounds also , trying to surrender to krishna .

But today i recieved Prasad of Somnath ( One of Joytirlinga Of Lord Shiva ) , i took it and did not eat ,

as per my knowledge , i know food only offered to krishna is to be accepted , we should not eat demigod prasad as stated in Padma Puran .

Although i eat food without offering to Krsna many times when i am away ,

since i am not completely surrendered should i eat demigod prasad now ,till i become very strong ?

Now the problem is should i eat or not ,Somnath is also holy place , i respect all demigod ,

but now i am confused .

There are many  occasions like this ,like Navratra's going on in India at Present .

If i do not eat , people call me a cult , and fool , but truth is bitter .

Prasad is remain of Krsna's food or Vishnu Tattva Food, not of any other !!

Please guide me !!

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  • Jai Prabhupada



    I remember a pastimes in lilamrta. Prabhupada hold a house program at a demigodess devotee (Durga) place. After the program, the host was going to offer the bhoga to the demigod. So Prabhupada told his disciple to offer the bhoga mentally. In this way, the demigodess get prasad and the devotees eat maha maha prasad.

    All Glories to maha prasad


    • Hare Krishna to all devotees

      I have a question to ashwani prabhuji based on his comment below


      Example : If i am aspiring devotee and working in way out to become Bhramchari , then if the person who offered prasad to demigod with a conciousness to recieve a beautiful wife then , if i eat it ,it will destroy my devotion .

      Hence prasadam must be offered to Krsna  then to demigod ,and we can eat the same ."

      What if the food is given to Lord Krishna with same consciousness "conciousness to recieve a beautiful wife "

      Should we eat it ? Technically as per your comment we should disrespect even that and not eat the Krishna prasad in such cases.

      But Meera Bai ate Krishna prasad which was full of poison and which had demonic consciousness in it. Still that prasad was a nectar for her. So doesn't it depend on the consciousness of person who eat the prasad rather then the consciousness  of person who prepares it or serves the prasad.

      I would never disrespect any demigod prasad. Before eating I just pray to the respective demigod's prasad to remove the ignorance,passion consciousness from prasad and then I eat.

      Also the vaishanava devotee from ISKCON temple I am talking about who drank water from my home was initiated. He lives in the ISKCON temple full time.

      Just talking generally...No offense please.

      Somehow most of the views of devotees in these ISKCON forum website  seems to be  narrow minded then compared to devotees who live/stay in ISKCON temple.

      Jai shree Gokulesh

  • Hare Krishna,

    I feel the answer is filled with arrogance. We should not forget that the position of Lord Shiva is much higher than jiva tattvas. He is expansion of Krishna( guna avatara). He is foremost vaishnava.

    My question is what would you do if an exalted devotee of Krishna or spiritual master gives you His mahaparshad.. would you give it to someone...i hope .. NOT.

    So thinking that Lord Shiva forgot about Krishna and so we should avoid his parshad is as good as offending a Vaishnava and that too who is most exalted and as good as Supreme Lord.incarnations-69-02.gif

    Many a times Lord Shiva act in a way to teach living entities but He himself is actually not bewildered as he is a param Vaishnava.

    We should honor his parsadam with great respect praying in heart and words to him that "Oh Lord Shiva, you are most exalted Vaishnava, Kindly give us devotional service of Sri Sri Radha Madhav"

  • Hare Krishna,

                      Yes, this is right that they used to eat prasad only.


    Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna 

    ashwaniji,i dont feel there has been any kind of offences here so dont be for the quotations you have given from padma purana...if that is your firm belief that it will lead you to bhakti then go ahead and do have scriptures for your references then where did your doubt arise?

    and the context in which i have spoken is that not making scriptural injunctions a necessary part of your life...also srila prabhupada and all leading saints have said it:

    follow scriptures according to sthan,kaal and patra...they should be followed in i relative manner applying your own intellect...and that is the matter i expected when you put this question in front of us...

    another matter prabhuji...when you quoted from all the scriptures i am sure you have believed that what they have said does go by surely must be lucky to find all the people you are socialising or coming in contact with are "Vaishnavas" in the literal sense of the term...because if just applying urdhva pundrakam or maintainig a sikha does make you think one to be a vaishnava then please do give a second thought to it.

    i have stressed again and again both in the story and in my previous replies about applying your own conscience rather than references.

    it is upon you whether you follow  each and all those written in these particular puranas because they in general have contradictions regarding many things.

    If you have "firm" belief in all the injunctions( as you cant simply cherry pick whichever you like)...then kudos to you...

    religion is about believing in somethings which arises love in your heart my friend not the discussion that i have posted regarding bhakti may be you understand...remember one thing friend Shiva and Vishnu are not infighting among themselves it is rather us fools...

  • Hare Krishna,


    ashwani ji bhakti guna may be transferred to persons who eat the remnants...

    but here you have to keep in mind in whose context are you speaking it...

    not persons but Lord Shiva or Devi who are ever immersed in the nectar of devotion acting according to the will of the Lord more than any of us 'vaishnavas' combined toghether...

