I have understood from gita & from various iskcon videos, that after suicide, a soul will wander on earth as ghost...but i have also read books from medium/psychics that talk to spirits , & they say its not mandatory as some souls are healed in different & better world than earth. this creates doubt in my mind that whether teachings from gita. is being interpreted wrongly.

Please clarify.

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  • Yes, It's being misunderstood.
    Firstly, You Should know that the sources you are referring to must be bona fide and the person producing the material must also be a devotee, thus bona fide.
    An ideal example to be sourced from is ISKCON. Ideally, ISKCON Books are recommended and are Ideal because, today in this Age of Kali, it's the only reliable
    and yet most "accessible" and "popular" source for Spiritual Education. Ignore Ramakrishna Math, Arya Samaj, etc. books and resources because they are Mayavadis and unauthorized.
    And Mayavada Philosophy is the cause of "Spiritual Suicide," Worse than the bodily suicide. 

    So, let's come to the point.
    Yes, I have heard about those so-called mystics who claim to communicate with spirits. But what's the guarantee that they're reliable?
    Are they Devotees of Lord Krishna, Vaishnavites? Firstly, Krishna Devotees can never do such things because they're obliged to obey Krishna's words
    (The words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself).
    And even one does so, he's OFF THE COURSE A Loony Thugger, an Impersonator!

    Krishna Created Everything, and thus knows more than everything.
    So, in the Bhagwad Gita, if Krishna, The Manufacturer of the entire Cosmos clearly says that Suicide will make that victim a ghost/pretha/Pishach/Rakshasa, 
    then how can rascals, popping out from nowhere claim that those Suicide victims are "NOT necessarily ghosts?" That's not even possible? They are just doing it for entertainment, Attention, and Money.

    If the Constitution of a Country was made by qualified Lawmakers, then how can an Illiterate Street Hooligan manufacture his own laws for the National Republic???
    It's totally Fraudulent, right?
    Likewise, for your question as well, this thing complies as well too.

    I hope I answered it.

    Hare Krishna!

    • FYI, there are numerous proof, like things known to family of victim, which is told by spirit.So, they dont seem bogus or fraud.

      • The Vedic approach "can" be Possible, However, possibly right. However, I just want to warn you that if you ultimately want liberation from the material world, just focus on Krishna for now and avoid reading such books(Even if you find them true). This will possibly inspire divert your mind from Bhakti and rather go into all that Psychic, Tantric, and Paranormal Paraphernalia. Although these things may be true as they are also indicated in some verses from the Vedas, BUT Read the following Verse below from the Bhagwad Gita, spoken by The Mastermind of everything, Krishna who knows everything. So should listen to the genius rather than the ignorant people who will get into trouble by the association of Spirits!


        Not to offend you, but Showing Curiosity regarding such a subject can inspire worship towards it any soon and it all starts from Contemplation of such subjects.
        So I would recommend you refraining from reading or watching such Paranormal Content. And Association with such content and beings also comes under worship.

        Just like when you Associate with Krishna Devotees and Krishna Books (Bona Fide Only) That also comes under Worshipping of Krishna.

        Jo Psychics/Tantrics/etc...hai, woh sabh to us galat Raste par Pad Chuke Hai and it's too late (Maybe not also) to convince them to join the path of Krishna Bhakti.
        Pure Jeevan Bhar Baat Karte Rahinge Bhoot Preth Atmao Se to unke paas hi to jayinge na!
        But, now you decide whether you want to join the Best Side of Krishna or the Ignorant ones who may possibly make you associate with Ghosts and Spirits?
        The Ignorant side may sound Thrilling and exciting, But the final Result is Tamasic (Foolishness) and such Thrills Kills!

        But you can't do both! One chosen path is your final highway! So go For the Krishna's Highway!

        Hare Krishna



        • I hope I have answered your question :)

          And those who associate with such Ghosts and Spirits are 100% Not Devotees of Krishna.
          Gita is always right, even if the world goes wrong, after all, it's Krishna's Vani.
          And Prabhupada's Interpretation and Purport/Commentary is 110% Correct because ISKCON Comes from 1 of the 4 bona fide Sampradayas which was established by Krishna teaching Lord Brahma, Shiva, Lakshmi Ma, and the 4 sons of Brahma. ISKCON Comes from the Brahma Sampradaya and all the teachings are traced down from Krishna himself. So the Purport and commentary given by Srila Prabhupada are 110% correct. In fact, other translations and commentaries done by others not belonging to any of the 4 sampradayas can be doubted. For Example Ramakrishna Math, and Other Rascal Authors. 


      • As an old magician... I assure you they are bogus.  Everything they do is magic tricks. Look up 'cold reading' to see what they do. 

        • Cold reading is done with hints from our side..but i've seen many cases where mediums/psychics have seen a person first time & they are telling incidents that are true/relatable.

          • Doubtful...

      • Spirits means dead people? 


        • okay I c, tantra vidhya ( black magic) is different and bhakti is different Vivek.

          Don't mix it. You may go to Psychics or any other person qualified in that. Here we are only dealing with matters of Bhakti marga.

          For us those talks are bogus and for them bhakti is bogus.

          Hare Krishna.

          • its not black magic.

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