Hare Krsna Prabhuji / Mataji,


I worship Lord Krishna as well as Lord Rama. I feel that I spare equal time in hearing kathas of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. I feel that I cannot leave any one of them. I am so attached to Krishna as well as Rama. So, is it necessary that I should only worship any one of them? And, If by Lord's and Vaishnav's mercy, if I attain salvation, where would I go, Saket Dham or Goloka?

By the way I don't think I am eligible to go to any of them, but due to curosity I am asking.

Hare Krsna 



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  • Hare Krishna,

    Yes, It is very correct to worship both forms of Lord and spare equal time for all forms of Lord.  There is no problem at all. We have in Mahamantra Both Hare Krishna and Hare Rama also.  Only difference is in the Rasa.

    See , Mukti is different, Bhakti is different and Prema Bhakti is different.

    People who just seeks mukti.. ( like Shiva Bhakts ) they seek SAYUJIYA MUKTI. That is they want their soul to attain Brahaman. They think that is the end of it. The impersonalists ( who don't believe in form) or those who believe that Lord is formless. They usually seek Sayujuya mukti, that is just soul gets enlightened and merges with the Brahman.

    Now, We Vaishnavas believe that Lord is having a beautiful form as described in our scriptures. So, we are step further going into more detail when it comes to seeking mukti. We want to be in Lord's abode or Loka.. ( That is called.. Being in the abode of Lord...( This type of mukti is called... SAALOKYA MUKTI).

    Now, further a devotee is not just satisfied with being with Lord in his same abode.. Wants to become like Lord., have beautiful Lord's features..( 4 handed form) they seek  this  SAROOPYA MUKTI. ( like the soul whatever it wants to seek Lord can satisfy its desire). Lord can give even HIS  form EXCEPT the Kaustubha jewel and Srivatsva mark on the chest, Lord share everything HIS features with the souls who attain this form of mukti.

    Now a step further ahead.., the soul wants and craves to have all the aishwariya ( wealth ) which Lord is pocessing.. Lord is ready to give that also. Soul receives  all opulences equal to that of the Lord ( this type of mukti is called SARSTI  Mukti).

    now a little further some souls wants to seek to do seva want to be very close personal associate of Lord. This type of mukti is called ( SAMEEPIYA MUKTI).--- Jo bhagwan ke sameep mein rehna chahte hai aur bhagwan ke kareebi log. 

    >>From here there is more intense feelings.. and desires of the soul to become close, even close and closest relationship with Lord.

    so IN this Sameepiya mukti.. the soul is not satisfied at this point.  It want to become and have closest intimate relations with Lord.

    These above mukti's are given to the souls which seek them in Vaikuntha. But to become closest associate of Lord..like become Lord's das or dasi, to become Lord's friend, to become Lord's mother, to become Lord's wife, to become Lord's lover. You need to have special qualification. 

    Soul's mostly desire to get liberated from this material world. This is very basic instinct within every one of us who is suffering in this material world. All want to first get rid of this birth and death cycles. But very rare are the souls' who want to do SEVA and become more close to Lord. They want to be With Lord, they want to enjoy Lord's company serving HIM as closest friend, lover, wife even mother, father, brother, sister... these are step by step higher in positions. The closest intimate relationship the soul seeks is to become Lord' lover like those Vraj Gopi's. They are given highest position because their seva to Lord is more personal dealings. They dominate Lord.

    As you proceed from Vaikunta planet to Saket Puri dhaam and then to Dwaraka Dhaam and then  you have Goloka dhaam There is difference in the  RASA or the relationship and dealings with Lord.

    In Vaikunta planet mostly the souls.. seek the abode of Lord ( being with Lord - Salokya mukti) they can get, Sarsti mukti, the soul can get Saroopiya mukti.. But dealings here with Lord are mostly in the form of Bhakti. The relationship here is Lord is "BhagwaN"and the devotee is "Bhakta". There is no intimacy here. These soul serve Lord in Vaikunta like sevaks. Das and dasi 

    Same thing happens in Saket puri also.There is Das and Dasi in Saket puri also. There is no Prema and intimate relationship here. Maximum you can become  Lord's sevak, or you can become Lord's friend, Or you can even become Lord's father or mother. But You cannot become Wife of  Lord Rama.  This step is a bit more higher.

