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    This is a very broad topic. You could refer to the following book.

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    Brahmacharya is an ashram among the 4 ashrams:- Brahmacharya, Grihasta, Vanaprasthi, Sanyas. This is how human life would progress in the olden times, and Ideally this should happen. But, when a person wants to serve the lord full time, and only be attracted to him, he remains in brahmacharya for the rest of his life, and if he progresses a lot in bhakti, then he takes on to sanyas. but that's another topic. 

    what punkech prabhu said is right, literally. but there still are other austerities a brahmachari must do otherwise, why can't we call all the bachelors of this world brahmachari?

    here are the austerities

    this is in relation to spiritual master:-

    ŚB 11.17.30

    एवंवृत्तो गुरुकुले वसेद् भोगविवर्जित: ।
    विद्या समाप्यते यावद् बिभ्रद् व्रतमखण्डितम् ॥ ३० ॥
    evaṁ-vṛtto gurukule
    vased bhoga-vivarjitaḥ
    vidyā samāpyate yāvad
    bibhrad vratam akhaṇḍitam


    evam — thus; vṛttaḥ — engaged; gurukule — in the āśrama of the spiritual master; vaset — he should live; bhoga — sense gratification; vivarjitaḥ — freed from; vidyā — Vedic education; samāpyate — is completed; yāvat — until; bibhrat — maintaining; vratam — the vow (of brahmacarya); akhaṇḍitam — unbroken.


    Until the student has completed his Vedic education he should remain engaged in the āśrama of the spiritual master, should remain completely free of material sense gratification and should not break his vow of celibacy [brahmacarya].


    This verse describes the upakurvāṇa-brahmacārī, who enters gṛhastha-āśrama, or family life, after completing his Vedic education. The word evaṁ-vṛttaḥ indicates that although one may eventually marry and become prominent in society as an intellectual, politician or businessman, during student life one must remain without false prestige as a humble servant of the bona fide spiritual master. The naiṣṭhiki-brahmacārī, who never marries, is described in the following verse.

    this is in relation to women:-

    One should not

    think about women 

    speak about sex life

    dally with women

    look lustfully at women

    talk intimately with them

    Decide to engage in sexual intercourse

    Endeavor for sex life

    engage in sexual intercourse

    (SB 6.1.13 Purport)


    and here are it's benefits

    By the practice of brahmacharya, longetivity, glory, strength, vigor, knowledge, wealth, undying fame, virtues and devotion to the truth increases


    Hare Krishna

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  • Real meaning of brahmacharya means 'unmarried'.

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