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Birth and death cycle

Hare Krishna.

I have a question regarding "Birth and Death cycle".

As per Srimad Bhagavad-Gita every human that has taken birth will die forsure and rebirth again.

where as in a hari naam sankirtan I learned that Krishan can free his devotees from this

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W. Penfield, one of the top neuroscientists of the century, said in an article called Science, the Ox, and the Spirit:

"The physical basis of the mind is the brain action in each individual. It accompanies the activity of the spirit, but the spirit is

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Where do we come from

PAMHO Hare krishna,

                                 Where do we come from, i have been reading srila prabhupad's books, i would like to ask this quesion to this forum. My understanding is, we are spiritual souls coming from Krishna. Can someone expla

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