    Next step our stop is Dwarka Dhaam.. Here the soul's desire to become wife of Lord Sri Krishna.  Because, even when Lord Rama was on Earth, when He was apporoached by my girl's who wanted to marry HIM ...getting attracted to the beauty of Lord Shri Rama. Lord rejected their proposals. Because, Lord Shri Rama is Eka patni vrata. He didn't give this chance to any other ladies. But our Sri Krishna is not like this. He can become many at a time and do Rasa with all devotees who wants to have intimate relatioship with Lord. Lord marries all those souls who wants to become Lord's personal initimates.

    In Dwarka Dhaam Planet ( not here on Earth It is also there above the Saket puri It is also a planet). There is relationships with Lord.., like mother is there, father is there, friends( Arjuna), brother of Krishna, Wives of Krishna, Soliders of Krishna, Sevaks of Krishna all are there.  Anyone who wants these positions opt for these positions.

    The more closest dealings with Lord are in Goloka Dhaam. Where Lord is dominated by HIS devotees. Here Lord becomes child like and He plays in goloka vrindavan with his intimate friends ( SAkhya bhava) -friends, Then HE become controlled by mother Yashoda, Rohini and father Nand Maharaj, He is under control of HIS devotees. He plays with gopa balaks as if He is not any God. As, if  He is just like one among them.  HE even does piggy back rides for HIS gopa friends lifting them on His OWN backs. See how fortunate is this position. Lord is being controlled by HIS intimate devotees. Ofcourse one cannot become Nitya Siddhas like these ( Mother Yashoda, Nand baba, Gopa balaks, Gopikas They are permanant positions), one can become servant of Sevants of these Nitya siddhas in Goloka Vrindavan and become closely associated with Lord's intimate devotees.

    Rest all planets do we find Lord Vishnu or Lord Rama play like this with his friends or give them piggy back rides??, or play with gopas stealing butter and doing rasaleela with gopikas?? .. this is specific to Goloka dhaam only.

    How is you bhava for Lord will determine which loka you will go.  

    Like Hanuman is in Sevak form "Dasya form". He cannot become or even think to dominate Lord even for a second. But In Golaka Dhaam the devotees control Lord. they dominate HIM. This Bhava or rasa is ONLY specific to Goloka dham.

    Seva is present in Vaikunta dhaam, Seva is present in Saket dhaam, Seva is present in Goloka dhaam but the seva in Vaikunta dhaam is with reverance ( Bhakti) where the souls see Lord as Bhagwan. ..  and awe, reverence, respect is there for Lord.  Seva in Saket puri Dhaam is like little bit more close then vaikuntha dhaam. Here the devotees sees Lord Rama as King they want to worship in respect to Lord's character. Aaah!!,  see Here Lord Rama is King  who follows Dharma perfectly. So how the King is treated by his subjects. Respect. Seva here is having a tint of respect + fear .. you know we maintain our distance to a King. we cannot go and sit in the lap of King or even think to become equal to HIM  right?

    But the seva in Dwarka dhaam is different then compared to seva in Goloka dhaam. IN Dwarka again Lord is treated as  a King. Here also some distance has to be maintained and subjects fear the king and they maintain their distance. There is lot of opulence here also. Lord is wearing Gold, sitting a throne. So here we cannot become so close as to put you hand on HIS shoulder. This is a different type of love. Here Daaruka ( chairoteer of Lord ) Daaruka was an obidient servant of Lord Just like Hanuman is Obedient servant of Lord in Saket Dham. There is intimacy like Wives of Krishna are there, There is Vatsalya Bhav ( motherly affection of Devaki mata, and other mata ji's and there is also friends like Uddhav, Arjuna, and others who are friends as well as sevaks who can go close to Lord but here also Lord is NOT DOMINATED by any one. They have respect as a King.  A certain amount of affection and dealings of love are there here with Queens ( Satybhama is little bit dominating charcter) but her love also has selfishness that Lord should be with her all the not with any one else...  The same tint of character you can observe in Radharani.. in Goloka.. but Lord made her realize that Love is not having this small tint of selfishness also..., but the dealings are  in Give and take relationships.  You know in a relationship called Marriage.. there is just give and take relationship. 