    Lord Shiva is the Guru of one of the four major sampradayas and the Devi becomes Guru Maa of us all vaishnavas...

    the nectar of Bhakti ever flows onto them from Krishna...friend will you be or for that matter any of us together be able to decrease even a drop of it? Rather as an aspiring vaishnava feel lucky to come across his remnants…

    faith is not all about scriptures but matters of the heart and most of all knowing the importance of Krishna's devotees and their mahima too!...when you read scriptures also do try to understand them and apply your intellect...there is difference beetween a vaishnava and a robot(lol)

    now it depends on you whether or not you want to accept Shiva and Devi or become a greater vaishnava...

    but if you are culturing disrespect in your mind about them or thinking them in the level of us ordinary humans...then neither i nor Krishna can help your apprehensions of accepting Sadashiva or for that matter all the major gods whose level of devotion we cannot perceive…

    Be true to yourself in deciding whether it is concern for decreasing Lord Shiva or Devi’s level of devotion or commiting some kind of a monotheist sacriledge in eating a bhoga offered to a Devata…

    ‘True’ respect for all  vaishnavas will only make you dearer to Krishna my friend…

    In the service of vaishnavas

    Narasimha dasa

    • i recall a story in this context ashwani ji...may be you will like it

      sri ramanuja acharya when being initiated into the all auspicious ashtakshari mantra by his guru was told:

      "remember the mantra i am initiating you into is the very path of liberation and reaching Sri Vishnu's Feet...chant it and very soon you will attain siddhi but remember if you reveal it to anybody you will make your way to the path of naraka"...

      ramanuja on chanting the mantra for the first time became so ecstatic and overwhelmed with Love that he congregated all the devotees and ordinary pilgrims of Sri Ranganatha and initiated them into the mantra from a hilltop...

      When his Guru came to hear of it became so furious that he cursed him that he has made his way to naraka!

      but this is what ramanuja acharya replied:"revered guruji what you have said let it happen as i am a maha pataki to have not listened to you but if for just the soul of an insignificant fellow like me the souls of all the suffering innocent beings can be liberated...then i am ready to be in naraka for eternity with just narayana's name in my lips...that will be enough for me and i will feel blessed!"

      His guru realised this parama bhagavata and blessed him with tears...

      so my friend such is the stature of a parama on whose lips the holy name always quivers...who is always in a state of paramananda...if the remnant of such a devotee you are having apprehensions about then nothing can be said...

      too much ritualism without knowing their significance takes away one humility love and bhakti my friend...and makes him a bhedabuddhi...

      in the service of vaishnavas

      narasimha dasa

  • No no... read any scriptures...or for example even the tale of tulasi devi given in this forum where war ensues beetween the Gods(Shiva,Bhadrakali and Kartikeya) and the demon Shankhacuda and his will come across the consumption of mamsa and rakta of the demon army by Devi when She is in her full valour...its difficult to fathom Her ways...can you fathom Her Shakti Tattva or can you fathom Nature...what you have spoken of her is  a different aspect of Her...this was in relation to Her Rana you behave the same way in your office and home?...there are different aspects and tattvas of a is even very difficult to fathom the ways of a pure human devotee...and what to speak of the Devi

    to know Her ways is like delving into Shiva-Shakti tattva...

    we are not even yet pure vaishnavas to understand their ways...

    and on meat few people would misunderstand that!...they only go to such shops...because they want properly slaughtered meat(bali) have taken it a bit too far...having hindu deities in their shop means...they dont have halal meat(which is improper for a hindu)

    we as vaishnavas or brahmanas should not touch meat even brahmana worshippers of Devi are forbidden from offering Her meat...but meat eating is not all depends on varnashrama dharma...everybody cant become a we should not insult anybody's food habits or their preferred Deities(who are much higher than us)...always keep in mind...time and again vaishnava principles has forbidden insult anybody

    the first epitome of a vaishnava according to sri mahaprabhu  is humility...

    To become votaries of Sri Krishna or the vaishnava principles we have to become True Vaishnavas first...we dont know how many here are...but still some mischievious minds try to become its representatives and play on divisive careful as it will be a hindrance on the path of bhakti... 

    moreover if we go on...some narrow minded people might allege that we are making it a Shakta can mail me personally if you want to know...

    in the service of vaishnavas,

    narasimha dasa

  • Hare Krishna,

    It is not flesh and blood of just anybody siddhartha ji but of demons...and while you think of the Mother cannot compare her to ordinary main difference beetween human beings and Devatas like Maa Kali or Shiva or the major gods are that they unlike humans are not under the effect of gunas(qualities like sattva rajas or tamas)but rather they are its controllers or manifest they are guna whatever they do they are not in any way bound by its karmic influence as they have full lordships over it...Devi manifests Her Gunas to give Deva karya siddhi...the will of Sri Krishna to restore natural order...She destroys demons and asuras and is death personified and thus Her consumption of their flesh and blood

    you need to first understand why we are prohibited from wine and flesh as we come under its effect and bound by its influence...but it would be a complete misinterpretation to judge the way of the Goddess when She becomes that Energy...

    in the service of vaishnavas,

    narasimha dasa 

  • Hare Krishna tanmoy ji,

    All glories to Sri Gouranga,

    the ever Krishna Chaitanya Mother knows which food offered to Her can She lovingly feed her Gopala,Maa Kali does not want Her vaishnava devotees to accept what she cant feed Her Ladu Gopal we should all know that,thats why i said niramish(sanctified veg food without onions and garlic) .She feeds on meat and blood in battle fields as she is Death Personified creating terror in the heart of those who torment vaishnavas...pralayan kari shakti of Krishna...she feeds on demons otherwise she Soumya Gouri to Her children.There is nothing to be afraid of ,

    in the service of vaishnavas,

    narasimha dasa

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