Soul (76)

Do we have three bodies?

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I read the below article today :

Indian philosophy tells us that when you are born your consciousness becomes embodied and sheathed in energies that form your physical body and mind.

The embodied s

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Existence of Souls

Hare Krishna. Dandvat Pranam.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all Vaishnavas.

I want to understand:

1)How souls came into existence? if we are eternal then there is no question of coming into existence at some point of time anywhere whether in spiri

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can soul be devided?

here krishna,

all glories to guru and gauraga

our philosophy says that, matter can only grow when there is a soul, for ex the six changes in the body is only observe until soul is there. but when we cut the bodies tissue and put in proper nutritional a

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