    IN love there is Selfless giving no expectation of what so ever. See, in  Dwarka dhaam.. Wives are expecting Lord to be with them. They cannot bear the sight of losing Lord even for a second. They are in wedded relationship. But Where there is Love there is no expectation .. All the devotees of Goloka dhaam are Selfless givers of Love. They give love and don't expect even this that Lord should be with them all the time. They even forsake that craving of being with them also to just to give Lord freedom and whatever He wished they gave Him. they didn't want anything ..  Bhagwan ko jis cheez mein happiness milta us cheez ko dete the woh log. So, Lord says I am a debtor , I cannot repay with anything for the Love shown by MY intimate devotees. So, Here the devotees in Goloka Dhaam don't even ask anything in return for the Love they show to Lord. They don't ask any mukti's or any salvatio,n or liberations. 

    There is Selflessness and Self forgetting nature of the devotees in Goloka dham. You know Self forgetting.. ( jo Apne aapko prem mein duboke bhool jaaye.. ki woh Bhagwan ko,  itte bade bhagwan ko dauda rahe hai .. playing with Him.. not even for a second they are thinking that.. Oh MY GOD what are we doing. > We are making Lord to become horse and riding on HIM) They are totally forgetful of their position. They forgot that they are small and tiny being and part and parcel of Lord Sri Krishna and The feeling that Lord is Bhagwan and we are just tiny Bhakts is no longer there in Goloka.. There is SELF FORGETFULLNESS.

    See, Selfless service is there in Vaikunta dhaam, There is Selfless service in Saket Dhaam... But Self forgetfulness in There ONLY ONLY ONLY IN  GOLOKA DHAAM.

    So... Finally I want to say that.. What is your Bhava for the Lord. Depending on the Bhava. ( feeling or emotion love for Lord) you get the positon in different dhaam.

    See, That is what which decides which dhaam. 

    You just saying  I love both Rama and Krishna equally is  a general statement., it is not sufficient to decide which dham you may get...,. You will see and notice there will be some  developments within you, keep watching those sentiments esp. If you continue bhakti and chanting for a long period of time like till the end of your life.. You will see notice some changes with in you.

    Tumko kya banna hai Bhagwan  ki seva, bhakti karni hai, yah phir bhagwan ke pass rehna hai., yah phir bhagwan ke saath khelana hai.. yah phir bhagwan ko prem dena hai.  Prem mein selflessness highest level pe.  Look Gopikas, they suffered being away from Lord and still they only wanted Lord's happiness. VEH log yeh janke khush the ki Krishna khush hai Dwarka mein .. Bas unko aur kuch nahi chahiye the. Krishna ki khushi mein hi Khush the that is Highest peak of Selflessness. Tum decide karoge as you proceed in bhakti ek stage aisa aayega jab tumko prem hoga bhagwan se.. I don't gaurentee you that  this life itself  it can happen. It can take some life times.. But It started here in this life time... Surely one day you will become closest associate of Lord.  See, till that time there is no stop. The soul's craving to enjoy Prem .....selfless giving of love will continue life after life to attain perfection.

    Hare Krishna.


    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you for providing me this beautiful transcendental knowledge about Mukti and spiritual abode. I think by krishna's mercy i will soon realize and would progress accordingly.

      Thank you,

      Hare Krsna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    By all means, pray to both, THey will reveal to you what is your true calling, at the right time. It is very natural to be attracred to both the forms. As you progress, you will develop attraction towards and devotion for Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityanand prabhu as well. 

    Regarding where to land up in spiritual world, by the time you qualify, you will know. TIll then, continue your sadhana.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you for your answer.



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