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Karma (126)


If we know that, someone bear livelihood by taking illegal money like bribe, interest etc. should we take any donation for any vedic temple or arranging any Krishna consciousness program ?

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Ajamil vs Bharat Maharaj

ajamil did all sorts of higly condemmable sinful activities in his entire life and in the end called out his son named Narayan got a 2nd chance performed austerities and went back to godhead.

on the otherhand Bharat Maharaj lived a totally pious life.

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Please help

hare Krishna

I am chanting from 3 years.

I want to become devotee of Krishna but don't want to do it by just assuming stuff and go ahead with that. Devotion is something that can never be faked and i don't know i should go ahead or not.

For some time we

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